“You’ve got to search…keep on aiming high…just seek yourself and you will shine…keep the Flame of Truth burning bright…the missing treasure you must find”…such deep, deep profound words to open your heart and lift your spirit, recorded by M People in 1995. So…are you ready to step on the path and express yourself yet?

Wisdom is not given, it is hard earned. These are not just words that follow, they are a gateway to thought…the heart…and beyond…so take some time to study them and understand their deeper meaning. Align with the heart centred energy signature and divine message they are trying to convey, for contained within these words are insights that you may want to draw upon on your own journey of Self Mastery.

Here I will share with you the highest form of service you can give to the planet, and another Divine message and higher purpose as to why it is so imperative for humanity now that we each take individual responsibility to heal our own fear, anger and unresolved grief, because until we do, our gifts cannot reveal themselves. As the consciousness of humanity is changing, at the end you will find a version of the Great Invocation, a World Prayer that you may wish to observe or intone on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th May World Invocation Day.

I will also share here the gift of depression, a glimpse into revealing your special gifts, and how you may serve if you do not know how to already. This blog also holds a higher message for those that label themselves as “healers” and “teachers” and whilst this message may be controversial and may not be for all, if it does not resonate with you then feel free to pass it by. As always, allow your heart and intuition to guide you. I AM just a messenger to awaken, to shift energy, or just bring a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to what you already know…if none of it resonates with you …then let it go.

Are YOU Paying Attention to the Signs?

Are you paying attention to the signs along the universal path? There was a Divine message, higher purpose and deeper meaning in the last blog, namely the individual and collective wounds of injustice and abuse. I was not only lovingly holding out the hand of the Divine so you could see yourself with new eyes and new ears…it was also to give you permission to remove your masks and come out of hiding too…

Maybe you were not in a space where the value and volume of that information… its divine timing…or its wisdom and pure knowledge could be easily received…and that’s ok too, because there is a big difference between being a source of healing and being an example of healing. To be an example means that we can show others what they can achieve by doing their own healing work.

The divine message was to show you that where there is fear there is no love…and transforming fear into Love is the healing experience that transforms our distorted beliefs into God-consciousness. From that place we no longer heal…we create…and our creativity is the place where the Divine and Human meet. That message was also to show you that no matter what happens to you in life, you are worthy and you can still move forward and create with passion as I will share with you now. When you are able to leave your past suffering behind, it also opens you up to a future that is filled with hope and possibilities.

Your Divine birthright is not something that has to be earned, it is a given…and THAT is a universal Truth. Our closed hearts come from past hurts, and last month I revealed a story of distorted love in childhood and how it affected my own self worth and self love in adulthood. As I acknowledged a deep wound inside about needing the approval of a man to feel safe for my own survival, I believe that inside every woman is a deep wound that we all share…a hidden and hurt place inside that many have not understood before.

Whether this wound was set up in childhood or not I believe that a man’s disapproval with a woman can trigger an unconscious survival instinct and create a feeling that she is afraid and in danger…and therefore not safe, (bearing in mind that this is not a conscious process). The path to awakening is through our emotions, so if you are avoiding going within and being present for yourself, how can you possibly be available and present for others? In sharing my own Core Wound and the alchemy of my own heart, it was also a “blueprint” for others to follow to heal these wounds too. No one is broken or in need of fixing, it is YOU who has to be open to receive what you are trying give others.

Search For The Hero Within

Perhaps you are familiar with these very deep spiritual lyrics, written by Mike Pickering and Paul Heard, on an album from M People released in 1995:

“Search for the hero inside yourself,

Search for the secrets you hide,

Search for the hero inside yourself,

Until you find the key to your life.”

Your Divine purpose is to serve you FIRST – and you fulfil that purpose by transforming your consciousness into a force of love, light and power. How can you give love and compassion to someone else if you are unable to receive love and compassion for yourself? Many want to serve humanity but are caught up in not knowing “how to.” You cannot serve Humanity until you have gone within to search for YOU and the secrets you hide…serve yourself first and the rest will follow.

The momentum in your growth is rooted in stillness, and it is in the stillness where the quantum energy to create new life choices and new beginnings resides. Your Divine path awaits you…within you, encoded in the memory of your DNA is the truth of who you are and what you are capable of becoming. It is up to you now to take responsibility that you are who you choose to be, so it is time to activate your hidden powers and your passion, and be open to receive and embrace your own mastery. As Eckhart Tolle says, “It is the stillness that will save and transform the world.”

