The month of May is a mystical month in more ways than one. Amidst the chaos that is coming up to be transmuted and transformed, we can forget the immense Light behind it that is pushing it all to the surface.

On the 7th May we not only had the Full Moon, referred to as a flower Moon, it was also the 2nd of the three major spiritual Festivals, Wesak.

On the 8th May we had the anniversary of VE Day. On the same day in 1373, Julian of Norwich, a mystic and anchorite, held a holy secret to share with us all which is appropriate for our time now. Whilst on her death bed close to death and receiving the last rites, she received sixteen revelations.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

What is the antidote to the poison that is pervading this planet?

Whatever our sufferings on the earthly plane…. all shall be well

Some weeks ago I was on a call with someone when the presence of Julian of Norwich came through. All shall be well is one of the gifts Mother Julian of Norwich left us. A rediscovered mystic, a spiritual counsellor of her time, she lived in the Middle Ages as an English anchorite who wrote a book “Revelations of Divine Love”.

In her book she shared her sixteen revelations that were the result of a severe illness. She prayed to God to be brought to the point of death that she may be purified and cleansed.

She lived in a time with plague and famine, yet found the strength and courage to live in joy and optimism despite her own sufferings and of that around her. To know on every level of our being that all is well, all will be well, no matter what.

And she has a deeper message for us.

In the year of 2020, spiritual vision is available for all of us.

She has come to help us remember that within all of us we have a sacred contract we made with ourselves and the Divine. Like Julian, we all have the ability to see through into other dimensions, to the past and to the future. She is reminding us that the universe and its multidimensional aspects are within us.

All shall be well, for it is our time now. This is the time we called forth and stood in long lines to enter the earth plane. It is the time we asked for and has been prophesied, for it is time now for us to remember…..

It is time to heal……

It is time to remember the medicine we each have to bring forth for a planetary wound and dark night of the soul that humanity could not or would not address properly.

What is the antidote to the poison that is pervading this planet?

That wound is out now, no longer invisible and which no-one can ignore. No-one can remain in denial or go back to sleep.

Julian of Norwich is a wonderful presence to call upon during illness of any kind, including our modern day plague, for another gift she bestows upon us is to hold onto hope.

Her life as an anchorite and recluse is a mirror of what we are experiencing with lockdown. From her cell in Norwich as an anchoress, many who were suffering from pain, plague and poverty, came to see her to seek advice.

The antidote to the poison that is pervading this planet? It is LOVE.

There is a great accelerated awaking happening. We cannot allow ourselves to be pulled into the heaviness of what’s unfolding at this time. Be objective. Practice discernment. Many “Light Workers” are coming to the fore and reaching out to help others.

We have seen the suffering of the planet and turned a blind eye to it. We have seen it shoved in our faces on our TV screens of young children dying from polluted water and famine.

Of animals dying in the most cruellest of ways by a human hand.

We have seen the Earth raped and pillaged, her waterways polluted.

We hear of unemployment, it only happens to others though doesn’t it?

We judge those who through no fault of their own, either through unemployment, disability or illness, have to go through a cruel benefits system to get the financial help they need to survive. Some don’t make it.

We have seen the homeless on the streets and turned a blind eye.

We hear of families struggling to put food on the table.

We put money and work before our family.

All in the name of power and greed….and for some, to survive.

Many working ridiculous hours just to make ends meet.

We know others that struggle with physical, mental, emotional illness and disability. Again, it only happens to others doesn’t it?

We turn away from another’s grief and loss because it is not our concern.

We turned away from it all because it was too big for us to handle or because it did not affect us. Until now….

It was too uncomfortable for us to hold space and witness that level of suffering in the world or within an individual because it was either far away in another country, or it was not our problem.

We and the whole planet are now being forced to face these issues.

We do not have a choice of turning away anymore.

Many have to experience the harsh challenges of life to know what it feels like for others.

Including the grief and the loss.

How else could we know true empathy and compassion?

Yet there is much learning from this planetary experience. We are all One in divine Love regardless of our occupation or financial status.

We are going through a massive cleansing both individually and collectively. Julian of Norwich has shared her sacred gift of vision with us.

For when she asked God to be sickened to the point of death that she may be purged, purified and cleansed, and to be spared nothing of the fear, grief and pain that accompanies death and rebirth, being an anchoress in the dark times of the fourteenth century was a radical one.

In her anchorite cell hers was a “ceremonial act of enclosure” ….yet her message is timeless for all of us in enforced lockdown.

We must pay attention to our own inner guidance and use those visioning skills that for many have remained dormant.

Ask to be shown a vision of how we may help and serve…and act on it.

Receive Julian’s Roses of faith, hope, optimism, trust and all shall be well and use them wisely.

For on the 22nd May we have a New Moon, a time for rebuilding.

On the 5th June we see a Lunar Eclipse. It is also the 3rd spiritual festival, the Festival of Goodwill. It is World Invocation Day. We all have the opportunity and ability to co-operate and restore the Plan on Earth.

I will be facilitating a Black Rose Light Transmission on this day for anyone wanting to join a worldwide group meditation from the comfort of their own home. In the meantime….I offer this mantra:

I AM the Grace of Julian of Norwich

All Shall Be Well

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In Love, Grace and Service,