There is a deep, raw, systemic wound of Injustice, personal and collectively, permeating the planet right now. Depending on who is carrying it, it either becomes a heavy burden to carry by those who feel angry with blind rage and pain, powerless, inadequate and resentful, or a weapon of guilt and shame to be projected and used against others.

If we do not see the bigger picture of what’s going on, it’s easy to get caught in fear based mentality and differences of “us and them”. 2020 is the year when everything has to be brought to the surface both personally and collectively.

All events that are occurring are happening for our highest good and soul’s evolution, so that we may move forward into a higher vibration of Love, Grace and compassion.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Justice starts with uncovering the Truth

What exactly are you hurt or offended by?

What underlying problem needs to be addressed?

When I write, I write from a place to be of service. I share my perspective based on the experience of my own healing journey. It may be different to yours and that is ok. If it does not resonate then let it go. The words used in my articles are infused with the elixir and healing balm of the Black Rose and are a portal for healing, insight and transformation.

However, some may become triggered as they read them. The truth is, as a friend shared with me once, offence cannot be given….it can only be TAKEN.

And when it is taken, that’s a sure sign there is pain, fear, grief and hurt and an unhealed wound coming to the surface for attention.

Will you read to the end or will you remain in denial?

Personal and Collective History

None of us can change the story we were born into and we should not be used as scapegoats to take on the guilt, blame and shame projected onto us by another for others wrong doings.

Bullying and shaming another shows us our own hostility and prejudice towards others.

Our ancestors did not have the tools or self awareness to heal these wounds. And neither did we – until now.

Whatever memories and stories of persecution and injustice we are carrying, it is time to come out of hiding from behind the masks we wear. There can be no true freedom until we do.

The point of looking at and understanding how a wound plays out is that we then become aware of our reactions. Then we can see the repeat patterns of behaviour so we can change them and step into more of who we are and flourish.

I speak here from a personal wound of injustice. It can hold us back and prevent us from being ourselves which can cause physical, emotional and mental ailments in our bodies.

Healing the wound of injustice is not an intellectual exercise. Long held pain, grief, anger, rage, resentments and memories of injustices have been carried from our ancestors into our present DNA…and we hold that trauma in our bodies.

We are healing thousands of years of dysfunction right now on behalf of ourselves & our ancestors. We have to heal the wound within before we can heal the wound without. If we have not healed the wound within us first, we end up in reactive behaviour that serves no-one.

A major part in any healing process is about telling our story, being seen and heard, and allowing unacknowledged grief to speak.

As history, present day events and our own personal stories show us, injustices, suppression, trauma, cruel, hateful treatment, discrimination, disruption, migration, slavery, separation and even displacement, belong to all people of all colour and race. Trauma is trauma. Hurt is hurt. Grief is grief.

When we compare our pain and grief with another and think ours is far worse and more painful, we not only rob someone of dignity, what we are actually saying is, your pain, grief and loss isn’t as big as mine. The problem with that attitude is it minimises and negates everyone else’s pain, loss and grief as being less than.

5D Perspective

If we believe in past lives, from a soul perspective our souls agreed before incarnating to have many experiences in opposites in order to evolve.

Whether that was being born into a lifetime of being rich or poor, healthy or sick, being in different religions, different races, male and female, it was all to evolve us by having different experiences.

Whatever is eating us up inside, whatever has hurt or harmed us, it’s time to receive the gift that was wrapped in the wound.

From a 3D perspective, everything that happens to us that is painful, traumatic or makes us feel sad or wracked with grief, there is a gift within the wound.

As we heal, through the healing we expand and grow. There then comes a point when the wound no longer exists. All that exists is the gift that the wound kept hidden.

Lay down the Sword

With injustice, we have to drop the self righteous attitude and indignation that keeps us locked in being right and morally superior. The thing about injustice and the belief in its not fair, keeps us chained and imprisoned, slaves to our own mind and ego.

Until the wound of injustice is healed within, it cannot be healed without. Until we find peace and acceptance within, there can be no peace and acceptance outside. In 2013 I wrote extensively about the story and healing of my own core wound of injustice in The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds.

In healing my own my trauma, I found the wound of injustice that had been buried so deep it subconsciously controlled my whole life. At the root of it was shame and unworthiness that I had buried deep inside of myself.