The highest form of service you can give to the planet right now is by becoming visible to others and expressing and sharing your own unique gifts with the world through your unique, divine consciousness. Within you is the Christ energy of unconditional Love and Compassion…and God consciousness – your Higher Self. When you tap into that inner Power, you will realise God Consciousness, and you will know who you are. When you enter into that temple of inner silence, it will free you from negative thoughts that limit you and prevent you from receiving your heart felt desires…because in this place, you enter the temple for Divine manifestation. It is your fear, anger, and grief (the frightened inner child) that will block you from receiving and manifesting your Divine gifts, because until these three emotions are brought into awareness and integrated, they will continue to keep you stuck and paralysed in fear, procrastination or indecision.

The time is now to give yourself permission to experiment with things or to try something new, whatever you do, if you find yourself stuck in fear, procrastination or indecision, don’t allow that self doubt to paralyse you…find your passion and do something! Any thoughts or ideas you may be receiving at the moment are divine guidance, as are any messages or images that you receive in your dream state or meditation.

With three Eclipses and a new Venus cycle coming up, expect the unexpected and opportunities for quantum growth. As with all Eclipses, their energy takes us deeper into the Cosmic Heart itself – lifting us into higher consciousness and Light. Every situation that we find ourselves in at the moment is an opportunity for massive growth and healing of our own and collective timeline wounds. (I include myself here too!) So whatever is showing up for you at the moment, just remind yourself that it has shown up to give you an opportunity to grow…ask yourself, “What is the lesson I need to learn?”.

The solution to our “problems” cannot be found outside of ourselves, because more than ever now we are being “pushed or nudged” by the higher realms to look within ourselves for the answers, so that we can discover and create something new…and fulfil our higher purpose. There is a new world to be created and we all have a choice in how that creation turns out. The hype of 2012, including the planetary and galactic alignments, was just metaphors for an alignment that must occur within you first. Life is inviting you to be a part of this “Great Shift” of awakening the heart and awakening the mind, yet until you come to the realisation that you are living your life from the inside out through your thinking, nothing will change until you change your thoughts.

The Alchemy of the Heart

Although this deep processing is highly emotional, this is the only path to the heart and will be a path that everyone will need to take eventually so they can reconnect to their own essence. By removing everything that was not me, (it is still an ongoing process because we never stop learning), it allowed me to move deeper into my soul purpose and passion to create two things. One was this website to offer support, guidance and the healing of the heart for others to transform their own lives, and the other was creating the City of Light community…a gathering and energy portal for those who share my aims to come together in Unity for spiritual and vibrational purposes to reach God- consciousness.

The collective wound of Injustice (fear, anger and resentment) that many of us to some degree carry and which resides in most of us, keeps us paralysed in fear, helplessness and victimhood. This is why it is so imperative for humanity now that we each take individual responsibility to heal our own fear, anger and unresolved grief, because until we change what we believe about ourselves our Self mastery and divine gifts will remain allusive.

I acknowledge you as the divine multi-dimensional being that you truly are, whether you see it in yourself or not. I AM here to offer you a portal of awareness and invite you to remember your own divinity – because you are more than you know and YOU are powerful beyond measure. I AM here to help you remove all that separates you from the truth of who you are, stretch you out of your denial, your fear and all that is unconscious within you, all of what is uncomfortable or hidden, so that you too if you have not done so already, can spread your divine wings and fly.

To reveal our authentic selves means we run the risk of being misunderstood or even rejected by others, yet it is through our vulnerability that we are able to experience true connection and openness with others. To be vulnerable means you have to be ok with you – all of you. Maybe you are not willing or not able to share the real you yet and that is ok too…when you love yourself for who you are, you are not worried or concerned if someone else does not. When you become emotionally aware, you recognize that the scariest thing to look at is your Core Wound.

It is time to move through your own wounding now, for it is the key to unlocking the authentic self and bringing who you really are out into the world so others can see you…it is my heartfelt desire and from my deepest experience too, that when we can all take responsibility for ourselves and go through this sacred journey and healing of the heart, it leads us to our soul’s greatest awakening, our destiny, and our highest service.

I know from all the personal emails I received regarding last month’s blog that many of you yourselves could relate to my story because you had lived through it too…and in revealing myself, I know it helped some of you heal too. For all those who stood in their own authenticity, openly shared their own vulnerability with me, came out from hiding behind their emails to share their comments on the blog, thank you. And for the truly authentic soul’s who recognised the importance, higher purpose and divine message of that article, and who willingly shared and forwarded the link to my website with others to get the message out there, with heartfelt gratitude I AM truly grateful indeed and I love you all for it. Regardless of how life may be unfolding for you right now, expressing your vulnerability to yourself or others is not weakness, it is power!

It is not about competition anymore, and whilst there are many that remain in poverty consciousness or lack, Light Messenger and this blog is a reflection of my own destiny and dedicated service to supporting and assisting others on this sacred pathway of the heart, so that you too can acknowledge your own gifts and Divine beauty without worrying about if you are good enough or believing you are inadequate…thinking you have nothing to give…or worst still…remaining stuck and consumed with fear, anger, procrastination and self doubt.

