The change has already begun….into a new paradigm of Love, Connection and the Sacred Feminine. The month of November already appears to be focusing yet again on relationships and partnerships of all kinds, illuminating still where healing is required or where we need to make some compassionate refinements and adjustments in our lives. This month is really about taking stock. To be loving to self, we have to look at the things or people we need to shift away from so we can create the space for the new to come in.

I too have not been exempt from this process. This has been an insistent and persistent energy for me for some time now that has been stirring things up, so as I have been working through this craziness I have had to close the door on some things that are no longer working for me. I certainly have not been feeling in my “bliss” lately, and at times, feeling quite low and agitated, feeling lost, unsupported and unplugged from everything.

My memory has gone south and it’s like I am on another planet in another dimension (which I probably am!) The last time I felt like this was when I was in the early stages of illness. Then last week I realized at another level what is happening. We are all dying – dying to the old ways of being, relating – and even the old ways of creating.

There is also a deeper secret waiting to be illuminated and a song that is longing to be heard from the skies during November, so Love’s healing message this month is twofold:

I want to know… 

Are you really committed to being in a New Paradigm of Love and Connection – or hiding behind a mask of rejection?

On a 3D level there comes a point when we have to accept what is and take decisive action to dump what is no longer working, but in freeing the ties that bind, it creates the space to put our time and energy into the things that are necessary in moving forward.

There appears to be a deep hunger all over the world for deeper Heart connection. We can “talk” about Love, connection and the sacred feminine, but do our interactions with ourselves and others really reflect that? Our feelings are our compass now, so that yearning for deep connection means to experience a quality of relationship with others that is caring, supportive, is profoundly resonant with meaning, and of being truly seen and known. That deep connection can also include connection with ourselves, to nature – or to a higher power.

The Gateway of Awakening

We also have a powerful gateway on 11th November which will present all of us with yet another choice. Either we live in the New authentically and transparently (Heart), or we remain in the 3D world of duality and separation (mind). This 11:11 gateway will also present choices such as being with people we really resonate with, or staying in uncomfortable situations and dysfunctional connections just for the company of others. More than ever now, if there is no possibility of resonance with others, then there can be no meaning or potential for authentic connection.

I have been seeing a lot lately the numbers 11:11 on clocks, or 1:1:1 in emails I have sent or when on the phone. This is a Gateway to higher levels of consciousness – it was never just a one-off event for the 11:11:11. This Gateway symbolises Heaven coming to Earth and is an “awakening Code” that triggers parts of our DNA and remembering. The energies are increasing now, and for those of us that are feeling them we have an opportunity to connect with very powerful galactic energies.

The Heart Song of the Seven Roses of Grace

November is known as the month of the Pleiades, the “seven sisters”, or as Hindu mythology refers to them, the Seven Mothers of the world. The Pleiades is a star constellation that graces our skies which are among the first stars mentioned in ancient literature.

Many legends abound about the seven sisters and their “Mother” and “Father”, but the Pleiades, through Greek mythology, are the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. These very powerful feminine, Goddess energies also align with our own chakra system and have a tremendous influence on our Heart’s intelligence and the balancing of the masculine (mind) and feminine (Heart) within.

If we truly believe, and accept, on every level of our being that we are all One, then the recent solar flares, along with star systems and constellations and their own alignments to Earth, are sending out their own energy and so must also be a part of the creation of these turbulent times – and playing their part in the peace and harmony that is to come.

Those who are already aligning with the higher vibrations of Galactic and Stellar energy, and who are a part of the Galactic wave of Love hitting the planet right now, know and feel that by opening up to and embracing these higher waves of Light also opens us up to a higher awareness and consciousness exponentially. At this level, here we can manifest in a higher way so all that we create is aligned with our purpose.

