Sisters of the Rose

“The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.”

John Boyle O’Reilly

Please Note: For men and women that have an inner connection to the Goddess energy, the  work throughout this website is dedicated to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Black Rose. There are regular Circles to connect with and anchor the Light and Love of the Great Mother, the Black Madonna, the Magdalene, Mother Mary and other archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to bring balance within.

The Way of the Rose

The way of the rose is a path of Divine alchemy – the alchemy and transformation of the Heart.

For our conscious evolution, it absolutely requires of us now to understand that a feminine aspect of the Divine is re-emerging into our collective consciousness, and by aligning ourselves – both men and women – with the feminine mystery of Creation and her wisdom, we can all contribute to moving the world into the next phase of its spiritual evolution.

The Sisterhood of the Rose brings together all forms of the Goddess and God energy into the highest aspects of the Divine Feminine – an energy that has been lost for centuries and is now returning and reawakening our world as Rose Codes are now being activated within us.

We are all in the midst of great transformation. Many of us are opening up to signs and synchronicities that are manifesting in our lives, and in dreams and visions that we cannot explain which cause us to search for answers.

In this lifetime Sisters and Brothers of the Rose are remembering their true origins and they are beginning to re-meet. The Sisterhood today is a gathering of the Goddess in the realm of the new energies, and acts as a major custodian of the sacred esoteric knowledge and wisdom of the mystery schools whose lineage has at its roots Atlantis and Egypt.

The White Rose

White Rose

Some are called upon by this Hierarchy to do important work for humanity and may be given the White Rose in visions and meditations as a “sign”, a symbol of this calling.

The sacred messages, symbols and mystical awakenings I had received from Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene moved me, opened me and changed me forever, enabling me to heal the collective wounds of ancient times from my own past.

I feel so blessed to have been touched by some of the highest Beings in our Universe, for the White Rose is the “calling card” of the Ascended Masters – I was being called to the Rose Path where I eventually discovered that I was a member of a group known as the Sisterhood of the Rose.

If you are receiving Rose messages yourself then I invite you to share your story with me. You can email me at the Contact Page above.

The White Rose and the Hashmalim

Signs and synchronicity played a big part in my decision to be initiated into the Sisterhood which had always been a part of me. My connection and introduction with the Rose consciousness and sisterhood came through profound visions I had with Beings of Light I will refer to as “The bronze winged Ones”. They presented themselves to me in May 2011, six months before the Stargate Activation portal of Divine Love on the 11.11.11. These portals are activated by us, and they exist within our own perception.

Three months after they made themselves known to me, I was presented with a white rose and given a symbol and name in a vision that was so profound, I knew there had to be a deeper meaning to all of this. Through searching I found my sisters and learned that the symbol I had been given were the “Codes of Light” and as sisters, we are the caretakers and keepers of them, the custodians of sacred wisdom that is being released now.

I have also learned that the Hashmalim have bronze wings and are connected to The Order of the White Rose. The Hashmalim are the Angels that take form as the Language of Light and is the word used for “higher” states of consciousness. In receiving this Light, we experience gnosis, a state of inner knowing.

Rose blessings,