You are divinely perfect in every way… your heart knows this as truth. Your heart knows who you are at the very core of your being…it knows all…it knows your divine connection to Source…

Are you ready to surrender to it? Love I mean. And what does it really mean to be heart centred? Are we living it in every given moment? The heart is our spiritual centre and connection to Divine Intelligence. It is our guiding Light and the place where Love resides…our truth…that still small voice within…and as we learn to connect with it and listen to it we can live life more intuitively and in the present moment. It is time now to claim your heritage…the power of YOU.

The path of the heart is not about avoidance or denial, deception or manipulation, blame or control, victimization or bypassing…it is a path of Love and truthfulness. Being heart-centred is not about being “nice” all the time, it is about Love being your compass in all that you say, think and do. Following the path of the heart is nothing to do with intellect, the path of the heart when open and transparent, feels, embraces, trusts and allows EVERYTHING. To be in Divine alignment means that whether we are asked to step forward and show up, or share with a friend our true feelings, when we trust the Source of what we created we know that it transcends everything and we see the bigger picture to “what is”.

Love is energy. Everything is energy and that is all it is ever about…energy. Even our interactions with others are about exchanges of energy…if we don’t resonate to the same frequency they/we depart…simple. Whatever is going on around us is just triggering something within us that is unresolved. We don’t need to feel angry or guilty, think we are better than them, think we have done something wrong, or act like we have lost something. Regardless of where you are in consciousness, you will still feel these emotions…but we don’t need to get into reactive behaviour. We can be happy knowing that OUR intentions and decisions are right for us.

The Path of Christ Consciousness

We are all being asked now to stand in our own power and become our “christed” selves, so what does that really mean?

Many of us agreed in this life time to experience the Unity and Oneness of all things…that is, to walk the path of Christ Consciousness. This has nothing to do with religion or any belief system…religion being created by man’s ego. Christ consciousness is about going through life with full awareness and purpose, and the awareness that we are all divine spiritual beings. To become this consciousness means that we speak and act from unconditional Love, and that if we see injustice we act on it from a place of love. It is also having the understanding that if someone has wronged you then it is because of ignorance.

To “be” Christ Consciousness means to be in a place of “peace of mind”, where every thought, word, deed or action is done and said in harmony, truthfulness, tolerance and kindness, understanding, and compassion…and perhaps the most difficult lesson to master is forgiveness…both for ourselves as well as others. When a person is in Christ Consciousness they can see the reason behind every situation and act on it accordingly…from a place of LOVE and non judgement.

So many of us have distorted and limiting beliefs when we hear the words “Jesus” or “Christ”, partly due to our upbringing or experiences in childhood and views of the “church”. Forget the words. Forget the labels. If you have had a reaction to the mention of them it is a sure sign there is healing required at some level…and whether you believe in past lives or not, many of us had lives in religious orders where we still carry the imprinting on all levels of Oaths, Vows, Swearings and Commitments within our cellular memory and through our own Timeline that prevent us from opening our hearts. Our biggest fear has been our separation from God/Source…this is an illusion anyway…we are all one with God and all living things.

We may often hear the phrase WE ARE ALL ONE but how many of us truly understand that? Are you willing to be open to the possibility that there is a higher power overseeing your life? And I don’t mean giving your power away to something outside of you… Oneness is beyond time and space as we see it…it is where our souls meet and link together as One. Only your heart will know this truth.

Owning our own Divinity

If you have been/are doing your inner work of letting go of old beliefs and old patterns of behaviour, victim consciousness and powerlessness, instead of bypassing them, then the empty spaces within you are being filled up with your own energies of love and divinity. And this is what this time of awakening has all been about…embracing the divine Power of YOU. Owning your divinity means trusting yourself and the guidance YOU get…not what someone else can tell you. Your divine power is about surrendering and going with the flow with whatever is happening in your life, it is remembering Who You Are and making decisions for yourself that have their roots in your own inner guidance system.

BEing in our own divinity does not mean that we will always be there 100% of the time, what it means is that if you step out of alignment it will FEEL so very uncomfortable…you will know. The recent Equinox has been about balance and that is what we will be prompted to do when we feel out of alignment…bring ourselves back into balance. Now is the time to own your divinity in all your actions and behaviours. If there is something or someone you need to confront then do it! This is not a time to be passive or aggressive. It is about doing what feels right for YOU.