That core sense of inadequacy and not feeling good enough comes from a problem with the heart…it is a child’s misinterpretation of childhood events. When you can transform your feelings and restore emotional balance, you will transform and restore emotional balance in the world. This is what is meant by to see peace in the outside world you have to find peace within you first.

It is not necessary to get bogged down with our stories and dramas anymore, including the “us” and “them” that seems so prevalent in the media at the moment. However, matters of the heart MUST be addressed because it is in our 3D reality that our emotions rule us and keep us in separation. We all have enormous access to divine wisdom and levels of Light within us now and that is true for everyone. Your power is not outside of you – it is within you, within the stillness and the silence of the present moment, and it is YOU and only you that can determine the authority of Truth. Day by day we see the polarisation and segregation in the outside world, and it is showing us all that it is time to wake up to our roles if we want to see change in the world.

How Do You Want To Serve?

For those of you that have lost your jobs, your businesses or been taken out of them by illness, can you see yet what a wonderful gift of opportunity that you have been provided with? You may not see that opportunity yet but there will come a time in your future that you will see the Divine timing of it all…and its Divine order. Stuff is coming up now because it is giving you the opportunity to decide if you want to stay in the old paradigm of fear, anger, anxiety etc, or whether you want to embrace the new. I hear many of you that say that you hate your jobs but can’t afford to leave, yet when you do lose your jobs you are thrown into panic and turmoil, saying “what am I going to do?”

And there lies the answer – what is it you DO want to do…and be? What are you passionate about? What is it you love? How do you want to serve? Everyone will have to get emotionally honest with themselves now, so are you where you want to be? Maybe your head knows what it wants to do yet your soul is showing you something different. Whether you are in a job at the moment which is not in alignment with your passion, or if you have lost your job either through redundancy or illness, or other means, you are being given the time and freedom which has been heaven sent to align you with your heart-centred passion and be a positive influence in helping to change not only yourself, but the planet too. And that will happen through one individual at a time…and that’s what will change the world.

We are all in a new time and a new space now. It is not about thinking out of the box anymore because firstly, there is no box to “think” out of. There is no box now to keep you contained and imprisoned in limitation. Secondly, it is not about “thinking” your way out of a situation, it is about FEELING your way out – there is a difference. This is why it is so important now to be aware of your thoughts and what you are saying because it is these that will affect the way you feel and affect your energy vibration.

For example, someone who has lost their job may have thoughts of, “how will I pay my bills?” or “I must look for another job”. These are old ways of thinking, and whilst it may be true that you will have to find other work, try bringing Light to it and rephrasing it. Everything is energy and an energy vibration, so how about looking for your joy instead of looking for a job? There is a big difference in these two thought patterns because by looking for your joy it will create a shift in your energy field to align you with the Light and your passion, and get you out of a place of fear, conformity, control and feeling trapped.

You may be “thinking” well it’s alright for her, what would she know what it’s like to lose a job or health, or get caught up in all the Reforms? Well the truth is, I am not just “talking the talk”, I have had to walk it too, which is why through shining the Light of the healing power of Love onto my own experiences and having to find and feel a way out of my own situation, is the reason why I can now share from my heart a way out for you too. If you find yourself caught up in fear, anger or grief, until you heal this trinity of emotions coming from the wounded child within, they will keep you in the darkness and block you from claiming your own power and Self mastery.

The Gift of Depression

All suffering has a purpose…including the pain of depression. Within our suffering there is always a Light that shines in the darkness, even if it is invisible to us at times and we cannot see it. For anyone who may be experiencing depression or mental illness at the moment, this is not to minimise your feelings of what you may be going “through”. Depression is a very misunderstood “illness” and is anger turned inwards. I prefer to call it a “health experience” because an experience is exactly what it is. Depression is often referred to as the curse of the strong and people experiencing depression tend to treat themselves with a level of harshness that they would never consider inflicting on someone else, yet the guilt and self loathing is in part a symptom of the illness, but in part it is also the cause of it.

Whilst there are many who do not know what it feels like to experience clinical depression, whether it is a stress-induced depressive illness, manic depressive illness or bipolar disorder, depression relating to bereavement or complicated illnesses, or a “Dark Night of the Soul” which can feel like depression where there is no meaning to life, nothing makes sense anymore and there is no purpose to anything.

What has collapsed is the meaning to life that your mind has given it and from a spiritual perspective a dark night of the Soul…is the soul wanting to give birth to something. The symptoms of depression have a purpose, because they are intended to lead us in another direction. Symptoms of depression are generally experienced as physical and emotional without us being aware of the spiritual lesson of depression. A “Dark Night of the Soul” can be viewed as all the lights having gone out in our life, yet what we are being offered here through depression is a spiritual trial…and a spiritual crisis.

