There has been much going on these past weeks where much is ending or coming to a close. We are in a year nine a year of completion, and for some, those endings and closures are coming abruptly and without warning with much emotional turmoil and feelings of vulnerability.

Right from the first few days of the New Year, clearing, aligning, and balancing at some level appear to have been an ongoing process. Where ever we may find ourselves now, June is bringing the change and transformative power many of us have been waiting for – with an opportunity to create a new reality for ourselves. Whether that is in personal relationships, friendships, communication or connecting with our tribe, the month of June will bring us much to celebrate about, as those who have an energetic match to our own vibration will start to appear in our lives if they have not done so already.

Whilst May was the mystical month, it is June that holds the alchemical treasure of gold that can shift our consciousness and expand our Hearts. Energetically, there is much going on in June with planetary line ups and a New Moon, along with the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere and a Rose Full Moon. So Love’s healing message this month is this:

What spent flowers need removing from your garden, for the Rose to bloom in all it’s glory?

One thing about this month apart from Roses and strawberries, the emphasis is not only about focusing and discerning truth, it’s taking the necessary action to release all that no longer serves or brings us joy. That could be a marriage, relationship or friendship that is toxic or past its sell by date. There is no judgement in any of this.

Change encompasses many things, including a change of mind, a change of Heart, change of residence, change of work, or as experienced by one of my sons recently, a complete upheaval and forced change in all areas of his life. So whether change comes through a forced change that is out of our control or through conscious choice, moving our awareness into the Heart and becoming aware of what dead wood needs cutting out of our lives and investing our time and energy in what brings us happiness and joy is relevant right now.

We all have a choice to step out of our old lives or victim consciousness and walk forward into a new life, what ever that may be or look like. It’s easy to become paralysed by our own stagnation and procrastination, and our own fears and judgements which keep us trapped in the same old sameness, where our spirit is crushed and the life force is just draining out of us. Where our shame and fear, confusion and grief, and the burden of duty and guilt we carry for getting in too deep with something we thought we wanted, when actually none of it resembles who we are. Yet when we come to a point that no matter how chaotic or unhappy our lives look, and the realization that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore and that everything can be changed, something within us shifts and things never look the same again.

We live in a world, and a universe, that is constantly transforming. For the past few nights, I have watched the space station travel from west to east in just a few minutes before it disappeared and was no longer visible. I was in awe and wonder at how small and significant I felt in the vastness of the universe, yet knowing I was also connected and a part of it too.

A few hours later it was back round again, yet its pathway had changed slightly due to the earths spin. Change. That is the one thing that is constant in our lives. All we have to do is look around. Everything is changing – whether we like it or not. The key to peace is loving acceptance of ourselves and everything. Everything is flowing and is in a state of becoming. Tides move, seasons change, birth, death and rebirth, our thoughts change, our feelings and emotions change, and our whole story of creation as we know it is changing and evolving too.

I often have the privilege and honour of connecting with others who are in despair or hurting and in pain of some kind because they have found my blog on The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds. That story was my story of transformation and resurrection, and the reason others respond to it is because at some level it gives them permission that they are allowed to change and it is ok to steer their own ship, and the realisation too that they do not to have to wait to have change forced upon them through illness or disease. I have had several resurrections in my life, some forced, some by choice. And this month of June is the catalyst to realise that we can change our futures and take that leap into the unknown.

The Wisdom of the Rose

Energetically, June is bringing us into awareness of the Heart, and true Love has to start with self Love. The Heart is Love…as is the Rose. Anybody who knows me knows I Love Roses, particularly the old shrub Roses bred by David Austin. The Roses in my English garden have been flowering profusely over the past few weeks, and recent warm temperatures have not only brought out their divine beauty and colour, but their alluring, intoxicating perfume too.

A journey with the Rose can take us into more heart-centred consciousness. It is the power of Love – created by the Divine to heal and transmute our stories, our blocks and interference, and the wounds of the Heart. It is a powerful tool that can be used to access the quantum field – accessed through our own Heart for quantum healing at the highest level. The Rose is vibrational medicine, gifted to us by nature to attain balance and wholeness.

So whether I am pruning, dead heading, admiring their beauty or purity, or in need of some balancing, TLC or Love to restore myself, I become totally engaged and absorbed in the Rose and her essence and vibration of Truth, Wisdom and Beauty. For the Rose is not just a pretty flower, she is an outer manifestation of what is within us all – the Divine Feminine. And symbolically, the Rose in full bloom is the unfurling and blossoming of our own Hearts. When our own Heart is healed and the masculine and feminine aspects within become One – the Sacred Rose within (Heart) then becomes the Sacred Heart of the planet.

And so as I connect with the Rose and remove her spent blooms that have faded and are no longer serving her highest potential, not only is the space created for the Rose to divert her energy into producing new flowers, it also creates the space for me to be PRESENT and be aware of my body within. To be present, with nothing to change but to just BE in loving acceptance of what is. Letting the Love arise within me, allowing any insights if any to arise.