For those that are eager to step into what they came here to do, you must also be willing to surrender and accept ALL experiences without resistance. I understand that there is no such word as “negative”…it is the way the ego chooses to label something we don’t like. In the head, we give ourselves labels to all sorts of things, feelings and emotions that we are fearful, guilty or bad, and so much more. You are not your emotions or your feelings…you are LOVE. You are the total sum of ALL your feelings and emotions, “good or bad”, “positive or negative”, “heavy or light” (as you label them)…these are words that create separation…separation from SELF, others and Source. Love, just like a musical note is a vibrational frequency of energy that when in alignment with peace, harmony and All That Is has a beautiful song to sing.

Living a heart centred life is about being open, open to all life’s experiences that show up….even the uncomfortable ones. Are we open to receive love as life shows up in all its many forms and disguises though? Or will we close our hearts and reject it, along with the gift it contains? When we are a genuine person and heart-centred, it means we are open and transparent with everything and everyone because we have nothing to hide. It means that in trust…truth…integrity…honesty and respect for others we are visible for all to see, warts and all…INCLUDING our human imperfections.

Not only is our heart a great source of inner guidance, having an open heart is about having the courage and being willing to share what is happening for us, and allowing others to share with us in return. From this place and level of authenticity, authenticity with ourselves and with others, it enables us to move into a deeper, more meaningful connection with those around us. This has nothing to do with co-dependency or neediness…it has a lot to do though with how we bypass our emotions as a way of avoiding a depth of connection with others in case it stirs up our own wounds and a longing for love within us.

Sharing from the Heart

Like many, I have had to learn the hard way in life. What it has taught me though is that relationships of any kind are important. In fact for me they are more than that…they are holy and sacred…and they teach us to be “Who We Really Are”. Whether they are intimate relationships, or relationships with family or friends, every one of us has a right to be heard…and our feelings to be acknowledged. Yet how often do we feel “not listened too” or have our feelings unacknowledged or invalidated? The energies we are moving into now which we all have access to are potent…and sacred. They are for our own transformation and growth into becoming and being more of Who We Are…IF we are ready to embrace them and understand what they are about. To be heart centred means we have to FEEL the energy of what is behind the words.

I so love this beautiful Rumi quote:

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

I call this place the place of allowing…a sacred space in the heart where we can share from the heart in love and non judgement…a place to share our grievances…our sorrows…our fears…and our love. This is the place where infinite possibilities exist and the place where we can see and be seen by others…a place for what calls to be healed…to be healed.

This is the place where we can salvage what we can, helping to heal wounded hearts…our own of course because all healing is self healing…and knowing that there is a higher purpose to everything that is unfolding. This is the place where if we are willing to drop our defences and our resistance to “what is”, we can then be part of the solution and not the “problem” as we see it.

What really matters is compassion for ourselves and others and acceptance of all that is, because what we perceive as “right” or “wrong” is unimportant. From the day we were born to the present day, each and every one of us is a unique expression living our own truth which is based on our own values and beliefs…including our own experiences and understanding. So how can we get past and move beyond this and heal it? We must move beyond words. They are just that, words. And words as we know can be “damaging” because the words themselves are irrelevant…it is the feelings behind them that really matter.

Are you bypassing?

When it comes to our own inner healing it is easy to think that we have done it all. Then something comes along that can trip us up. If you genuinely believe that you have done all your healing and have nothing more to do then congratulations…I salute you. Having had enough of all the emotional drama and wanting to be done with it is one thing, yet one of the shadow sides of spirituality is bypassing our emotions and being delusional in believing that we have reached a higher level of being when we have not.

The old cliché that the Divine works in mysterious ways is in itself a mystery…for the Divine will always show up for our learning – regardless if we do not like the way it has shown up for us in the people or situations that appear before us. So instead of rejecting or dismissing people or situations for what has been said or done, how would our life look like if we approached these with awareness that they are messengers for us? These events are sacred blessings in disguise, and when we truly understand this, we will never be the same again…for it will change us.