Just like a plant or seedling placed in a dark, gloomy room, it will grow tall as it tries to reach for the light. During this painful night of darkness during a Dark Night of the Soul, on a soul level the soul will reach and search for the Light too. Whether a person experiencing depression is awash with feelings or feels numb and dead to everything, depression offers a promise to liberate us from darkness, yet first, all that has been kept hidden inside of us, separation, lack and a sense of helplessness, all must now be revealed and brought into our awareness.

Anyone living with depression will often experience feelings of loss and emptiness and as though they are living in a dark, gloomy place, yet it is in the darkness of these painful feelings that covers and separates us from the Light. On an individual as well as a global level now, the gift of depression is to bring into awareness all that is not of the Light. Fear, anger and unresolved grief can be felt more acutely now within the consciousness of those who are aware, including the feelings of loss and inner emptiness. It is those feelings of lack that are now being brought up for many so they can be healed. It is the “darkness” of these negative emotions and feelings that will mask that inner connection with the heart and receiving the Light from Source.

Whether you live with depression, an illness, disability or limitation in your body, there is a part of you that is untouched by the circumstances of your life and that is the “I AM Presence” that lies within you and which is always accessible. For example, rheumatoid arthritis is present in my body but the “I AM” of me is not that disease.

Awareness and Understanding

Fear is the key, the gateway, to identifying your special gift even if you are not even aware of it yet. Wherever there is “reactive” behaviour within you, including your thoughts and beliefs to the austerity measures, the Welfare reforms, the atrocities that are happening around the world, the uncovering of sexual abuse that has been in the media, under all that is your fear, anger and unexpressed grief of feeling so helpless and believing you cannot do anything about it that makes you a victim of circumstance. ALL of it is coming up now to get to the root cause and heal it. When people do not take responsibility for their own personal wounds it allows this shadow to continue on this Earth in the form of fear, anger, and unresolved grief.

Start to become aware of where you are playing the role of victim and if you so choose, take personal responsibility for creating a new paradigm. If you who are reading this now are experiencing loss of any kind, illness or disease, or any emotional upset whereby you perhaps feel out of control or unable to cope, perhaps your soul is leading you to a “Dark Night of the Soul” so you can face up to all the lies and delusions you have told yourself to keep you stuck in a life that is not authentic.

Most of our life experiences are a result of our mental and emotional responses, our thoughts, our words and the things we say. Our new world is requiring us now to live in a place of greater AWARENESS and greater UNDERSTANDING, and the new way is the path of the heart. Even if we know who we are we still have life situations to deal with, so instead of thinking what now…try if you can to look at it and ask the question, “What opportunity am I being given here to grow?” Once something is brought into our field of higher awareness it starts to change our energy vibration because it is receiving the Light of that higher awareness. It is our own past programming…our distorted beliefs and fears about ourselves that so deeply impacts our ability to become visible and put our heart-centred selves “out there” to be seen by others. As you begin to peel away all the barriers around YOU – you will start to see that you are so much more than you have decided you are…

Your spirit wants to be born and it is waiting for you to give birth to your gifts…so what do you want to create? If you compromise parts of your life just to survive or to be accepted by others, even if you are seeking love or approval from them, then your soul may put you on a path where you must face your demons and self deception.  We are in times now that we have EVERYTHING we need to fulfil our purpose – and all you need do is trust who you are and why you are here. Everyone possesses divine power – it is a gift to ALL Humans and not just the select few…however, it has to be cultivated. We are all on the path to integrating and realising the truth that we are creator beings and it is we ourselves that are masters of this reality. Suffering will continue until we ourselves are prepared to change the darkness that we experience.

When you can consciously recognise the significance of unfolding events both in your life and in the world, and make a choice to support them, at that moment your energy would already have shifted. We talk of old energies, yet the old ways of doing things are not working anymore. So if you want to align with the new energies you have to ask yourself what of your old ways do you want to hang onto, and what ones do you choose to discard?

Where are You on YOUR Journey?

Energy cannot be processed through the mind because it has to be felt with the heart. In our personal life, our negative attitudes and behaviours can push others away, the same as we can withdraw from another’s negative attitudes and behaviours. Sometime ago I spoke of a “separation” of some kind where we could find ourselves moving away from so called “friends”. It is not that they or we have done anything wrong it’s just our energy vibrations do not match anymore. If you have shifted in your own consciousness and they have not, then you will have to find a new group of people to support you. If you are not aware of this or do not understand what the feeling body is, then you can end up feeling very confused, isolated and withdrawn, or worst still, getting involved in or attached to the “shadows” of others. It is not our job to save, fix or rescue another – these are old ways of “doing” in the old paradigm so if you want to reclaim your power you have to decide who you want to keep company with.

