There was an intense healing phase taking place last month, as the emotionally packed Eclipses enabled us to go deeper with the quantum and archetypal energy that had been at play to shake us up.

At times like these it can be hard to believe that we are being lovingly held in the midst of such radical change, yet the truth is it is our difficulties that move us ever closer to the Divine. Problems and issues are just life teaching us there is a message and meaning in what is going on.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th, and the Venus Retrograde that we are now in, are holding a healing chalice for us all, giving us an opportunity to clear out our emotional cupboards. Venus is highlighting our emotional well-being because there is some empowering and healing work to do.

So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Re-empowerment of the Divine Feminine means our past will get triggered until it is resolved

There are ancient wounds that are in need of healing personally and collectively – we cannot keep sweeping away or avoid what does not get recognised as reality. Our “shit” is our gift. Can we be open to that instead of avoiding it?

The recent Eclipse was a mystical Eclipse of the highest order, whose purpose was to bring in polarisation and disruption of our heart energy held deep within our psyche and unconscious.

Moving into mystical territory can be challenging because it transcends language beyond mind – it has to be experienced through our emotional body. We all have the opportunity to transmute our wounds into gifts – that is the alchemy of our soul.

People may not always understand how exactly we were wounded in the past, or be interested, because they do not live or walk in our shoes. That wounding was our own personal initiation to blossom into our own individual unique potential, after mastering the art of alchemy within ourselves by finding the harmony in union and separation.

Messages from the Cosmos

The door into mystical truth is emotional, for darkness is how we come to know our Light. Can we be with the power and the powerlessness? When we enter into mystical territory we are no longer human. For to know ourselves in our innermost nature is to know that we are cosmic, galactic beings incarnated here for a purpose.

The recent Eclipse brought up a lot of fear and doubt, energies of deception or being deceived, or where we, or others, were not being authentic and acting out of integrity. Truth wants to come through and they are all aspects within our selves that needs to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Whilst Venus’s retrograde may be a bumpy ride for some, she will offer us so many more opportunities rather than limitations, for she is to do with healthy boundaries and what we value deeply and what femininity means to us. Known as the morning or evening Star, she is a celestial being of the Stars who rules over our Heart centre, symbolizing our values and what we hold dear.

If we do not know separation we do not know Love. Just because we may not feel Angels, Source or asteroid and planetary influences, it does not mean that they do not exist. There is only one of us here. When we can truly understand that we are not separate from the universe or each other, and the planets too have their own signature, we can work with the flow of these archetypal energies to grow and evolve rather than be overwhelmed by them.

The Rose of Venus

There is so much more to this beautiful retrograde, and it is no co-incidence that Venus in this year of 2017 is retrograding through Pisces and Aries, the signs of endings and new beginnings.

For anyone who follows astronomy or astrology, Venus is known as the Rose of the Heart, and has now begun her “descent into the underworld”. She has entered her “shadow” time, and as the ruler of the Divine Feminine, she has an important role to play in our lives both for men and women. That means over the next few weeks all of us will have some reflecting, reviewing and readjustment to do.

Whilst our Hearts are our central processing organ of joy and grief, Venus is an archetypal form of the sacred feminine and a guiding force of the Heart chakra. In her retrograde position she challenges us to see our truth and what we value deeply.

What do we want to share with others, yet at the same time, where do we need to draw boundaries to keep away the distractions and disturbances that are not serving ourselves?

In her retrograde position, she reminds us to show ourselves the Love we would normally give to others. So whatever has been creeping into our lives through the Eclipses, this Venus retrograde and Virgo Moon, it is a reminder of what needs addressing and clearing – Venus has powerful heavy lessons to reveal within us all.

Venus reminds us to see things with the eyes of the Heart, for when she goes retrograde into her shadow time we can feel withdrawn and closed. Our Hearts can be enormously challenged through a Venus retrograde.

The Gift of Venus Retrograde

In her shadow time she challenges us to rise up and release the fear, and truly connect deeper with the healing vibration of self-Love. When we can surrender and sit with our uncomfortable memories or feelings, Venus then brings us clarity.

She is a powerful energy that links us with our “gut feelings” and Heart. Where there is stress in our lives, our bodies will show us where our Heart’s are closed.

She can help us align our Heart and teaches how to Love, assisting us to remove blockages and blocks to Love around the Heart. She also rules over our intuition and our instincts. She heightens those senses so that we may become better listeners to what is going on in our lives, and that includes listening to our bodies and the ancient and universal wisdom it holds.

We are all carrying a lot of baggage in our bodies whether we realise it not. If we have relationships, jobs and family of any kind – we all carry the memories and the conditioning, including the unexpressed grief and sorrow. The physical body is the final destination, the final resolve, of our spirit, mind, and emotional reality.

We will still be feeling the effects of the Eclipses for the next six months, so if things are coming into our radar and we are being triggered by them it is wise to note. It is our unconscious shadow stuff that we have been carrying, avoiding or denying and it has come up from the collective unconscious – Pisces.

What ever comes up with strong feelings is here to heal the old wounds of karma and trauma. With the upcoming Spring Equinox, the wheel of life continues to turn. There is no fixed state of heaven, god/goddess are evolving, as are we. Let’s not ignore Venus’s invitation, for our inner revolution is to now bring emotional truth back to everything.

If this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your friends or network, or post a comment in the reply box below.

In Love, Grace and Service,