October is appearing to be a powerful month energy wise so if you are sitting on the fence minding your own business, don’t be surprised if you get knocked off it! If you have found yourself being confronted with what appears to be conflicts in your friendships or relationships lately, then stop and listen…I mean really listen…for you are being given a wonderful opportunity to integrate the new energies and be part of the shift in how we all now relate to each other in any given moment from this day forward. We can stand on a soapbox for as long as we want justifying our actions, whilst at the same time rejecting and not allowing love to show up for ourselves in its most challenging forms.

If you feel you are on a bit of a roller coaster at the moment, confused with what’s going on, or feel like you have had your feet kicked from under you, then what you are being given is an opportunity to move into Love…we are all waking up and learning to become fully human, it means that not only do we have to risk being fully open and transparent with ourselves and others, but also to learn appreciation, patience, tolerance and compassion for what another is experiencing.

If we are going to “live from the heart” then we all need to develop being more open and honest with each other. It is easy to neglect or not see the opportunities that friendships and relationships offer for self knowledge…either way, whether it is “tough love” or love in its most gentle form that you receive, the point is, whether you accept it or not, you have been loved.

So when love does show up in a way you do not like or recognise, what will you do with it?

The Gift of Receiving

When we receive a bunch of flowers, an unexpected phone call or invitation from a dear friend that came at the right time for us, or see a beautiful sunset…all these gifts can bring us joy and open our hearts. So why is it then we struggle with receiving the gift of adversity, or the gift of our daily struggles, or the gift of challenge? Why do we reject people that irritate us, or don’t fit into the box of perfection that we are looking for or want them to be? Why do we make assumptions about what someone has said and reject them because we perceive they have judged us? If you believe that the soul creates its experiences to grow then consider for a moment this possibility…

That what appears to be an outward conflict could be an act of love by another for your own growth and evolution…

The purpose of these conflicts are to shift and disturb the mud of any possible remaining wounds held within you. So if you have a desire for growth and to reach your fullest potential, a need to “get out there” to serve others, then your soul will provide you with all sorts of experiences in one way or another to test you and lead you to greater insight and understanding to own your divinity. When you recognise this, you will see from a higher perspective that the “other” was also a teacher for you too. Yet how many of us are prepared to see the Grace in these situations and how many are prepared to be humbled by the experience? It is our emotions and feelings that become the portals and pathways back to Divine Love.

We can end up spending a great deal of our time and energy justifying our actions and why we did things the way we did, making ourselves “right” or others “wrong”…making assumptions without any real evidence just to have the last word or upper hand. This is not Love…it is manipulation and control born out of fear. When we get into this reactive behaviour we are actually saying to the universe that we want war…and being in this victim mode creates even more chaos for us by becoming part of the problem instead of the solution.

So we pick up what we perceive as negative comments or opinions by others and then make a judgement of our own by justifying our own actions, thus minimising the other and invalidating their feelings to make ourselves feel better. The truth is, we close our hearts and reject these beautiful gifts and shut ourselves down…rejecting the “other” who is indeed the messenger for us, and we can end up missing a wonderful opportunity for transformation and growth for ourselves.

How do we become Heart Centred?

Becoming heart-centred is a process…just like when we learn to ride a bike we may be clumsy and awkward at first. There are many qualities to being heart-centred but to arrive at this place of heart-centred consciousness we must first surrender our ego by removing the masks of fear and lies that we hide behind and which have kept us inauthentic. More importantly, we must learn how to FEEL.

One element of being heart-centred is our connection to nature. Who cannot be moved by a beautiful sunset or feel at peace with the sound of the waves in an ocean? As any gardener will know as they tend their garden with bare hands, gardening is food for the soul. We know the effects nature has on us and being heart-centred means that we do not always have the answers to everything…and we do not need to know everything either.

As we become more emotionally honest not just with ourselves but with other people, that deeper connection and fulfilment we feel with others are beyond words…it is beyond measure. For those that are not used to dealing with other people’s feelings, this needs to be born in mind so that we can learn to be patient and forgiving with ourselves and others as we all move further along the path of the heart. The way of the heart is not about making counsellors of us all, nor is it about serving others…it is about showing our vulnerability to lovingly embrace and accept ourselves…just the way we are.