This is why 2013 is the year of community and will be a year of opening the heart and finding our “tribe”, the souls we can resonate with on a matched energy vibration and who can support us on our own journey. We do not have to do things on our own anymore and the vision for the “City of Light” gatherings and community is to provide the support structure for others to create and manifest their own visions and hold a space for them to transform their own lives and the collective consciousness.

Some people will remain stuck preferring to stay in their comfort zone with the flock of sheep or remain in secrecy because they are not ready to take responsibility yet, and that is ok too. It’s all very well informing others of the cover ups that are being hidden from the public, yet all this is a mirror to give you the opportunity to explore your inner world and take notice of where you are closed or withhold. Do your inner work, are you withholding information out of self interest or because you are avoiding being honest with yourself or others? The greatest gift we can give ourselves and to others now is to receive the gift of Divine Love and as we learn to be authentic and emotionally honest with everyone, love ourselves and others without judgement – the Light can reveal our gifts and treasures within. The essence of these gifts from the Light is that we come to know ourselves…Divine Love in action.

Claiming the Power of You

2012 was about the power of you – did you claim it, or are you still looking for it? There was a small window of opportunity last year for those that heard the clarion call. A line was drawn in the sand at 21.12.12 and for those that chose to align with the energies of the Aquarian Age, they know that they are no longer part of the old paradigm and can no longer be concerned or get caught up in the dramas of others. It is not that they do not care it is because they must remain focused on their own evolution and do what they have been prepared for. If you are caught up in the dramas of others and trying to wake them up or cajole them into your way of thinking, doing things for them believing you are showing them “the way”, you are whether you realise it or not manipulating, controlling and enabling them. This serves neither them or you so if you are waiting for them to catch up or come on board with you, what you are doing is turning your back on your own self growth and evolution and limiting your own sense of peace and well-being, as well as preventing them from learning their own lessons…it is time to move on.

That may be a hard pill to swallow for some and may sound harsh, particularly if you are playing the roles of care givers, care takers or rescuers. If you have heard the call of your soul then find the things you love doing that will bring YOU inner peace, joy and fulfilment, because the things you are passionate about and do with love…they are all part of your Divine path.

Balancing the Trinity within

Fear, anger and shame are the collective shadows of Humanity, and whilst you remain trapped in them and feed them, you will remain blocked in receiving and sharing your own divine gifts that Source wants you to have…

So do you want to remain unconscious and give your power away by getting caught up in all the 3D dramas? Or do you want to access the power of you in the present moment and allow the divine to grow within you? You can access the power of you and the divine in any given moment through meditation and stillness, the sacred breath or sacred mantras. Our divine path awaits us when we move out of our own way, because it is WE who are the creators of our reality with what we focus on and give our attention too…

Without healing this trinity of emotions our path will remain blocked in 3rd dimensional dross. When we attain emotional balance by going through the healing gateway of these emotions, we can all heal the collective wound and shadow hanging over the planet right now. With televised images of destruction streaming into people’s homes every day creating anxiety and uncertainty, without Grace and Forgiveness…the whole of Humanity is in trouble.

In sharing my own Core Wound I revealed how our past informs our present, and how fear, suppressed anger and unresolved grief from my own upbringing affected all areas of my adult life. Those unhealed emotions finally revealed themselves when some years ago I came into contact with a very narcissistic person – “Mr Angry” himself.

Narcissism is an insidious form of abuse and is characterised by deceit, manipulation, lying, and complete and utter self absorption. By the time I had identified the “poison” from this toxic relationship I had been left in pain, confusion and self doubt. The higher perspective of this is that person was my teacher and my mirror, mirroring back to me the frightened, angry person in me that I had disassociated myself from and who I needed to own and integrate. If you have or are involved with a narcissist yourself and are struggling to find an explanation for what happened to you, then learn all you can, because it can be a great source of healing for you.

Personal Responsibility

We cannot be transformed until we are ready to take personal responsibility for our own upsets and emotional healing. There are many who do not want to take personal responsibility for their part in the drama they created, preferring instead to tell their “poor little me story” to anyone who will listen to them. Do you know someone like that? Are there times when you feel you may be the only person to help this individual? Do you ever feel, as a result of getting to know this person, that you feel energized and can see yourself helping people like him/her to solve their problems?

If you are one such person who will keep listening to someone because you feel guilty or sorry for them, and THEY NEVER SEEM TO CHANGE OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, or if you feel that no-one else really understands them like you do, then be warned…

Why should they change when you have become an enabler that enables that person to continue doing what they are doing?

