We all want to Love and be loved. Yet Love has a way of showing us what Love is not. If, like me, the recent energies of the Equinox have left you feeling out of balance, there appears to be a deep cleansing and healing taking place on all levels.

Perhaps this has brought up a crisis of some kind in a union, or something is being severed and coming to an end that we may find difficult to accept.

Things from the past may be coming up asking for our attention, particularly if they involved past pain or trauma and appear to be manifesting as digestive issues, loss and grief.

Maybe you are acutely aware of where giving and receiving, or being supported, is out of balance. It can seem difficult at times to walk in Love and live in grace and ease.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

What part of you are you ready to embrace into wholeness?

What are we resisting in our lives? What emotions have we been neglecting? What emotional upsets have we not processed?

Here in the UK there are flood warnings due to heavy rain and high tides – another reflection of where the dams are ready to burst on an inner level as emotions run high and almost beyond breaking point.

Many of us whether consciously or unconsciously hold onto insecurities of some kind and we need to find the courage to embrace and accept them.

The Black Rose teaches us that wholeness is about embracing…and accepting….on every level of our being, the disowned shadow aspects of ourselves.

There is no more time for BS. To separate from the past, we have to get honest and have the courage to be vulnerable and see what is really happening in our life. If we truly want to change, we must seek out the darker aspects within our selves so with awareness and inner wisdom, we can rise above it to walk in Love and live a life of grace and ease.

We all need to be heard, honoured and valued. The energies of the recent New Moon are showing us where we need to find new ways of getting the support we need instead of trying to make it alone.

Our Body Speaks

Since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2010, I have learnt to listen to what my body is saying. Our body speaks to us all the time, but are we really listening?

I was on a conference call recently where all of us were experiencing digestive issues of some kind. All of a sudden, I was given the words, hung, drawn and quartered.

This was a barbaric method of punishment used in medieval times and this message was too strong and too profound to ignore. Was there a past life time line bleeding through of being drawn? How were each of us processing and digesting life, or pain and trauma from the past?

I then found the wound within myself. It was TREASON. Treason under UK Law was a wound to the King. It was a disloyalty of some kind which resulted in the offender being hung, drawn and quartered. So we need to ask the question, where are we being disloyal to ourselves? Where are we being disloyal to the King and Queen within? What emotional upsets are we not processing?

The Wounded Masculine

We know who we are. What part within ourselves are we being called to heal?

On a personal level, our wounded masculine can also manifest as harming and violence towards ourselves.

Around the world many are suffering from stress and burnout, succumbing to illness and disease as a result. Then there are those that feel oppressed, exhausted, lost, lonely, who feel they lack direction and are unable to take action.

The Wounded Feminine

When I found the wound of treason and disloyalty to self, I found the wounded feminine within me and was able to do something about it.

Being disloyal to ourselves includes putting up with things that are not good for our well-being. When we know we have a toxic person in our life and we do not draw a line in the sand of what we will and will not tolerate, we are playing out our wounded feminine.

We know our wounded feminine has been dishonoured and disrespected. We have been taken for granted, abused, devalued and degraded to name a few. Yet where have we been disloyal and done all these things to ourselves? And continue to do so?

Disloyalty to Self

What energy within you needs to be empowered to rebalance the exchange of energy?

That energy exchange can be as simple as giving support to others, yet getting the support you need in return. For that to happen, the feminine energy within us says I can have what I want, whilst the masculine says I will not tolerate a,b,c and needs to step up and take action – that is Love.

Are we ready to embrace all these parts within us into wholeness? Until we are, nothing changes.

“Your Heart knows the way, run in that direction” – Rumi

Please feel free to share and comment on what’s going on for you in your life at the moment. In doing so, it gives others permission to share and feel supported also.

In Love, Grace and Service,