Hello Earth Angels, Mighty Beings of Light and Galactic Hearts,

The Healing Power of Awareness

The purpose of these newsletters has always been to transform the reader’s thinking to a place of enlightenment – if they were ready and open to receive the information and awaken to the Divinity within themselves.

Most of the time, we are not even aware of how we give our power away every day through our thoughts, judgements and interactions with ourselves and other people. Unless you have really done your homework, the chances are you are you are still holding onto limiting and false beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck without you even knowing it.

The London 2012 Paralympics has done a wonderful service to bring awareness and able and non able-bodied people together with its major international multi-sport event, involving athletes with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, including mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness and cerebral palsy, showing that a human being can overcome and learn to live with limitation – there is more on limitation from a spiritual perspective on the Illness and Disability page of this website.

Divine Timing

The new website Light Messenger explains the healing power of awareness and why it is so important in these challenging times of awakening – it is so important, that I have been “prompted” to expand on this further in this newsletter.

Information also included on the importance of surrender and how to overcome blocks, the planetary line-ups and how they will affect us this month and beyond – and my perspective on the higher purpose as to why we are hearing of so many children drowning lately.

As always, this newsletter is brought to you with love – its aim to awaken the Light that is already within you. I am grateful to all you lighthouses and beacons of Light out there that share my work by forwarding the newsletters and this website. My personal mission is to share the information that is useful and enlightening and spread the Light to as many people as possible.

Be a Beacon of Light

You too can help to spread this Light, so don’t hold back and keep it to yourself, please help me and forward it to as many people as possible, so that they can forward it too. In doing so, we can all help spread the Light – and that Light will come back to you tenfold in the most unexpected of ways when it is sent freely with Love, Honesty and Integrity from your heart!

Taking responsibility for your own health and life can be quite a job. Whatever is happening in your life right now no-one can save you – that is your job. If you are truly committed to your inner growth and self healing, then Light Messenger can be a powerful companion to you.

The main concept of Light Messenger is to awaken the Light already within you and take emotional ownership – if you are ready to engage in self responsibility then you are ready for all the information it contains.

Light Messenger does exactly what it says – it brings the light into and illuminates our physical experience. Above all, Light Messenger is here to help you heal. It teaches that YOU and your emotions are the source to your own sacred answers.

Surrendering to “what is”

Awareness, or “being present” can only be experienced in the NOW moment. When we are present, in this moment now, the past and future does not exist. Therefore, if we focus solely on each moment as it arises, the mind is not able to worry about a future that has not yet happened or get caught up in regretting a past that cannot be changed.

So how can you “stay in the moment” you may ask if you have just been told you have lost your job, your partner wants to end your relationship or get a divorce, your GP has told you have an incurable disease, or your mortgage lender is foreclosing on your home?

Only YOU can change your life – you may need people on the outside to help you, but ultimately, the work has to be done by you. Until you surrender to “what is” in your life, your resistance to it will continually trigger your emotional pain body.

Surrender does not mean “giving up” or “putting up” with whatever situation you find yourself in. What it means is being willing to submit to the now moment.

An example is when we are driving and have to stop at traffic lights or a road junction. We surrender to what is in the now moment, if the lights are red we stop – (unless we have a death wish!)

You might even find yourself in a place of challenge or limitation at the moment. If you find yourself getting agitated because things are not the way you want them to be or you don’t like your “limitation” – then there is resistance. The way to let go of resistance is to ACKNOWLEDGE it is there – you do not have to LIKE what is happening in your life, just acknowledge it.

Become the Observer

Ancient wisdom teaches us to be impeccable with our thoughts, because our thoughts and beliefs have incredible power – they can empower us or drain us of our life force energy.

So start to be the observer of your mind. Notice how your mind has created the agitation, how it judges and labels what is going on – with others and yourself. Now observe the thought and FEEL the energy of the emotion. For example,

Imagine you are in a hurry to get somewhere and you are late. Many of us can relate to this at some time or another. The traffic is heavy and the person in front of you is driving too slowly for your liking, or someone has cut you up.

You create a “story” in your head. You may express your dislike verbally, raise your fists or honk your car horn – you may even start blaming the other person for making you late and from the comfort of your car be yelling at them! Instead of ACCEPTING the person in front of you is driving slowly, the ego has resisted “what is” and your behaviour has become reactive.

