“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

Hello! My name is Linda – a Messenger, Healer and Oracle, I AM the voice behind this site and the Black Rose Oracle in service to humanity.

Humbled by my own life experiences, pain and illness became my Teacher. The gift was turning my illness and heart’s wounding into wisdom and peace, and share the information in service to assist others awaken to their own inner Light and gifts.

I am founder, co-creator and anchoress of the Teachings from the Black Rose, brought forth to heal the Heart of emotional pain and anchor Love and peace in a world that is in turmoil.

A professional and certified teacher, healer and energy worker in the past for many years, in 2010 rheumatoid arthritis brought my life as I knew it to an end. I understand how suppressed emotions and unresolved grief can get trapped in the body and manifest as illness and disease.

In 2011 it became clear that illness was a powerful Initiator to wake me from my slumber. In 2019 whilst on a healing journey from cancer, my Love of gardening and Roses enabled me to create a healing space to bring forth a Black Rose Oracle deck offering transformative guidance with the Roses to find insight, wisdom and healing for our Heart’s wounding.

Having been through adversity, trauma, illnesses, challenges of life itself and learning the lessons from it, my role and life experiences enable me to be in service to humanity now, to assist and serve others on their own journey of awakening for planetary evolution.

As both Light Worker and Shadow Shower, I carry the message and alchemical luminous presence and Wisdom Flame of the Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose to support, help and empower others to find self love and free themselves from challenging emotions and self-defeating patterns of behaviour so that they may live in alignment with the Love that they are.

Through my own life falling apart with the challenges of illness and disability, everything in my life came up for review to be transformed. This was a path of self love, self mastery and healing. It gifted me with the awareness of the mind/body connection and that our own unique life experiences become our greatest tool, along with integrating and embracing our personal pain and personal journey. Within that realization, I am now able to offer the gift of service from a deep place of understanding, Love, Wisdom, non judgement and Compassion.

With a calling to be of service and through embracing and transforming my own life’s challenges of adversity to become a messenger for the Light, I feel much joy and pleasure to offer inspiration, insights, healing, spiritual and intuitive guidance, and to share my wisdom, experience, and passion with you. Guidance and support can be offered through Skype, in our community online calls within the Temple of the Black Rose and the Blog Love Letters.

It is my truth that we all carry to some extent past hurts, negative thoughts and beliefs and patterns of behaviour that keep us stuck. Whilst you may not share the “challenges” I had to go through, it was the journey I had to take into the underworld so I could heal my own wounded Heart. Through connecting with my own Divinity and Source, I could fully embrace my own Divine Purpose and Destiny in bringing forth the transforming healing power and beauty of the Black Rose – for the purpose of opening the Hearts of humanity, adding Love to the world, and for the awakening of the Divine Feminine that resides within us all.

Mission, Vision and Purpose

In my own experience of chronic illness, and through my journey of healing, is the realization that illness is an alchemical process and the gold lies hidden within our own Core Wounds.

My desire is to offer support and guidance to those committed to their own transformation and well-being, self-care, self-love and self-awareness, and  especially to those in need of encouragement to break through the challenging times of illness and disease – and how we can still claim health and wholeness and know the truth of who we are in spite of it.

My vision is the creation of a “Sanctuary of Light” for Heart healing and transformation, and my sincere heartfelt intention is to provide circles and experiential gatherings for energy balance, understanding and meaning. Held in safe, sacred space for sharing, compassion and Oneness, to anchor and embrace the divine energy of Love, and to know and understand ourselves at a deeper level is at the Heart of the Light Messenger offerings.


I offer the pages within this site from my Heart to yours with Love…born from my own experiences to embrace life’s challenges to be the Love and peace in a world that is in turmoil. Supporting and guiding others to awaken and return to Love, and bring forth the Rose energy energetic imprint of the Divine Feminine is a key aspect of Linda’s offerings.

As an experienced Certified Teacher, Healer and workshop facilitator of spiritual and Holistic Therapies, (see below) whilst I can no longer offer these services as a working Professional Practitioner, I offer sacred service writing a Blog to deliver Love’s healing messages in dedication to the awakening of the Heart of humanity, offering loving guidance for self awareness, self Love, self development and healing the Heart of “shadow” and Core Wounds.