I know that I cannot change the world alone. I can though throw pebbles out onto the sea we call life and create many ripples….ripples that ripple out and touch many people’s lives in a positive way. And then there are times when I can be vulnerable, and acknowledge and admit my own imperfections to myself and to others and say, “You know what? I am sorry…please forgive me…there are times when I get scared too”.

I have known what it is like to have my heart broken…I mean really broken. It happened on my fiftieth birthday and the pain was unbearable. I hid behind a mask for many months so the world could not see the pain I was in, inside, not knowing how I was ever going to carry on. And for a big part of my life I always felt invisible and allowed others to take advantage of me and my good nature…until I learnt to set boundaries to ensure relationships of any kind were mutually respectful and caring. Having strong boundaries shows others we deserve to be treated fairly…and they protect us from those who would exploit us and don’t have our best interests at heart.

We are all presented with many opportunities in life and in every moment of the day we are given opportunities to do and “be” our best. Yet on the path into heart-centred living we must also appreciate that our “best” is not always going to be the same as someone else’s. It is not about personal gain or fear and separation anymore, so what can we do when someone perhaps says or does something that can have destructive consequences?

The Compassionate Heart

The compassionate heart knows how to be compassionate and authentic to self…and also to others. And the way we learn compassion? FEEL what others feel. For it is only when we can understand and connect with the feelings that someone else is having, that it enables us to have compassion for them and to see where they’re coming from.

How can we truly know what homelessness feels like if we have not experienced it for ourselves? You will know. Just because you may not physically experience homelessness, many can relate to and experience that “homelessness” on a spiritual or soul level. We may turn away in disgust or get angry from the adverts we see on TV or in the media of hungry, starving, thirsty people in the world…yet we will experience that hunger, starvation and thirst in other forms. We may ignore the tramp we see on the street, turning our noses up at the smell or their dishevelled appearance. Yet WE ARE ONE…we will experience deprivation in other ways. We may rant and rave expressing our anger and resentment about disabled people, or those out of work and on benefits who are unable to get a job…yet WE ARE ALL ONE…we will experience crippling and disabling moments, including lack in other areas of our lives.

When we are being heart-centred it builds an energy resonance throughout our entire being that enables us to connect with others at a deeper level where we are open and willing to share ourselves and our deepest truths. It is in this place that we are no longer defensive or reactive…because we recognise that when we are defensive or reactive, we can see that these are wonderful opportunities to shine the Light of our inner being onto any given situation where separation exists, knowing that they are gifts of receiving and an opportunity for transformation.

If you think you are already awakened to heart-centred conscious, then please…don’t go back to sleep. If you chose to accept the call for change then you will be working not only on behalf of humanity but on your own evolution too – your participation in all of this is achieved through the work you do with your own soul…and there is no room for complacency. Do you think that because you have “woken up” and awakened that that is it? Use all of those opportunities of defensiveness or reactive behaviour to awaken again and again…to align with the “Christ consciousness” of you so the magnificence of your Highest Self can be revealed in all its glory. Just like the unfolding of a beautiful rose that when in full bloom it reveals its beautiful perfume and beauty…awakening is an ongoing process and it is through our continued alignment to Source we continually unfold.

Living from the Heart

I am thankful and very blessed to those who are messengers to challenge and motivate me because it enables me to reach an even higher level…not better. You are a messenger only playing the role I have asked you to play…as I am a messenger and play the role for you too…thank you.

When I accept, receive and honour these gracious gifts in whatever way they show up in my life, it enables me to pay it forward to empower, support and inspire others to rise too.

Remember and know Who You Are and learn what makes you happy, living in truth, openness, honesty, trust and integrity. Release all limiting beliefs and programs which have their roots in fear, separation and control and that keep you stuck. Don’t wait for someone to come along and save you…you have already been saved. Forget the religious “labels”, Christ activated the potential for Christ consciousness in each and every one of us…our job is to activate it within us. At some level within your being you know you are a Master. You are a part of All That Is…you are God and we are all One.

From my heart to yours…Linda x

Feel free to post your own comments or thoughts