There are times within our friendships and relationships when we ourselves can cross that invisible line between truly being helpful, compassionate and supportive…or acting as enablers and becoming co-dependent with another person believing that we are really helping them.

How Does Anger Work?

How we think and interpret an event or situation will determine how we feel about it – it is our thoughts that create our feelings. For example, if we think we are in danger then we feel afraid. If we feel something is not fair or we feel we have been wronged in some way, then we end up feeling angry, and it is these feelings that determine how we will react to an event or situation. Where ever anger is involved, whether we express it consciously, or suppress it unconsciously, we can react in ways that we may later regret.

I don’t want to hear how you work with the Cosmic and Angelic Realms and the Kingdom of Light, the Planetary Rays, Elementals or Mother Earth, or that you are a “healer” and “wisdom keeper”, whilst what you show me in your words, thoughts, and beliefs, is that you continue to remain in victimhood through the painful feelings of fear, anger and unresolved grief as you judge and blame others, particularly the world “leaders”, politicians etc, as you feed the energies of fear and separation and how we are all controlled by the “dark”.

There are no “us” and “them”, there never has been – that was a lie and the illusion that humanity has lived in through separation down the ages and maybe you do not want to hear this truth. Don’t shoot the “messengers” that are sent to you in Love from the Higher Realms unless you want to remain in darkness yourself. Judgement creates more animosity and what you perceive as the “enemy” is an opportunity to be compassionate and loving to yourself and see where the enemy (of fear, anger and unresolved grief) is within you.

For example, I have never lived beyond my means and like many my age we were led to believe that if we worked hard all our life, saved for a “rainy day” and paid into the “system” through taxes and national Insurance, then we would receive a Government state pension in 2014. My state retirement age like many has now been extended another six years and if the goal posts get moved again, I can no longer “depend” on the Government looking after me in old age, even though I have paid into the “system” all my life. In working through my own Core Wound of Injustice the collective wound of Injustice revealed itself. What I perceived as the injustice of it all and the “enemy” outside of me, they are just the actors on a stage that I had agreed to have a soul contract with to help me heal this wound – ALL of it was calling me home to my true authentic self and to awaken me to my role in the world. In revealing your wounds…you are healed too.    

Are you a revolutionary or an evolutionary? Where ever you see injustice in the outside world it is a mirror reflecting back to you the unhealed wound of injustice within yourself. Maybe you cannot see it, yet until you move into a place of greater awareness and understanding – you will never see it. So look at the places in your life where you think things are not fair. If you see unfairness in your relationships, in the workplace, the Welfare Reforms or the atrocities in the world – all of it is calling you home to your true authentic self to awaken to your role in the world. And you can never be authentic if you are still carrying your wounds around with you!

So if you no longer want to complain or react to what’s happening in your life and want instead to be a co-creator with the Universe, then maybe it’s time you looked at your limiting beliefs that are like a ball and chain around your feet…because when we speak angry words about politicians, the church hierarchy, the banks or drug companies as being the “dark ones” or the “enemy” who are manipulating, victimising and controlling us and who we must overcome at all costs, we speak angry words about  ourselves – there is only one message and the Message is this:

WE ARE ALL ONE – that is One Soul, One Heart, and One Light. We ALL have to take responsibility for what we see going on in the outside world because we have all created it. An event is not the issue – it is the emotionally charged energy that is attached to it. When you heal and integrate your wounds and unclaimed emotions you can give power to your voice from a place of emotional balance…it is then you can be a force to be reckoned with and create peaceful change from a place of authentic power – not through fear, anger and grief.

Casting the first Stone

A great misunderstanding has ensued regarding the teachings of Yeshua, the Hebrew and Aramaic name of Jesus. The point he was trying to convey was that everyone possesses divine power and divine Love, it is a gift to ALL Humans but it has to be cultivated. Jesus used a lot of metaphors in his teachings because he saw that in the Human heart there was the possibility for the seeds of love to blossom and change the world.

To cast the first stone…the implication in this teaching was that those in the congregation were only in a position to condemn someone else if they were without sin themselves. So can you with hand on heart say you have never manipulated, controlled, judged, condemned, violated, hurt, enslaved or abused another?

Many seem proud (ego) when in researching their past lives they were a Roman soldier, a wealthy King or Queen, an Egyptian High Priest or Priestess, a church leader, Knights Templar or Cleopatra, and a number of other roles in many lifetimes. When you understand the journey of the soul and that you at some time in your souls evolution have been one of those “dark ones” or an “enemy” then you will no longer blame others for what you do not like or see in the world…the Timeline and the “War of the Worlds” must now be healed at the root for all of us.