The belief that kept it in place was that I had done something wrong and unknowingly, kept me locked in that shame and unworthiness for most of my life. (There are also other core beliefs that keep the wound of injustice in place).

Each situation throughout my life where there was real and perceived injustice, I kept adding to my story that being what I was was wrong and therefore I was unworthy and not deserving.

Then there were the constant accusations of being accused of something I did not do. I didn’t do it! Yet that was nothing compared to the quiet, insidious feeling that had festered and seeped into my bones and blood and went unrecognised in the wound of injustice….preventing me from truly loving myself.

It was the unacknowledged and unexpressed pain of Grief and Resentment.

Looking at resentment through the eyes of Love, what is it meant to achieve?

Envy, Jealousy and Resentment

Resentment also holds feelings of mistrust and self defeating patterns of self punishment and self sabotage. It plays a role in racial and ethnic conflicts. Resentment is a defence mechanism to punish and devalue ourselves or others. All the more reason to acknowledge it’s insidious presence in the wound of injustice.

Within the feeling of resentment, whether conscious or unconscious, is the perception, real or unreal, of a wrong doing or that we are being treated unfairly.

We cannot look at resentment without its insidious companions of envy and jealousy. Unless we are prepared to look at envy and jealousy that could be playing out in the wound of injustice, if left unchecked it can get projected as ill-will, hatred, mistrust, distrust of others and violence because of our own insecurities.

The thing about envy is we want what another has. Envy acts on the belief that if I have what you have got, ie, status, privilege, money, a well paid job, a nice house etc, in having those things it will provide me with more happiness and upstanding and if I don’t have them then I am diminished and it makes me less than.

Lets look at envy’s sisters….jealousy and entitlement. With jealousy, we believe that the thing(s) we want but don’t have rightly belong to us.

That insidious, unrecognised and unseen feeling of resentment percolated through my body until it collapsed and broke down from the poisonous stories it had been fed.

Each time I experienced an injustice, I re-experienced all the other past injustices and the feelings of anger, helplessness and powerless connected to them which prevented me from moving forward.

Until we acknowledge resentment within the wound of injustice, we cannot move on.

When we stop feeling angry towards those that “wronged us”, the healing process enables us to let the resentment go. Before we can let the resentment go, we have to separate the person (people) from the event.

This isn’t about forgetting what happened. Once we can see what cycles are playing out and are caught in, we can change the story and take effective actions that will make a difference rather than reactive action to a perceived threat.

Self really does matter. Find self empathy, self forgiveness and self compassion. For when a wound is healed, Self esteem, self respect, self Love and self worth Rise.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there…Rumi

Our mind, our thoughts, our beliefs all affect our reality. Its time the Divine was embodied…..

When we heal the wound of injustice, we heal the abandonment, the betrayal, the rejection, the humiliation and separation too. We heal the guilt, the shame, the unacknowledged and unexpressed grief.

When we stop comparing ourselves with one another and start sharing, magic happens.

When we have emotional mastery, we move from the thinking mind, to doing and eventually being. No matter what goes on in the outside we are safe and secure in our state of being.

When we are so present in the present moment, this is where we find pure consciousness.

When we become pure consciousness we can enter the Quantum Field of the Black Rose beyond space and time, when we have become egoless and not self centred.

When we have moved beyond the body, the ego, beyond our identity and who we think we are, change is possible.

Become a no-body.

When a Rose is healed of trauma, we have the confidence to stand in the fullness of our Light. Remembrance is truly ours. The Universe is held within us and we are the force of Love, knowing we are protected by the peace and Love of the Mother and the essence of the Divine feminine in all that we do.

In a Cosmic moment, we have the remembrance of our unfurling purpose in the Divine Plan and the Cosmic dance of Light.

“A new direction for the Divine Feminine”

“Moving out of stuck energy

and stagnation now,

all that has fallen away,

no matter how painful,

has been a blessing in



Hold the space for the positive

energy of the Divine Feminine,

for the new beginning

that will now be created

from that space will be



It will be a gift you can now

share with the world

and will come from the

experience of the situation”.

From the Black Rose Oracle, Linda Raven©2020 All Rights Reserved

It’s time to cleanse the knives of poison. If you are serious about mending your Heart and body, it all begins with YOU.

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In Love, Grace and Service,