As we are in the midst of a very intense cycle of powerful forces of energy, there is no co-incidence this is being released on the 22nd July – the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

22 is the number of the Master Builder and we have a wonderful opportunity now for rebirth. There can be no escaping the reality of what is going on within our selves and our world and the great necessity now for change.

Although this is a much shorter posting than usual, I will also share a deeper message of how a sacred mission to Chartres Cathedral with the Black Rose has set in motion a much deeper truth and healing of an ancient wound of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

So Love’s message this month is this:

What are you hiding from…or trying to keep hidden?

When we are truly aligned with truth there is nothing left to hide – or hide from.

Life is the journey into wholeness that is preparing us now for the Aquarian Age so that we may develop our creative potential, express our truth, and bring it forth into the world.

Many are feeling discontent in their lives, their life is falling apart, or the work they have done is no longer fulfilling. Many are becoming sick. These are initiation processes that the Soul has initiated to align us more with our truth so we can share our soul’s expression in the world.

With the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on the 22nd, a New Moon on the 23rd marking the beginning of a Black moon cycle, a new Eclipse season starting on the 29th July, the Lion’s Gate on 8th August – all is preparing us for new beginnings and the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun on 21st August for our fullest expression in 2018 and beyond.

These Portals and Gateways into cosmic energies offer us an opportunity to enhance our working with the Sacred Feminine energies that not only assist us in reclaiming our divine power, but also in healing an aspect of the ancient wound of the feminine energy that has been suppressed for so long.

What I am about to share may offend some or ruffle a few feathers, for that I make no apologies. I will no longer wrap truth up in pretty pink bows just to be liked or accepted.

One Rose, One Heart, One Body

The Divine Dark Mother is the catalyst for Wisdom and Her luminous presence is a powerful archetype for transformation existing in our human psyche since ancient times. Her image can often appear in our dream state either as Isis, The Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene or other faces of the Goddess. Each energy heralding the emergence and awakening of the of the Divine Feminine within us.

Men and women are being drawn or called to the Rose or Magdalene archetype to honour the Sacred Feminine. She is an archetype for new beginnings and rebirth, as is Isis and the Black Madonna that carries the blueprint of the divine feminine mysteries for those who are ready to receive them.

Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene do shadow work? Of course they did. Yet we still carry the collective shadow of Christianity’s issues that have not been dealt with around sexuality and the feminine which got projected onto Mary Magdalene as she was ostracised and her unacknowledged presence wiped from history.

Beyond the Magdalene craze at a superficial intellectual level, understanding the true meaning of one body and the symbolism of the bridal chamber is essential in realizing the completed human being as someone reconciling the opposites and who has made two become one, and has attained the Oneness of being.

The balancing of the masculine and feminine is the foundation for an integration that takes place at a much deeper level. In embracing fully our pain, hurts and the emotions that made us feel bad, our unloveable dark aspects we try so hard to hide, repress and deny, our shadows and woundedness teach us about our true, authentic and unique gifts.

It is only in the darkness when darkness becomes conscious do we find our true authenticity, wisdom and our magnificence. Only when we truly and fully experience all our grief, fear and pain can our Heart’s open to bring us a deeper capacity to Love ourselves and others unconditionally.

Meeting the Dark Mother

This time is pointing all of us now to create a relationship with our own hidden “stuff”, and get in touch with our core energy. By bringing all of our dark, hidden secrets of our soul into the light, the veil that keeps us from knowing our true Self is lifted.

We become a beacon of Light for others when we do the inner work of transmuting the darkness within ourselves first. Going into the shadows, our childhood wounds and unconscious dynamics we have kept hidden from ourselves for so long and denied, we start to see the deeper story of our lives unfold.

The path that leads to Love and truth and our deepest soul’s work will always require, and involve, the processing and transmutation of our pain, fear, grief, inner child and Heart wounds…this is our work we are now all being called to do and why the Dark Mother has stepped forth.

The archetypes of the Magdalene, Isis and the Black Madonna can assist us with transforming our hell and navigating through life and death in the descent into the underworld. In time, we find our gifts that have been hidden and can create new things which arise out of our own journey which makes us the true “healer” for others.

It is very deep meaningful and profound work into our past, into our shadow, and into our wounds. There can be no other way. For there can be no access to higher consciousness and our unique gifts without the ongoing wholing journey of the personal and collective shadow and dark night of the soul that lies unhealed at the root of our human experience.

The Cosmic Heart of the Matter

Within Chartres Cathedral are Black Madonnas. Some say Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna is the “shadow” aspect of Mother Mary. Whatever is truth, this vision of the Queen of Heaven, the Divine Mother who gives birth to Her child, did not begin with the Christmas story we may be familiar with.

This universal Queen of Heaven once belonged to everyone – in ancient Egypt She was Isis who bore the Horus child. This soul of our universe, our world soul, cannot be known through the thinking mind, or seen with our physical eyes. Yet She shows us how to reach into our unconsciousness to find “enlightenment”.

Esoteric wisdom speaks to initiates of seven planetary oracles that align with the sacred geometry of seven Cathedrals on Earth which corresponds to the sequence of our planets in the Solar system.

The role of the planet Mercury (Higher Mind) works with the planet Venus (Heart) within our bodies – as do the other planetary aspects. As we each develop individually, Venus reveals to us her purpose to awaken the duality within us. In following the voice of my own Heart, the Black Rose is here to reveal a secret of new life and a new light within the body for all of us.

Many of these blog posts have their roots in the rich, dark soil of my own initiation after I was bashed over the head and dragged into the Underworld through illness… I mean called back into remembrance, the re-embodying of, and stepping into a renewed role as a Keeper of the Flame for the Sacred Feminine.

When the Black Rose teachings came through me last August, I knew I was on a mission for the Sacred Feminine. Some weeks back someone had shared with me they were going to Chartres Cathedral. As I carry a karmic number and had been working through some deep karmic patterns, I asked if he would take a Black Rose and place it in the Cathedral.

I put my faith and trust in him as this was a sacred mission to deliver this precious cargo to its destination – a Black Rose which was wrapped in a Rose petal of the Magdalene Rose that grows in my garden to be placed in the underground Crypt.

Symbolically, this represented a collective wound of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that needed to be laid down at the feet of the Dark Mother – or rather in the underground womb of the Goddess.

When he agreed to take on this sacred mission, I experienced the acknowledgment, gratitude and blessings that were coming through from the Dark Mother as a gift for him, because in agreeing to take on this task he was a representative for the collective Divine Male standing up in acknowledgment and honour of the Feminine in this lifetime.

There will be more to share about this unfolding soon. With the upcoming Lion’s Gate in August, a sacred event to the Egyptians, it is time to focus now on what is really important to us so that we can focus on becoming our fullest creative expression of what we carry and hold dear in our Heart.

In the meantime, during this Sacred and Holy time of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, may we all be blessed to walk our paths in deep remembrance and in the reclaiming of who we are.

If you resonate with this message and would like to share what you have been hiding from or trying to keep hidden, please feel free to post a comment. In doing this, you are doing the work of the Sacred Feminine.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from the deeper message here, please feel free to share the link above with your network and friends.

In Love, Grace and Service,