Our ancient ancestors knew this and envisioned the constellations in the sky to be a cosmic human. When we look at, and align with the wisdom of this beautiful star system, these ancient archetypes have much to share in the balancing of our own feminine and masculine within. It is in honour of the Pleiades that this month’s blog has been dedicated to – I am sure they will reveal their secrets and have a song to sing to those who ask from a pure Heart.

Within fifteen hours of me closing the door on something I felt passionate about, I was brought to my knees yet again by Grace and confirmation of my next step forward – even though the glimpse of that insight is taking me in a direction to try something new with no expectation of how it will all pan out. The Grace I speak of is beyond words – it has to felt with the Heart.

To honour the message of these beautiful Roses and the song they sang to me, I am holding a Pleiadian gathering this month for working with these archetypes to activate new Light Codes held within our own DNA that can also shed light on our Core Wounds. For those in the Nottingham area that may be reading this and are interested in attending, please email.

The Mask of Rejection

To live a life of freedom and joy, Love and acceptance, we must heal our wound of rejection. It is our denial and not acknowledging all the losses in our lives that keeps our Hearts closed and prevents us from experiencing Love and connection.

The core beliefs behind the wound of rejection go something like this: I am not worthy of Love, I am not good enough as I am, I am unloveable.

The truth is, rejection is the story our minds tell us to avoid being truly open and vulnerable with ourselves and with others. What we see as someone rejecting us can be a mirror reflecting back to us of where we are rejecting ourselves and our own needs. So we need to look at ourselves and ask where we keep ourselves “safe” to avoid the pain of rejection.

I hid my pain of rejection all my life by trying to be perfect all the time, getting things “right”, and pleasing others all the time. My favourite mantra became, “well I’m always there for others, but no one is there for me”. The lesson I learned is this.

The truth is my mask of being perfect hid my feelings of fear of being rejected. Whilst I wore that mask (unconsciously), I didn’t have to feel shame, or the blame and judgement that others put onto me. So I turned the fear of rejection inwards. By trying to be perfect, others could not see me, and in turning the rejection inwards – I had rejected and judged myself.

The truth is we face rejection everyday by the choices we make to do one thing and reject another. I might reject the piece of carrot cake in preference for the coffee cake. But the reason the feeling of rejection hurts so much is when another person’s rejection is aimed at us. The thing about rejection is it is a matter of perspective and how much we take it personally. It’s when we “label” it and give it a name that causes a problem and so much hurt.

For example, other people’s perspective and needs may not fit what I have to offer. That is their choice and is about them – not me. It’s about what they feel works or doesn’t work for them. It has nothing to do with how I value myself or if I am worthy.

What really hurts is when there is no explanation for the “rejection” and we get no answer to the unanswerable question – why? We may get some BS explanation – if we are lucky. But for all out there who don’t get that explanation – stop wondering WHY. It’s about THEM – not you. They are not being honest with themselves, so how can they be honest with you? I shared my own painful feelings of rejection in a blog when I had been “rejected” and “ostracised” by two friends last year. And this was the lesson I learned:

The person behind the mask sees in you what they are not. They see they have not taken responsibility and need a scapegoat to blame. And you know what the sad thing is? He/she is so frightened of you taking their mask off to reveal and expose the real person, that they would rather run away than risk you seeing the real person behind the mask.

The person behind the mask may look genuine and sincere – but they are not. They may appear to be in control of their lives, but they are not. They may appear happy and secure – but they are not. They are rejecting you because you are everything they are not. They have gotten by in life because they are hiding behind their masks of fear. People can be fooled by those masks (I was). They reject others because to them it is far easier to do that than to be accepting of themselves – naked and exposed without a mask.

The pain of rejection is our teacher and our pain is to move us more into Love. So next time you feel rejected – remember this. Don’t take it personally, it is not about you – it never was. It is about THEM. No matter how many times they may reject others, it will never heal their own wounds – until they are prepared to remove their masks and expose their pain within.

In Love and Grace,


If this article has touched or resonated with you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your network or email me if you would like to post a comment.