The month of May is often referred to as the mystical month of May and considered a very powerful, mystical and spiritual time.

Living in the UK I was privy to a very rare event on the 10th May when the Northern Lights danced across the skies above my house just before midnight, as well as being seen by my son fourteen miles away who took the above photo on his phone. He made the invisible visible.

According to Patricia Cota Robles the Violet Flame is said to be bathing the Earth during the 2,166-year cycle of the Age of Aquarius which we have now entered. So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Will you be open to the new multidimensional frequencies and make the invisible, visible?

We have all been blessed with this gift from the skies of the High intensity Violet Light whether we saw the Northern Lights or not. We are multidimensional beings and on some level, we would have felt the impact of the Solar flares and the light frequencies from the Aurora Borealis.

I sense that the Northern Lights, particularly the Violet Rays of transformation and Transmutation so soon after the Solar Eclipse, served as a further catalyst for change personally and collectively as we continue on our evolutionary journeys towards the higher timelines of Consciousness.

I know I felt these frequencies at a deep level as we were all given an opportunity to dive deeper into the unseen layers within that were coming up for release.

I get shown much in my dream time. Maybe you do too. Sometimes they do not make sense as perhaps a past that has been long forgotten comes into view. Yet the dream time is the place where we are given many insights of what could be holding us back from accessing our Soul’s infinite Truth.

Gift of the Violet Light of Infinite Truth

Sometimes our dreams seem odd or do not make sense, yet on some level they may involve old belief systems that are no longer true, fear of the dark, unresolved past life issues or experiences with family members that remain hidden in our subconscious. Each and all of them are vying for attention to be acknowledged in the now.

During these influxes of Light “aha” moments and realisations are brought into our awareness where what was previously invisible, becomes visible.

As someone who lives with several invisible medical conditions, I am reminded that what unfolds is serving me for my Soul’s journey.

The thing about invisible conditions and disabilities is that people can look at us and think we are well, and because we look well, or have a smile on our face and say “I’m fine” we must be coping. Living with any invisible disease and disability we are painfully aware of the invisible.

Making the Invisible Visible

I do not claim to know everything of what is going on in this world or the celestial heavens. The recent Solar Eclipse made things visible for us where previously they remained invisible because we were unaware.

We all carry the infinite truth within ourselves to awaken the Light within.

What are you being called to make visible?

What infinite possibilities and truths await you?

Making the invisible visible is not just about chronic illness. I am just using it as an example as what happens when we avoid or sidestep the real issues going on in our lives.

After a while we adapt to these coping mechanisms that everything is fine when it is not. It becomes easier to say “I’m fine” because we don’t have the energy to explain why we are not. And let’s be truthful. How many really want to know how challenging things are for us?

A  family member once said to me “well you don’t look ill and if you can write all this then things can’t be that bad”…..They did not understand or want to know how my daily living is impacted.

I became frustrated and tired trying to explain to someone who did not want to understand. I came across a meme on FB, apologies author unknown to credit “I don’t look ill? Well you don’t look ignorant”…

Even saying it silently to self changes the perspective!

Here is something to consider for those who are chronically ill. This is my truth and it may not be yours. It is not about wallowing in self pity. Pain is there and it wants to speak and be heard.

It is like a child having a tantrum and wanting attention. If we ignore it, it gets louder. If we do not give our pain of any kind a voice and say how we are really feeling, or resist making the invisible visible, we are in DENIAL.

The Path of Infinite Truth

Who has the courage to start a conversation and post a comment below to acknowledge how they really feel?

This is not about fixing someone because nothing is broken.

It is making a statement of fact….I feel….

Be here with the feeling.

How many of us put on a fake mask and say we are fine when we are not?

Where do we deny our true feelings and emotions and cover them with a mask?

Who has the courage to stop being “nice” with their fake positivity and tell it how it is?

Who is willing to feel vulnerable and join the conversation to say how they really feel?

I know from my own lived experiences the impact of avoidance, denial and suppressed emotions can have on the body.

So I have the courage to stand up and start the conversion to make the invisible visible.

I feel jaded…..

The habit of “I’m fine” can be hard to abandon.

The pretence of being someone you are not is hard to abandon too if you are someone who puts on a different Persona to those around you.

What will you contribute to the conversation to make the invisible visible?

And how does it make you feel when you have acknowledged and shared it with others?

Please feel free to submit your comment below.

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters continue to Inspire, Comfort or Support you in times of need.