Yet in truth, there is nothing to clear, and nothing to heal, for nothing is broken. These are just thoughts and beliefs of a mental and emotional body that is not in harmony and cannot remember its true origin. When disharmony arises, it is because our mental (masculine) and emotional (feminine) are not fully aligned and we are not living consciously through the Heart. The voice of the poor little me that feels victimised and lashes out in anger and wants to control, blame, belittle, put down or shame others – “well it’s alright for you”….

When we do not take responsibility to be aware and present of everything that arises within us, we have stepped back into old patterns of behaviour that wants answers, wants to blame, or wants to justify to others because their own life is so out of control. This is not Love, it is fear created of the mind. The Heart is harmony. It is Love. It is our Presence and who we are. In the new paradigm of 5th dimensional consciousness (more labels of the mind!), there is no need for clearing or releasing, just a stepping out of old beliefs and living life through a conscious Mind and Heart that is in balance, harmony and union.

The Winds of Change

The New Moon of June was close to Venus, the planet known for romantic Love, beauty, desire and art. Those who are familiar with the path of Venus in the skies will be aware of her naming by ancient civilisations whose imaginations were captivated by the goddess of the Morning Star before sunrise, who transformed into the Evening Star just after sunset. As above so below, this rite of passage of Venus offers us an important opportunity to expand and open the Heart into new dimensions and realities of Love and self care. This is not about unrealistic expectations we may hold about Love, but an opportunity to step into a higher consciousness and connection now for relationships on all levels.

As Venus transforms from the morning to evening star, the Rose too is a symbolic process of transcendence and transformation. Although a symbol of a pre-christian era, the Rose was used by the Romans as a symbol of devotion to the Goddess Venus – and the strawberry was her symbol. Renowned as the Goddess of Love and beauty, Venus was also revered for her wisdom.  If you are open and willing to allow the Rose to settle into your Heart, a journey into the Heart and mystery of the Rose is a journey well worth taking as she reveals her secrets to those who are ready to breathe in her divine essence and wisdom.

Summer Solstice and the Rose Full Moon Celebration

Anyone familiar with the Old Farmers Almanac may be aware that the Full Moon in June is known as the Strawberry Moon – or the Rose Moon amongst other names in Europe.

The Rose is the Divine Feminine, and an energy that expresses itself in many forms, for the Rose is her symbol of transformation and alchemy, and a symbol of the beloved (Mother). The Goddess has many faces and is the feminine aspect of “God”. She is within all of us – waiting to be heard, healed, re-ignited and reborn again. She is waiting to be revealed in all her glory…no longer hidden…no longer silenced…no longer invisible. Can you hear her calling…are you open and willing to answer her call?

Creating and facilitating Rose Ceremonies or Ritual of planetary influences for connection, change and transformation are important to me, for they not only bring new balance to our masculine and feminine within, they help us to connect our energy to a higher frequency. When we start to honour ourselves and focus on self care, Ceremonies and Gatherings become a great way in this 21st century to strengthen our spiritual practice, so that in safe space we are able to gently step out of emotion and old beliefs and rest in a conscious, feeling Heart.

They also help us become mindful of the experience we are about to have and can have a great effect on our emotional health and can be beneficial to our mental and physical well-being too. The Rose will reveal her secrets, and she has a  beautiful song of Love to sing to the Hearts of both men and women who are ready to receive her message.

The Invitation

There are times in our lives when we may feel overwhelmed with life situations and circumstances, an illness or disease, or change is happening faster than we are able to keep up. Whilst transformation is healing from the Inside Out, and there is no Teacher, Guru or Healer outside of us…for the divine master we seek is already within, there may be times when we need outside assistance from someone who has already walked the path who can offer support, guidance, insight or wise counsel to steer us back to a place of balance and harmony again.

Through my own healing story back to wholeness through illness, and shared in The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds, oftentimes our wake up calls are an invitation to address our distorted beliefs and thinking patterns and see our story in a new way.

So if you have heard her call and she has touched your Heart, within the sub pages of this site you will find further details about the invocative work of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Rose. Open to both men and women, the focus of these Light energetic offerings at this time is to be found in the transformation of the wounds of the Heart and in the remembering of who we are.

We cannot step into our power and purpose until we have stepped out of our ego, old beliefs and Heart wounding. At some point we will all have to look at the parts of ourselves that we have not yet learned to Love, for to be Love and live an authentic life we need to surrender and give attention to what ails us, hold it all in Love, and develop a loving, compassionate Heart within.

I offer Heart to Heart consultations to share and explore your story, whilst the Gatherings, Heart Circles and Rose Ceremonies offer experiential processes for transformation and awakening through the Heart – each a Gateway to a sacred space for the unfolding of the Sacred Rose within. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, would just like to connect, or share your story with the Rose, please use the contact page above. I would be delighted to hear from you.

So whatever the month of June has in store for you, open your Heart and embrace the energetic presence of the Rose and this upcoming Rose Moon! And if this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your friends or network, or post a comment in the reply box below.

In Love and Grace,