Hello Earth Angels, Mighty Beings of Light and Galactic Hearts,

The Light of Truth, Honesty and Integrity

I know it has been a long while since I wrote the last newsletter and there is much information to share with you here – some of it will be expanded on in separate subjects in future through the blog on the new website! https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/

For those who have not seen it yet, the new website was created to be a Beacon of Light and Love for the women and men who are awakening at this time and want to find peace in a world of chaos.

It is aimed at providing support for those who are feeling the pains and trauma of awakening and transformation, and helping people awaken to their true identity, as well as supporting those who are on a path of self discovery and spiritual evolution.

Newsletters in future will be via the blog (hopefully, when I know how to operate it!) and an email will be sent to let you know it has been updated!

In the meantime….for those that want to help themselves…

It is no longer an option to stay in an unconscious state so although this newsletter is a very long one, I have included some challenging, thought provoking questions and ideas for you to mull over!

There is no judgement in any of this….it is purely aimed to shift your consciousness and to release and let go of any distorted beliefs that you may have that are no longer serving you….if that is your desire.

What’s coming?

Well at last we have come through the Mercury retrograde – a retrograde like no other! Unlike the usual Mercury retrograde where communication can go haywire with misunderstandings etc, this one was about slowing down, coming to a standstill almost and for some, retreating!

If between the middle of July to the first week in August you felt like you were walking through sludge, or feeling angry, depressed, frustrated or couldn’t be bothered with much, then all this was brought to the surface for a reason – to clear out the tiny pieces of your heart that remained closed in preparation for the most amazing energies that will be coming through for everyone in September! Yes, EVERYONE.

The Great Shift and Divine Plan

It is a hard time for many right now as some find themselves struggling, some are even lost and some are just in total despair. Many are experiencing symptoms taking them through physical, mental, emotional or spiritual unease.

Those that have heeded “The Call” for the Awakening will know that it is no longer an option to live in an unconscious state. It is for this reason I was guided to create a new website to reach the masses – not just for the few who are content to stay as they are and “asleep.” Life is inviting everyone to be a part of this “Great Shift” of awakening the heart and awakening the mind, yet to achieve this it is our thinking we must change first.

If we really want to wake up authentically, then we need to realize the natural state within ourselves – nobody can do that for us. Other people can point us in the right direction but the realization must be our own, otherwise, it is all too easy to slip into spiritual ego and get lost in spiritual drama and the misconceptions of awakening where many are still caught – there is no judgement with this.

Truth and Honesty

There is a big difference between the Truth and being truthful and honest.

Although we all have our own internal belief systems of what we perceive as honesty, truth and integrity, those that are on a true spiritual path seek to obtain the “higher” spiritual values of these forms.

2012 is the year of transparency so all that is hidden must now be brought into the light and revealed – truth and honesty being paramount for EVERYONE. And the place to start is with YOU.

Honesty will set you free – I promise. Most of us are deceiving ourselves every day and until you realise that the work that needs to be done is internal and not external, then nothing will change in your life. You see, the highest form of truth is that it is not laden with shame or guilt.

How do you feel when you find someone out in a lie? Leaves a bitter taste doesn’t it and trust is undermined. More than ever now, as we move through 2012 and beyond, truthfulness and honesty must be at the level of our every thought, feeling, word, deed and action.

As honesty brings a peaceful heart, it is also a means through which spiritual Truth, knowledge and the Spirit emerges. It expresses itself as the opposite of falsehood and the opposite of dishonesty and lack of truthfulness. At this level, you know when someone (including yourself) is lying or “withholding.”

It may be worth stating here that we can all be of service to each other and part of that service is forwarding the appropriate information and resources to those in need – too many people through their own judgements or agendas are not doing this because of their own programmes of “poverty consciousness” and lack.

What this then results in is a block in energy and forward movement and prevents or delays “The Shift” in another. When you are able to “give” from your heart and pass on those resources (including details of the Light Messenger website) to another, it will come back to you tenfold – and not necessarily in the way you expected. All we need do in any given situation is give, let go and then let God/Goddess/Divine do the rest.

Seeking Help

Stress, anxiety, depression and ill-health are on the increase in these changing times, with many turning to alcohol, drugs and even suicide – there is a much higher purpose as to why these are on the increase all though that is not for me to discuss here in this newsletter. If you are reading this and you, or someone you know is affected by these issues and needs help, you or they can contact me via the new website or email linda@lightmessenger.co.uk

Many people avoid seeking help from a therapist, life coach or counsellor for many reasons, one being an assumption they cannot afford it – more on this at the end of this newsletter.

The new website also offers an alternative to the normal way of face to face spiritual counselling and development and is better for those wanting to find the help and support they need when THEY need it.

At the same time, a person is able to remain hidden from view which will allow them the freedom to talk honestly and in an open way about issues that would be difficult to discuss with someone in the same room facing them in person.

Another false belief is that others will think them weak or messed up – this is not the case. You need outside assistance because you want to set yourself free – this is always best done with someone who has an objective ear and has the appropriate skills.

Maybe your friend or a close relative is a good listener and well meaning, their training though may not be quite what you are looking for if you REALLY want to be free and it may also keep you stuck.

It is also worth pointing out at this stage that if you or anyone you know is having difficulty of any kind in the transition, find a Spiritual Teacher, Counsellor or Mentor that walks the path and comes from the heart.

Having said that, always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment. Some of the complex issues that are arising for people need urgent intervention by professional bodies, no matter how caring you may be at wanting to help – pass it on and leave it to the professionals and specialists as interference by the untrained, even though well meaning, can cause significant delay in someone receiving the help they need and can in some circumstances even make matters worse.