Humanity’s Shadow

Underneath fear anger and grief is shame. And I believe shame is the unclaimed emotion that most of humanity carries and keeps many small and paralysed…and shrouded in fear. We feel shame because deep inside we know we are not living our Divine potential, and we fear shining our Light and owning and sharing our divine gifts – for fear of not being good enough and being judged or labelled as arrogant by others.

Through the healing power of awareness fear based feelings and emotions always signifies a wound of some kind. If there is no wound present, then there can be no fear – so the presence of fear always indicates a wound. If all of humanity lived in a state of no wounds then there would be no fear within us. So the truth is when we work on healing our own wounds AT THE ROOT CAUSE then we also heal our fear. When we become aware we start to see a definite pattern – our core wounds lead to fear…our fear leads to ego (unconsciousness)…which then leads to a shadow of darkness – it’s that simple.

Most people know they have a fear of something yet do not want to deal with it. If you are not conscious or aware of your fear…it will own you. So for those who do not want (yes, there is a choice) to deal with their fear, their unconscious response (remember, they are not aware) will be something like this: “I don’t like this…I don’t want to face this so I am going to bury it (through alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, thought forms or any other addiction) and pretend it isn’t there”. That unconscious response is based on a Core Wound, and the addiction is a form of escapism to avoid facing the fear.

Being of Service to someone with an Addiction

It is worth noting here that if you know of someone who has an addiction of some kind it can be distressing for you to see the health or well-being of someone you are close to become affected by alcohol or drug abuse. Although you may not want to see someone suffering and want to help them, you may feel upset or frustrated and helpless in that you cannot seem to “get through” to them. Helping someone with drug or alcohol abuse is best left to professionals who can give them the support they need. Be aware that not everyone will accept help and no amount of cajoling on your part will stop them abusing alcohol or drugs…they must recognise the problem in themselves first before they make the decision to overcome it.

Although you may think you are helping someone you need to be aware of your limitations. You may think you can help this person, but unless you recognise that they may need professional help and intervention it can take its toll on your own health and well-being…their problem can easily become your own if you are an enabler. For your own well-being, you need to recognise too that you need to take care of your own feelings and seek help where you need it.

The wake-up call for all Humanity

We cannot rely on our countries “world leaders” to create a peaceful world because the reality is they are not interested in creating a peaceful, fair, sustainable future for everyone, and most politicians are renowned for being self-centred who like to argue their case. So what you see in the outside world with Politicians, world leaders, the austerity measures, the authoritarian systems, can you for a moment be open to the possibility that they are wounded souls too, operating from an inner wounded child themselves?

Don’t shoot the messenger here – they believe that what they are doing is the “right thing” and whilst you may perceive they are controlling the world and everyone in it, could it be possible they are also the mirror to show you where you have given your power away and become a helpless victim to be controlled by “the system” through your own unhealed and unconscious wounds of fear, anger and unresolved grief? These emotions have kept you unconsciously frozen and paralysed in fear for eons and many lifetimes, so shouting and screaming about the “unfairness” of it all will not change anything – integrating your own wounds will. Peaceful resistance and compassionate action to what is going on in the outside world is the way forward if we are to save ourselves, our children’s future, Nature and Humanity…and a reminder also that the God Code and God’s Blueprint is within the DNA of all of us.

Awareness of your Gift

You may already know what your gift is and if you don’t, you will get glimpses of it through your dream state. So what is it you really want to do with your life? Where have you given up on your dreams to conform or fit in a job that pays the bills but is draining the life force energy out of you? So give yourself time to explore these things, what makes your heart sing? What would you love to do? And if you do not know that yet, if you only had six weeks left to live, what would you want to do with the rest of your life?

Allow yourself the time and space to pause and think. What inspires you? What would make your heart sing? If money was no option, what would you love to do with your life if you had the opportunity? Opportunities are self created so if you are in a place of having no job at the moment, think about where have you compromised or sacrificed your hopes and dreams in the past?

For those who are in dead end jobs and long to be free, for example, you may be stuck in an office job or work in a supermarket yet long to work with children, animals, the elderly, the homeless, the suicidal…perhaps working as a volunteer in your spare time may give you a “feel” for what you want to do. Even if you are retired or at home with young children, you could still create things that inspire you, whether it is through writing a blog, a book or even painting.

If you are housebound or disabled, unwell with a chronic illness and wondering how you can make a difference, do not dismiss yourself or put yourself down because of any physical challenges or limitations. When I found myself in this situation, I was able to create a new website so I could still make an important contribution and express myself through the blog writings and the “City of Light” gatherings. I can still offer counselling and coaching services over the telephone, and if like me you have access to a computer and telephone, this will allow you to serve anywhere in the world. Through overcoming my own limitations, I can still be a positive influence in the world without physically leaving home.

