Spiritual Guidance & Awareness Training

“If Light is in your Heart, you will find your way home”

The Healing Power of the Black Rose

Linda’s sacred mission is in service to help and support humanity’s Sacred Heart awakening. Called to anchor and bring forth the ancient healing powers, teachings and Transmissions from the Temple of the Black Rose to integrate polarity, heal the wounds of the Heart, and  transform emotional pain and trauma often held within our bodies as illness and disease.

A call has gone out. Brothers and sisters of the Rose have heard the call from an ancient Rose lineage from Atlantis and Egypt to embody ancient wisdom  and awakened divine feminine consciousness – an invitation given to ourselves eons ago to come home to our divine essence and regroup as the Rose in Unity and Oneness in service to a world that deeply needs us.

True authentic living comes from transformation of emotional pain and unacknowledged grief. Releasing our stories on the return path to Love and wholeness, we create a new vision aligning us with our highest truth. Integrating Shadow, bringing Masculine and Feminine energies into balance, will take us into a world built on Love, peace, unity and Oneness.

The Invitation… 

I am an anchoress of the Diamond Black Light frequency, original co-founder of the Black Rose offerings, Sisterhood of the Black Rose community, a vessel for the Black Rose Teachings, the Light Language of the Black Rose Oracle deck, Core Wound healing, Temple of the Black Rose, authoress of The Black Rose – A Book of Love, and the Roses of Iona.

The Black Rose is a multidimensional consciousness of the stars. Holder of the Orion Light, Divine Mother, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver rays the Black Rose has stepped forward now to teach us how to transcend polarity, integrate our light and darkness, transform our shadow, and liberate the feminine in men and women as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.

Have you heard the call? Are you a “Rose” or a “Magdalene” that is rising and needed at this time ready to support the awakening, healing and transformation of the planet?

If you are seeking guidance, healing, support, clarity, insight, or connection with a Rose community, I can be contacted via my Contact page above to see how best I can serve you.

Teachings from the Black Rose Oracle deck:

I am the creator of the Black Rose Oracle deck and have chosen to stand up in a chaotic, suffering world to bring forth the ancient wisdom and teachings of the Black Rose for Heart healing and deepening emotional well-being. A multidimensional Cosmic Rose of the Stars and holder of thirty three petals, she speaks an ancient language of Love from the Divine Feminine.

The Black Rose shines like gold in dark times.

If you would like to receive the Light Transmissions of the Roses with a personal reading from the Black Rose Oracle, they can be viewed and purchased at www.theblackroseoracle.co.uk


The cards help focus you back to the deep work I still have to do for my soul to become whole. Reading the cards have set me on the next part of my journey to wholeness. Clare Bailey UK

Teachings from the Black Rose

Teachings from the Black Rose are also offered via a blog. They are intended for self reflection and self inquiry to inspire and empower. These Love offerings and illuminating messages are created to enable you to connect to the source of your suffering and transform that pain into understanding and resolution. Occasional Love offerings are posted to my Facebook page too.

Here I also humbly offer my own personal experiences of awakening and healing the Heart to serve as a model in a new paradigm of what is possible, regardless of what life deals us.

Gathering of the Roses:

In Reverence of the Black Rose, we have meetups on Skype for brothers and sisters of the Rose creating a sacred space for community, inner mastery, healing, conversation and sharing.

If you are a sister or brother of the Rose called to step forward at this time, our Temple gatherings offer a Rose healing and a supportive vessel for men and women committed to go deep and identify, work through, and heal Core Wounds. Acknowledging feelings and emotions, we transmute our Heart’s wounding and bring balance and healing to our pain and sorrow.

Held in a safe space they provide a supportive alchemical vessel for men and women of the Rose who are committed to go deep and embody spirituality, in service to self and humanity.

Name the Thorn: Let your Illness and Disease Speak

There is always an underlying message our bodies are trying to tell us in illness and disease. This is deep inner work. If you require assistance please use the Contact Page above.

In truth there is only the one wound that prevents our soul re-union and it is the wound of Separation. Our one and only true purpose in life is our alignment with Love and the Divine.

Sacred Anointing from the Black Rose

Brought forth from the Mother, receive a kiss and Light Transmission from the Black Rose. A simple yet powerful sacred anointing with oils and using the Black Rose Oracle cards for vibrational healing and to help you remember. The Black Rose creates its own space and offers a private ceremony for Self.

Awakening – Healing – Connection 

The magical properties of the Black Rose offer a powerful connection to our own Higher Self and Divinity, and to higher dimensions. She is a powerful guide and assistant for inner work, a Heart opener that paves the way towards authentic self Love, aiding in a transformational shift to release old limiting patterns, beliefs, core wounds and traumas that keep us stuck.