Both men and women are being called now to step into their Divine sovereign power and potential, for true healing and authentic living comes from freeing our emotional hurts and integrating our Masculine and Feminine energies within. I now dedicate my time to sharing the hidden knowledge, wisdom and gifts found within the “darkness” of our life’s challenges and crisis’s – including illness and disease.

A teacher, healer and energy worker for many years, Linda’s own journey included Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Warrior of the Light Practitioner in new Shamballa, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner and Counsellor, Accredited Meditation Teacher and a public speaker at major Mind, Body and Spirit Events. She also holds Diplomas in Counselling, Spiritual Response Therapy and NLP. My role now is one of service to humanity to help improve health, happiness and well-being.

I also offer various healing techniques, higher cleansings with Metatron and ways of working with Source, and in recognising the mind/body connection in illness and disease from my many years experience as a trained holistic therapist and teacher and now living with medical conditions. Yet these are just labels for the truth is, life itself is our greatest initiator, where experience and true wisdom comes through loving acceptance and the healing of our emotional body from the Inside Out, to embrace life’s challenges with grace and ease.

I am dedicated to empowering others to realize their True Self and awaken and ignite the inner Light within their own Hearts, have a deeper understanding of themselves, so they too can shine their Light from an open and healed Heart and serve humanity in their own way.

With her own experience and aptitude for teaching and spiritual counselling, it also led her to a deeper understanding why allowing our inner Light to shine, shifting into the Heart, and listening to Love’s healing presence is more important now than ever before. She continues to learn, heal, grow and evolve, and is uniquely qualified to bring forth to you a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to assist and empower you, coupled with a deep understanding of a souls life mission and purpose and the potential that is being birthed within each of us now in these unprecedented times of change.

 A Little about My Own Journey

For years I had worked on building my mission and purpose as a Teacher and Professional Practitioner and Therapist in the Mind, Body Spirit arena. Teaching classes and facilitating workshops to students, or working together one to one with clients, a variety of multi-dimensional healing modalities and techniques enabled me to assist and guide others with their awakening and personal growth to overcome their limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and physical ailments. Then, in 2010 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis – and my world and life as I knew it fell apart.

Yet these are just labels – and not who I AM. After “losing” my spiritual, holistic therapy business “Angels Tears”, income, health, mobility, relationship, friends and so much more, I surrendered and accepted that there had to be a higher purpose to all that had been presented to me. I knew that I had many gifts and talents but was unsure how I could ever use them again in service that would really make a difference in people’s lives and in the world.

My mission was to continue to provide the knowledge and wisdom, support and guidance for the Awakening and evolutionary shift in consciousness that I had always done – but now in a different way.

One of those ways that this was going to happen was in the birthing of this website in 2012. Included was to be a blog providing the portal and platform for others to explore their own wounding, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and a place to share honestly and authentically my own emotional turmoil, pain, fear, anger and shame from my own ego-driven wound in “The Importance of Healing our Core Wounds” which can be viewed here: https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/the-importance-of-healing-our-core-wounds/

I know and trust that in sharing this website’s offerings with you along with the gatherings provided, that I also honour my own Divine Purpose and Destiny – and in doing so, we are all being served for the greatest and highest good. I have also learned that when we are open and willing to receive the Light miracles happen. Through my own life experiences I know…

When we surrender and are willing to open our Hearts to Love – in this infinite space anything is possible.  And it is only from a truly surrendered Heart can we receive the priceless gift of Love’s healing message.

Linda also writes a blog as a way of being of service and her offerings are focused now on healing and moving deeper into the Heart, and balancing the masculine and feminine through the invocative and experiential work of the Sacred Rose – which includes interactive groups and gatherings for healing and evolution and to raise group consciousness based on the core belief that each and everyone of us has a part to play in humanity’s evolution.

My life’s purpose is to assist in bringing home to Love Mother Father God’s children (us), by assisting others to awaken to their own inner Light and sovereignty.

In Loving Service,