Regardless of your circumstances, YOU can make a difference, even if you are standing at a bus stop or in a queue at the checkout of your local supermarket. By acting towards others with loving kindness and non judgemental acceptance of all that cross your path, whether you realise it or not, YOU are making a substantial contribution to humanity. You may have something to say that could be a catalyst or wonderful insight for another, so if your own self doubt prevents you from saying anything, just remember that your being of service is to give the message (if you are being divinely and heartfelt prompted too), and then it is up to the other person what they do with it.

If your fear or lack of self worth is holding you back then maybe the time has come for you to make a commitment to change your life. Are you willing to transcend your fears that hold you back and follow the vision of your soul? Perhaps you may need support and guidance to do this, and there are many teachers, therapists, books and free resources on the Internet as well as this website that will help you transform your perception and connect with your own divinity.

The New Paradigm

Those of us who have been actively engaged in lighting the path for others up to 2012 and beyond were responsible for providing the resources for others both for healing and raising human consciousness, information and services that were not exclusive to just those that could afford them.

I will share with you another door of wisdom I went through, something I “hinted” at on the Sisters of the Rose page on this site. As aware individuals and as a collective we are beginning to understand our past incarnations in more and more detail. This also holds a higher message for those that label themselves as “healers” and “teachers” and whilst this message may be controversial and may not be for all, if it does not resonate with you then feel free to pass it by.

By weaving through the threads of self-remembering I found out my sacred heritage and my own place in history – and why I now choose to do things a different way. Over the years, I have observed those that were in most need of healing work yet they were the ones least able to pay. As anyone knows, to have peace of mind and a broken heart mended are priceless. Today, the gifts I am able to offer in helping someone heal their heart does not come with a price tag, nor does that mean that I do not value myself or that I am not good enough either…I choose to do things regarding “healing” a different way because I no longer compare “what I am worth” with the work I love to do. Whilst it is possible that we will see many new modalities being created in alignment with the new Aquarian Age, where does that leave the “healers” and “teachers” and the new ways of working from an old paradigm?

I feel that “teachers” may need to look at other ways of doing things now other than for money, and to stand in their own Light and power rather than just passing on other people’s material. We need to ask, if we are just passing on second hand material, are we doing that person a dis-service? In a volatile world, the definition of a new paradigm is a totally new way of doing things that has a massive impact and I feel that many teachers if they genuinely want to serve need to find other ways of working – and although everyone needs to live the focus is not about money, it is about helping others into their own self mastery.

Whilst there are genuine teachers, there are also teachers who are keeping students and clients dependent on them, little recognising their own co-dependency issues. My role as a teacher and way shower is not to be “nice” and all “Love and Light” to everyone, it is to bring awareness and understanding, as well as love and compassion to all those situations that are not based in truth. What are your thoughts?

As we each change ourselves from the Inside Out, we are all helping to create a new way of being. The new paradigm is about transformation through Self mastery – I AM purely a facilitator to support and guide others to that place. As teachers, we are in a new paradigm for healing now and that new paradigm is also about Love for oneself and a knowingness of one’s connection with all creation.

My Divine path was waiting for me…and it took contracting rheumatoid arthritis to fulfil part of that Plan, the City of Light gatherings. There are many signposts and many paths to truth, and whether people are aware of it or not, when people gather together for spiritual growth they are making an agreement, a commitment to become co-creators. The reason many of you feel “at home” in these gatherings is because of the sense of being “uplifted” and the sense of peace and stillness that it brings. Within that temporary sacred space, a knowing within you to feel whole is created, to experience Truth, and be held in the arms of the Divine, regardless of what is going on in your life. Collectively, a mutual bond has occurred at the emotional level and our spirits are able to align…in preparation for our work to come.

Not only am I gifted to share my divine gifts – you are too. I had to learn the lessons the hard way and I was very humbled by this experience, but it allowed me to move through fear and resistance and into appreciation and gratitude for all that had been revealed to me, including owning my gifts and naming the unclaimed emotion of shame. We are all being called now to remember who we are, and through the healing of the heart you too can find your own gifts and walk the path of Truth…Divine Love in action. Your Divine path awaits you…are you ready to step onto yours yet?

As the consciousness of humanity is changing, the following Great Invocation is offered to all in the hope that it will encourage wider distribution of this world prayer. On the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th May, will you join our “City of Light” gathering by observing the World Invocation Day through the use of the following Great Invocation?

The Great Invocation is an Invocation that does not belong to any person or group but to all humanity. If you feel drawn to this prayer, then why not use it at the start of any spiritual work you may undertake? A brief explanation of the Prayer can be found at the bottom of “The Teachings” page on this website.


From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

With heartfelt blessings, from my heart to yours,

Linda x