And what is the energy of your emotions? No doubt you would be feeling angry and frustrated, maybe stressed and anxious. You are not at peace. By becoming the observer to how you reacted and recognising the resistance to what is you will begin to see that it serves no purpose. You ranting and raving is not going to make the driver drive any faster!

Any form of negativity, suffering or unhappiness means there is resistance within you – and resistance is always UNCONSCIOUS. With resistance, you can never be free.

Transforming Negativity into Enlightenment

Everything you don’t like about your life, anything or anyone that you judge, anything you wish was not there, anything you wish was different…all of it is resistance to what is and it becomes a block and stops you from moving forward. You may be aware of the axiom….what you resist, persists.

You are Love…that is who you are. When you block this flow you cannot create. Whatever is going on in your life right now…accept it…love it…ALL OF IT.

Love it regardless of what you believe it should be or what you think “should” be different. Being love is not a part time job – it is about embracing ALL OF IT – regardless of how it looks. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is your teacher – embrace it.

It also requires help too. This may sound a bit of a contradiction but it is true for almost all of us. You have everything you need inside of you, but you also need other human beings to help you birth that true Authentic Self. Having another human being holding space whilst you do your work is invaluable.

“God” is Calling

Many talk of the “Great Shift”, few understand what it is really about and even fewer are participating in it. We need you to be as whole and as real as you can be because the more of us that are doing the work the better the chances for humanity in making this transition into peace.

What would happen if we all did our own inner work to heal and integrate our emotional wounds so we could be truly available to Divine guidance?

You have everything you need to heal your life and the world that is within you – all that is required of you is to access that inner wisdom and power.

Your mind is so much more than your sub-conscious mind, positive thinking, visualisations or anything you have ever learned. When your mind slows down enough you enter a domain that is extremely powerful – this powerful level of awareness is available to all for guidance.

The problem is it takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith to go “within” and spend your energy in self healing. Let’s face it, why bother when it is invisible to those around you, your family and friends? Why bother when you could be out having a good time with them? Why bother trying to find your true Authentic Self when you could still wear all your masks to hide the true you and keep yourself small?

Yet I tell you this. Why not bother? It takes a lot of faith and trust to believe that finding your Authentic Self is more valuable than doing what everyone else is doing. Do not fall into the delusion that you have to do this all on your own – help is available for the asking.

The Dance of Uranus and Pluto

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener and the Bringer of Light to the mental body, your higher mind, and the searcher of truth – it is also a sign of revolution! Uranus can bring sudden, shocking change and the destruction of all that is old or in the way………if you find yourself in a rut, this is the month that could shake things up for you.

Pluto is the Great Transformer and Bringer of Light to your physical body and is also the archetype of the depths of the soul – these are the forces within the soul that must be integrated for wholeness.

Pluto is also the bringer of death and regeneration, so the old world must die off to make way for the new. We are entering a time (and have been since 2009) where major world institutions such as healthcare, governments, the financial and food systems are falling apart. Without going into fear and panic over this, we have the Equinox on the 22nd September and a Full Moon on the 30th, other planetary line-ups too numerous to mention here so we could see plenty of unrest and disasters!

Planetary wise, there is a lot going on this month and things are going to change for all of us. Many now are starting to outgrow their friends and places where they live and having to face a parting of the ways – there is no judgement in any of this. It is a natural process as people are becoming aware that what they thought of as unity and community is no longer supporting their own needs as they find themselves being separated and excluded.

However it is also worth noting here that it is important to become increasingly aware of our own thoughts and judgements of others – it is never about another….it is always about US.

Drowning in the Sea of Self

What I offer here is my perspective of the recent drowning of children, in some cases, a parent that has also died in trying to save them too.

From a SOUL PERSPECTIVE, some of these would have made soul contracts to leave the planet in this auspicious year of 2012 to be the catalyst for change and be part of the collective grieving and healing of humanity.

How have you “reacted” at the loss of these little souls that they could not be saved?

What are these tragedies trying to show you?

Where are you drowning in yourself?

Where is the child within you that is in need of healing?

When will you stop struggling?

Where in your life are you trying to keep your head above water?

What will it take for you to grieve for the losses in your life that you have not been able to do until now?

Perhaps you continue to make your own plans and decisions. You may think, argue and reason, doing things your own way. How hard it must be for you to surrender and let go, and allow the Divine to work through you.

Let the Great Shift begin – for it begins with US.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Linda Raven – Multidimensional Teacher and Messenger of Light