The Violet Rose

“The more light you allow within you…the brighter the world you live in will be.”

Shakti Gawain


Awaken and Activate your Ancient DNA 

with the Messengers of the Rainbow Light

We are in times of great change…Now is the time to awaken

To remember who you are…and what you came here to do

You know you have a higher purpose that you are not living.

It is our DNA that holds the secrets of our inner Light and our souls gifts


For anyone interested in a path of self realization, personal growth or healing –  this work can act as a guide to understanding our 13 chakra system and activate our Light Codes within as we follow our own healing journey to wellness, wholeness and reaching our fullest potential.


Our inner Light became dimmed at the fall of Atlantis. Our DNA holds our codes of creation and when activated, moves us out of separation consciousness of the mind, and into the Love of the One Heart.


Within the Light of the Violet Rose, an energy portal is created bringing forth Divine Universal healing Energies in our hearts that bring us to a state of balance.


Both men and women are re-awakening to their inner feminine energy. This Divine Feminine Goddess energy already works at a higher level, so by co-working with these archetypes we can shift our own energy to a higher frequency.


To participate in and experience these offerings, you will be engaging in the wisdoms of old that will assist your body and mind to awaken to its fullest potential.


If this aspect of the Divine Plan resonates within your Heart and Heart’s calling please get in touch via the contact page above.


Aligning with your Presence

Is there a longing deep inside of you….just calling out to be heard?

All our experiences in life are to teach us the meaning of Love. The energy patterns now are presenting us with new opportunities for freedom and expansion.

Below you will also find information on Attunements for the Violet Flame, and Initiations for awakening the Violet Flame chakra.

The Violet Flame for Transformation

I offer the following to those that ask:

In June 2012 I completed the required instruction and received the relevant attunements in The Violet Flame of St Germain and was Certified to pass this attunement onto others.

In January 2014 I also received an Initiation into the 14th Chakra of the New Galactic Age as channelled by Edwin Courtenay…

St Germain – Harbinger of the Violet Flame Chakra

  The 14th Chakra of the New Galactic Age

Edwin Courtenay writes:

“The Ascended Master St Germain is the patron of the year 2014, the second year of the New Galactic Age, a year which begins energetically on the 1st of November 2013.  Custodian of the Violet Flame – the spiritual fire of transmutation and alchemy – St Germain has long been called upon to help humanity clear negative energy and change those situations which seem blocked or hindered.  Now – in answer to the challenges that many are facing – St Germain steps forward as our world’s guardian to empower us with an initiation which will awaken the latest chakra of the New Galactic Age – the Violet Flame Chakra!

As well as this St Germain will present three new aspects of the Violet Flame that can be used to help rescue those in dire need mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as awaken a higher clairvoyant power enabling mankind to see with the eyes of the Soul!  All those who attend will be capable of passing on this awakenment and receive comprehensive notes that will enable them to do so.”

Awakening the Light within YOU

The spiritual journey is a constant evolutionary path of moving beyond fear and limited thinking into higher consciousness.


Only you can go to the depths of your being. Only you can get into the space of your heart.


Your job and purpose is to heal your lifelong emotional wounds and limiting beliefs. It is all about energy vibration and choosing to lift your own consciousness onto a higher realm.


When you move beyond fear and limited thinking, you move closer to the Light and the Source of that Light.


As you move forward along the path you constantly clear away old negative energies that have accumulated, which in truth is fear that keeps you stuck and prevents you moving forward.


These energies come from your thoughts which create your reality and your energy field, which stores all your old memories and emotions.


Over time, the heart becomes your focus, because only a clear and pure heart can discern Truth.


When transforming energy that energy must be acknowledged and felt. Understand that energy cannot be cleared, removed or got rid of…it can only be transmuted and transformed.


Source is unlimited, as are you. The time is now to awaken from what you fear, because what is inside of you is what gets created out there.


Where and what you place your attention on in the present moment is what creates your experience.


What you focus on you will begin to resonate with. Your focus will create what you give your attention to.


This is the key to conscious creation: whatever you focus your attention on will manifest in your life.


You create your experiences, whether they are good or bad.


When you connect with the energy vibration of Love you move forward in your life through the energy of passion and joy.


By connecting with your passion you expand and open your consciousness to higher energies.


When you follow the path that brings you most joy an unfolding takes place.


That unfolding leads you into the awareness of your true essence…the essence of who you are.