Presence the highest luminous Black Diamond Light through Rose Ceremonies, Initiations, and one to one offerings that provide invitations to open the Heart, shift emotional frequency, and release the blocks to Love and potential. Overlighted by the archetypal energies and unconditional Love of the feminine Ascended Masters, and beloved Sisterhood of the Rose.

All Rose offerings are experiential, and offer a spiritual experience into the Language of the Heart. The Rose Temples offer sacred space for awakening men and women of the Rose and feminine, and those in service to all who are committed to helping one another in stepping into their mastery and to fully realise their true potential and highest calling.

The Gathering of the Roses

The Rose is a Divine Messenger that offers a powerful invitation to open and heal the Heart. The Initiations with the Rose frequencies are living transmissions of Light that enable you to anchor the Divine Feminine and awaken your Light Codes within. These offerings provide a powerful invitation to raise your vibration and blossom into the fullness of who you are.

Carried within the essence of the Rose and other expressions of the Divine, unconditional Love brings balance to the masculine and feminine aspects within. Gracefully releasing old beliefs and patterns of judgement and separation, transmuting all that is not Love into Love, to heal and re-balance the Heart, mental/emotional body, and bring us back to wholeness.

If you cannot find what you are looking for below or within this site, would like to know more, arrange a session, sign up for blog, be notified of the date of the next event, would just like to reach out and connect, or maybe share your story with the Rose for publishing here, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page above. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Heart offerings to Uplift – Heal – Inspire -Transform

Temple of the Black Rose – a  sacred space and sanctuary open to men and women for conversation and to receive the luminous, diamond Black Light of the Black Rose. In this sacred space of One we can drop our masks to be seen and heard and let the truth and beauty of our authentic self be seen in all its resplendent majesty, it’s pain and vulnerability.

We are being called to step out of old ways of being, heal our core wounds and sit on our own thrones of sovereignty. If you are called to sit in Council within the Rose Chalice, come out of hiding and enter the Portal so we can work together and feel the re-balancing.

Rose Ceremonies offer a powerful Heart opening experience for men and women who hear the Call to awaken the energy of the Heart and the Divine Feminine Christ energy within.

When we transcend our emotional wounds and imbalances and learn to bring the Heart and Mind together in perfect union – we will know Love. We will know peace. For the sake of Humanity’s evolution and future survival, let us now, individually and collectively…make it so.

The Rose and the Heart

Since ancient times, the Rose has had a deep connection to the Heart and its colour, symbolism and vibrational frequency is an energy transformer transmuting darkness to Light. The Rose forms an energetic portal to bring forth your Highest Truth, Love, Wisdom, Purity, inner beauty, health, healing – and Divine potential.

All offerings on and off this site are an invitation that will enable progressive transformation for the balancing of the mind and the Heart, enable you to align with your “I AM Presence”, and assist you in moving through these challenging times with grace and ease.

Linda was called by the Sisterhood of the Rose in 2011. As a Black Rose sister her role is to bring forth the knowledge and wisdom of an ancient lineage, and the beauty and transforming feminine energy of the Sacred Rose to assist in the opening and healing of humanity’s Hearts to restore and balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that resides within us all.

Whilst Linda no longer teaches healing modalities, she offers one-to-one support, Gatherings and loving guidance for self awareness, self Love, self development and healing the Heart. She can be contacted via the contact page above and her credentials are as follows.

She is professionally recognised in a variety of holistic therapies including a Spiritual Counsellor, Certified Meditation Teacher, a public speaker at Mind, Body, Spirit Events, Spiritual Response Therapist and Practitioner, Master Teacher and Practitioner in Angelic Reiki, Master Teacher and Practitioner in Usui Reiki, Practitioner and Warrior of the Light in New Shamballa, and holds Diplomas in Counselling, Spiritual Response Therapy, and NLP.

Her role now is one of service to humanity to help improve health, happiness and well-being. For all inquiries or further details about all offerings, please use the Contact page above.

No part of the content brought forth on this website about the Black Rose and the Black Rose sisters can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder © 2017 Linda Raven, All Rights Reserved

BE with this simple Truth:

All healing comes from within. There is no Teacher, Guru or Healer outside of you…the divine master you seek is already within you. The truth is your authentic self knows that nothing is broken…nothing needs fixing…and nothing needs healing. You are whole. You are powerful. You are Love. You are Divine…Humanity chose to see things in a different way.

Everything that is happening and everything that has ever happened…is simply an invitation to remember who you are

In Love, Grace and Service, Linda

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