The month of March has given us many profound opportunities for healing. Have you been influenced by or been experiencing the recent influx of energy from the recent New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Equinox on 20th March? Whether you are aware of these universal energies or not the current Eclipse cycle we are in of “endings and beginnings” has been creating shifts for many – and it’s not over yet. In truth there are no beginnings or endings for all is infinite in Oneness and wholeness. These planetary influences are bringing us closer to Source.

When grace comes into contact with our inner darkness, healing begins. Just as the New Moon blocked out the sun’s Light for a few minutes at the time of the Solar Eclipse and Equinox, this symbolic message too has set in motion a chain of healing opportunities. Eclipses provide us with initiations into the higher realms of being and as we approach the Lunar Eclipse on the 4th April, I sense that we will have a sacred opportunity to finally release and purge our ancestral lineage that has created many blocks and limitations in our lives that have been held in our cellular memory within our DNA.

Healing Begins

Life conspires to get our attention in what way it can. For the brothers and sisters of the Rose, and others too – the recent re-internment of Richard lll remains, his participation in the War of the Roses and his place in history, may have been felt by many at a very deep level. If you are ready to meet The Light I will share more on this further into this article – in particular its timing. In the meantime, this is also a time of birth and resurrection too which is enabling us to sift through the debris left by chaos to raise our vibration and consciousness and remember who we are and what has been done for us.

As beings of energy we are heavily impacted by the movement of planets.  These particular Solar and Lunar Eclipses are Codes of Light that affect us on many levels – particularly the physical. If you find things and people still falling away in your life or are overwhelmed by it all then don’t despair. When we make a choice to raise our vibration these energy shifts put us into a new space. What that means is that anyone in our lives then also has to make a choice as to whether they will travel with us into this higher vibration – or not. Sometimes our Light becomes too bright for others and it will bring up their issues – usually in the form of conflict of some kind. Whilst long standing friendships were ending abruptly for some last year (me included), and our personal relationships were under the spotlight, when we can understand that these individuals could not, would not – or were not ready to meet us in this new space, it takes away any sense of blame, sadness, regret, or longing for what once was.

If we want to access the highest aspect of ourselves and live in these high frequencies of Light to access our highest potential, we must be willing to re-connect with our divinity. We still have freewill to act or not. I facilitated sacred ceremony for a small group on the Solar Eclipse and this enabled us to anchor higher dimensions not only into ourselves and Mother Earth, but also to receive guidance and healing from the higher dimensions of Light. If you have been receiving downloads of Light through sacred numbers or symbols and images in your dream or waking state, animal guides in visions or in the physical realms, if you choose to take on this sacred work you will be guided how to integrate this information into your own lives and for the highest good of all.

Service of Reveal and War of the Roses

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes….for the former things are passed away.
(Revelation 21:4)

I have been receiving these Codes of Light since 26th December last year which is culminating in a massive purging and gathering of Light on the 4th April.

Between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, there is no co-incidence that on the 26th March we saw the re-internment of Richard lll’s remains – the last Plantagenet King of England. Whatever your views on whether the princes in the tower were murdered on King Richards orders or not, he played an important role in history because his defeat at Bosworth Field was the last decisive battle of the War of the Roses which marked the end of the Middle ages in England – and it is my knowing that here lies unhealed wounds for brothers and sisters of the Rose that is held in the cellular memory of our DNA.

This period in history saw enormous numbers of casualties on the battlefield for the Houses of Lancaster (red Rose) and York (white Rose). This was a time of great instability for many and wounds from that time still persist in our physical community – and the Rose community – and there are many that still feel and live with that pain. I shall be facilitating sacred ceremony on the 4th April offering a Gateway of great Light and healing to release the wounds of a timeline and past lives in a space of shelter and sanctuary for brothers and sisters of the Rose – and any friends of the Rose brothers and sisters – to bring those barriers down and enable a new vision to come into our world. If you hear the call within your soul to participate or be present at this event please contact me.

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

This Eclipse is providing profound opportunities for moving deeper into the Heart and being Love by the purging of the old, and whilst we may be sad and grieving some of those perceived losses, this Lunar Eclipse may trigger emotional upset for many of us and we may feel very tearful and not understand why. If this is the case, can we drop the need to understand and just be with whatever comes up?

Even if there is resistance to letting go of all our old stories, including what we think we are supposed to be doing, it can leave us in a scary place and disappointed when everything is falling away – particularly if we have attachments to things or certain outcomes. The more we can let go and let be and trust that all is in Divine order and unfolding just as it is meant to be the more we will be receptive to our soul’s guidance and inner wisdom.

Love’s healing Message

We are so much more than we have perceived ourselves to be and Love’s healing message for this auspicious time is this:

Make the most of these healing energies and watch your language. Words hold an energy signature that can either empower us or limit us. What we want we already have – and if it is not present in our physical world it is because it is just not yet realised. Our job is to release the beliefs and limitations we hold onto and when we are in alignment with the energy vibration of what we want to manifest then it will appear in our physical reality.

For example, can we drop the words seeking, hoping and trying? When we seek or hope we are looking for something that we perceive we do not already have and it will continue to remain out of reach until we change our language and align with the vibration that we already have it. So if we must seek something, what about seeking Truth? We are manifesting all the time and if we are not conscious, or if we don’t like what is showing up for us, it is because we have not gone deep enough. How many of us during our school years had the phrase “must try harder” on our school reports? And look at the damage that belief did to some of us!

When we label something we are in judgement – and it is judgement that creates our suffering. If we say to ourselves “it’s hard” then that is the vibration that we believe to be true and what we lock ourselves into, and until we change that belief it will keep us in constant struggle. Living in the new is all about being with everything in the present moment – without judgement.

We are now in the realm of feelings and when we perceive we are stuck we end up going through the mental plane looking for resolution to problems, and what we do is by being in the mental it keeps us stuck. When emotions come up all we need do is nothing. We already feel what we feel and there is no need to label it. Notice your body – where do you feel it? Our bodies have their own intelligence and when we label things rather than experiencing it we are not resolving what the body wants to resolve. Everything is giving us an opportunity to look at where we are not in integrity and balance.

This Lunar Eclipse also falls in the Christian festival of Easter – yet again another symbol of birth and resurrection. Whatever path you follow, traditional or not, know that this auspicious time offers wonderful opportunities for endings, beginnings, and new birth. Where ever you are on this day or whatever you will be doing, take time out to reflect on how far you have come in the past year and offer your gratitude for all the lessons learned. This Eclipse will reveal all that we have become as a result of these experiences – whether we perceived them as good or bad.

Remember, Remember – Remember Who You Are

Magic and miracles abound in the new energies – if we are awake and aware. This total Lunar Eclipse can reveal to us all that we are becoming and a reminder that there are always endings and beginnings. Are you open and willing to meet The Light with arms wide open? We are all being given opportunities to move through these times with grace and ease – if we allow.

In any single moment – our lives can turn around for better. We are all far more than the choices we have made. We are all far more than our past mistakes. The truth is – the Truth is who we are. If you don’t yet know who you are – then at least be open and willing to allow Love and grace to meet you and touch your Heart. For when you have been touched by grace you will have the ears to hear and the eyes to see – and you will know who you truly are.

In Love and Grace,


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