Rose Initiations

A Sacred Journey into YOU with the Roses….

Initiation is an extended sense of alchemy and transformation and focuses on the mastery of self. The Black Rose can create positive change and through the energetic vibration of the Roses they can shift us in profound ways into new levels of consciousness.

Through the Black Rose, your invitation and initiation is into a deeper healing journey to uncover your core wounds, restore them to wholeness and strengthen your own sovereignty.

Using the Roses and the powerful Light Transmissions and Teachings of the Black Rose from my Black Rose Oracle© deck, I can take you on an inner journey to reveal your core wounds.

The Oracle has been brought forth to illuminate old programming and trauma within our cellular memory, to heal our Heart’s wounding and transform us at the deepest levels of our being.

If you feel drawn to strengthen your connection to the presence of the Mother, receive an anointing and blessing from the Black Rose and the healing messages of the Roses with a Rose reading for inner transformation, please contact me via the Contact Page above.

Answering the Call

Initiations are a very misunderstood process yet there is a very simplistic Truth about them. My advice is to use discernment about offerings for “Rose Initiations” or inviting you to be initiated into the Sisterhood of the Rose or the Sacred Rose lineages. Whilst some may be part of your own development in remembering who you are, this is not real initiation.

The truth is there is no Teacher, Guru or healer outside of you. All Initiation is self Initiation. Life itself, your wounds or a Dark Night of the Soul are the great initiators. Life provides us with the opportunities for mastery and to touch higher levels of consciousness. It is when we experience these moments our lives are irreversibly changed, our reality shifts…that is Initiation.

If the Rose or the Magdalene has come to you through meditation or dreams, or you feel drawn to Roses and are searching the Internet, the truth is, you are already an initiate of the Rose!

The “Magdalenes” are a group consciousness which are returning and rising now to support the awakening and healing of the planet. Whether through the Magdalene. Isis or the Black Madonna, the Rose has called you to wake up to your own remembering and bring forth your own medicine and wisdom from lifetimes past into the sacred time we find ourselves in now.

Though energetic support is the principle gift that is offered here, my role to facilitate a person on a path with the Roses is purely to assist them to access deeper awareness, wisdom and higher levels of consciousness within themselves to reclaim their power and sovereignty.

What is Initiation?

In these times of discernment and Self Mastery, our ego can interpret this “outer” assistance of Initiation with the “priestly” or “healer” identity of old that used to accompany Initiation, perceiving that we are giving our power away to an external source.

To see through this narrow lens of what Initiation is – is to miss the point. On an inner level, with that belief the longing to know who we are remains unresolved.

The word “Initiate” means “to begin” and the significance of an Initiation is just that: a new beginning. Therefore the purpose and the Power of Initiation are to begin anew or to be re-born. No-one outside of you gives you an Initiation – it is something awakened and unlocked within you when you are ready. Therefore, it is YOU that initiates YOU.