Being vulnerable

Having gone through great challenges and adversity myself in life, the most recent being in 2010/2011, it is my sincere wish to reach all – in particular, to assist the true seekers who want to genuinely find their own truth and those who really want to change their own lives.

That particular challenge brought to me the Self realization that part of why I had to experience it in such a way and get through it was further validation of my soul’s purpose and life’s work.

That experience humbled me and the only way to get through it was through my own sense of wonder and with Spirit’s help – which was undoubtedly so I could be a living example for others that are also struggling.

Gandhi once said, “My life is my teaching” and as I have always done through past newsletters, I intend to continually teach others through the sharing my own life’s experiences so that they too can overcome any perceived obstacles and exercise their own Will. This is the work I was born to do so others can let their Divine Light shine in the world – just as we are all meant to do.

Many people view vulnerability as a weakness – it is OK though to be vulnerable and fall apart. It takes courage to be vulnerable and just “be” with uncertainty, for this is the birthplace of creativity and change.

The Fool’s Journey

We all have life experiences and life purposes that are unique to us – some seem to flow through life whilst others appear to have a “hard” life. And yet it is through these “hard” times we become stronger and grow.

All my life I have took the path “less travelled” by most and banged a different drum. With the ignorance of mind I stepped off the cliff and took the “fool’s” journey, where more than half a century later, the ignorance of the mind was replaced by the wisdom of the heart.

With honesty and perseverance, that search for “Self” enabled me to become aware of my place in the world and that was re-enforced to me in a big way in September 2011.


For some years I had been part of a Mind, Body, Spirit community and in September 2011 I attended and exhibited at my last major Mind, Body, Spirit Show and for me, it was a big “eye opener”. Having not worked at one for a year to say I was a bit shocked was a bit of an understatement.

The people I recognised from the year before appeared to be doing the same old thing and buying the same old thing – nothing seemed to have changed and they had not moved on.

There is no judgement in any of this – the shows for me had come to an end and “time served” because the energy they exuded could no longer support the work I did. Many people appeared to still be in a state of slumber and not awake, yet appeared to be quite content with complaining about what was going on in their lives. The biggest realization for me was that my service work was required elsewhere!

In the past few weeks, I have had several experiences which have validated the purpose of my new website and the work I am to take forward on my own journey.


As I have said in many newsletters and to the teachers, healers and practitioners that cross my path, and to all those that are concerned, frustrated and feel helpless – it is not our job to wake anyone up.

Whether you are having a conversation at the checkout of your local supermarket or having a chat with someone on the bus, passing on information or resources to someone in need – YOU ARE ALREADY BEING OF SERVICE. Be still and listen……….

Habits and Addictions

If you have been having feelings of depression or suicide or stressed over anything…..

If there are areas of your life you aren’t happy with or people or situations that continually bother you….

or if you are avoiding dealing with certain ongoing problems…

If you are struggling with these issues and need help or guidance then you can email me at linda@lightmessenger.co.uk

For many years now I have worked with clients through SRT to bring them to an understanding that it is their unconscious repetitive thoughts and habitual patterns of behaviour that create limitation in their lives. An SRT practitioner can only do the work that SPIRIT indicates for you and it is then up to you to see the manifestation.

Core wounds are now coming up to be healed for a lot of people – underneath each core wound is a core belief and underneath that, is a powerful, painful and potentially dangerous emotion.

Habits also cause limitation and carry over from past lives. Many, without realising it (because they are doing it unconsciously) are turning to habitual addictive behaviours such as alcohol, drugs, self harm, over eating, bad relationships and other addictive behaviours.

I have assisted many over the years with finding these core wounds and the root cause of habits and addictions – again you can email me at linda@lightmessenger.co.uk if you need help with this work.

Conscious or Unconscious?

To live consciously is a choice. In other words, we have a choice to be “aware” or “asleep” in every given moment.

In last year’s newsletters I spoke of the separations and changes that would be taking place in our relationships, jobs and friendships to name just a few. As we continue to grow energetically our own personal vibrational energy changes also. What this means is that there may be a change with our circle of friends or even the people we work with.

If this has happened or is happening to you, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. As our vibration changes we attract different people into our lives yet it also means that we or other people may leave our circle of friends. Some of you have started to become aware of this recently within your own social circles and friendships, as you are starting to see the “mismatch” in energy vibrations.

We are all in a state of awakening but not necessarily “awake” or even “aware.” It can be very tempting for some when we see someone who is in a distressed state, crying and who may be talking to another to just “wade in” with a comforting hug or tissue to the ready.

I recently found myself in the above scenario, assisting and supporting someone that was at a point of disclosure when someone did just that, walked in on a sacred moment. Although that person with the tissues may have had good intentions, by their own actions they not only took away the other persons opportunity for healing – they also delayed that persons healing at a deep soul level too.

There is no judgement in any of this – it is important though that we as individuals become the observer and are aware of our own behaviour and actions and the impact that could have on others. Being the “observer” rather than the “reactor” in any given moment is the difference between being conscious or unconscious.

Look for the lesson – if you find yourself doing this then maybe it is getting you to look at and heal your own hidden agendas!

Co-creating a New World

No one really knows what will happen towards the end of December 2012, but our new world will require us to live in a place of greater awareness and the prophecies remind us that it is our choices that will determine the unfolding of 21st December 2012. I have made those choices, for the way of the new world is the way of the heart.

And finally, here is a Truth for all of you – how many times have you denied your own needs? Yes, it is nice to receive the thank you emails and phone calls, even the hugs and kind words…..however….

In the future, when you intend for” the greatest and highest good of all”…make sure you include yourself.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Linda Raven – Multidimensional Teacher and Messenger of Light

Email: linda@lightmessenger.co.uk

Web:   https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/