As we approach month’s end, the northern hemisphere is about to be blessed with the rare phenomenon of a Blue Moon made even more special and powerful because it falls on 31st October All Hallow’s Eve. We shall be in a powerful time between 31st October and the 11th November referred to by Celia Fenn as “The Golden Bridge” and “Flight of the Phoenix”.

Known also as Samhain, when our ancestors celebrate their New Year, it is a time when the veil between the spirit world and the mortal is at its thinnest. It is also a time when we enter “the dark season” to do our inner work. The Black Rose Oracle deck will also be launched with a new website on that date but more on that later at the end of this article!

There is a wound that has been coming to the surface for many to be looked at and healed. It is the wound of long held family secrets and I have wondered about the possibility of intergenerational trauma being created for future generations by Covid-19. So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

When a family secret is revealed…

a Rose trauma will be healed

If not attended to, secrets and intergenerational trauma can have a devastating impact on the body. We are all being asked to get ready for more changes and surprises to come and be adaptable. We are all being asked to step to a higher level of being, UNITE AND DO THIS WORK TOGETHER.

The Light will be much needed at the month’s end Full Blue Moon in preparation to cross that golden bridge. There are two powerful topics to be discussed here which there are no easy answers too. Maybe this truth is too heavy for some, yet to cross that golden bridge from the old to the new we have to find the forgiveness and the compassion in what is arising.

Secrecy and secrets in families can make us sick. Anything that we have been suppressing or holding in is likely to come up at this time. I had to face a family secret I had held onto for over thirty years recently that came up out of the blue from a phonecall. As the shadows are coming to the surface to be birthed into new light, we are also being given a second chance.

Many are experiencing anxiety and mental health problems due to the Covid pandemic, ranging from losing jobs, not having enough money to pay the rent, children and adults isolated from friends and family, domestic violence…there is a survival trauma in these times that has the possibility of being passed onto our children and these things can no longer be ignored.

Impact of Covid on Future Generations

Whatever our views and opinions on Covid may be, have we stopped to ask ourselves the impact this will have on generations to come? Probably not. Do we really care? Maybe. Perhaps we are sick of hearing about Covid, yet there is a perfect storm brewing for the future for those who have the eyes to see. What can we do about it?

Covid, historical, GALACTIC TRAUMA and family secrecy carry a similar behaviour – trauma survival. If we are all in this together as part of the problem, we are all in this together as part of the solution.

Childhood abuse, the sudden or violent death of a family member or extreme poverty either from Covid or not, can create trauma survival.

Whilst the situation that caused the trauma in the first place cannot be passed on, what gets passed on are the symptoms of surviving that trauma which can look like anxiety, anxiety disorders or Post Traumatic Stress.

Like many traumas, a family secret or Covid is a psychological burden that cannot be seen, yet the body sure does keep the score.

Enter the Gateway of the heart through the petals of a Rose and there the secret’s trauma will be revealed.

Families have secrets. Perhaps abuse, an affair, abortion, divorce, guilty secrets we may not want others to know. The thing is, we not only carry these past events and memories that may be too painful for us to even think about, we carry all the feelings attached to them and conceal them out of guilt, shame or condemnation.

No matter how hard we try or have tried to suppress and conceal a family secret and no matter for how long, 2020 is the year when nothing can be hidden as secrets and untruths are coming to the surface to be revealed.

The thing about family secrets or secrets of any kind, not only can they be a burden, they can cause harm to self and others. Secrets take up an awful lot of our energy in keeping them locked away behind closed doors or in the shadows. Keeping them locked away we may be aware or not of the constant fear of the secret coming out, being discovered, or its disclosure.

Whom does the secret protect?

Secrets can make us sick. The secret I kept created past shame and a misplaced belief I had to protect a perpetrator. The story didn’t get told to other members of the family and I was punished and ostracised. During a conversation I realised in keeping it a secret with the best intentions, it tore an extended family apart which had repercussions on a future generation.

During that conversation I suddenly realised I was unconsciously reliving parts of a trauma that did not belong to me. Perhaps you too have a family secret or a story that is coming up and did not get told.

Are there traumas you never healed?

Do you use secrecy to control others or protect yourself to feel safe?

Has keeping a secret destroyed your relationships?

What are the things that could happen if you disclosed it?

What lies beyond the fear?

Truth Coming to Light

Can you bear witness to another’s family secret? Can you bear witness to your own? Hidden righteous anger, guilt, shame, betrayal, deceit, mistrust, being honest, fear and suspicion is longing to be released.

If you are a Starseed or a Rose through the Sirian lineage, Lyssa Royal Holt says we may still carry the karmic pattern of secrecy from our Galactic heritage. To protect humans, Sirians worked covertly in small groups.

If secrecy is arising for us, maybe it is showing us that it is time to live our life out in the open. Release the shame and fear of rejection or punishment by showing our true self to the world. A sense of freedom and self confidence will surely follow.

Through what is arising we are all being given an invitation to adjust our timelines as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness for our soul’s transformation. Who will cross “The Golden Bridge” and follow the “Flight of the Phoenix”?

Coming out of Secrecy

In 2018, as part of my healing from trauma, I was inspired to start a new creative project, a project that blossomed. It was to produce a Black Rose Oracle deck where the Roses and messages speak to your emotions and are felt by the Heart. Illuminating aspects of self to transform your soul, they offer deeper self awareness, self Love, insight and direction.

As the Phoenix begins to manifest its new form and take flight, today I am pleased to announce the birth of The Black Rose Oracle deck and new website!

I would like to acknowledge my friend and her husband for their time and expertise on working with the templates for the Oracle deck, for without their support it would not have been possible.

If this article has resonated with you in some way, please feel free to post a comment below.

In Love, Grace and Service,