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The Light Messenger blog is intended for self reflection and self inquiry to inspire and empower. These teachings and illuminating messages are created to enable both men and women to connect to the source of their suffering and transform that pain into understanding and resolution.

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The Holy Mystery of our Shadow

With such disruptive energies of late stirring up much emotional struggle for some, how do we find our balance amidst the chaos? With Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio until November 2018 (Scorpio the sign of death, transformation and the depths of the unknown), there are some big markers coming up energetically to purge, adjust, align, and […]

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Releasing Old Wounds

As processing of the Eclipse energies continue, the alchemical changes going on with the Earth, globally, and our inner world, appear to be in upheaval. Although it may not seem like it, there is such a beautiful integration taking place this month and a deeper level of grace that is now unfolding. In these turbulent […]

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Grace of the Solar Eclipse

The Grace of the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 21st August will not only be shining a Light on our personal and collective shadow, it also offers an invitation to receive the grace of the higher realms of Light and illuminate the way forward in a new way. There is so much hype around this Eclipse […]

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Stargate of the Goddess

This is another one of those deeper messages that must be spoken and shared – even at the risk of it being understood. August is a big month offering so many healing opportunities with two Eclipses and to receive the incoming frequencies of the Lion/Lioness Gate Portal. This is often referred to as the Stargate […]

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Magdalene and our deepest Soul’s Work

As we are in the midst of a very intense cycle of powerful forces of energy, there is no co-incidence this is being released on the 22nd July – the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. 22 is the number of the Master Builder and we have a wonderful opportunity now for rebirth. There can be […]

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Where the Black Rose Blooms

The pain of the world is a call for Love, a call for courage. Will you turn or shy away from a breaking Heart, or grief and loss in its myriad forms? Will you? Will you? Or will you find the courage, patience and compassion to bear witness and listen? Deeply listen…. This is a […]

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Wisdom from an Ancient Rose

June seems to be bringing in even more intense, compounding energy, and whilst it is about keeping things in perspective and not jumping to conclusions or making judgments, it appears that never does a day seem to go by without seeing the world as we knew it changing in some way before our very eyes. […]

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Divine Light, Divine Shadow

Easter time so perfectly mirrors our own transition from death to resurrection, to rebirth and renewal, and grants us an opportunity to create ourselves anew. We are in an intense time of transformation and it appears we are being pushed now into something bigger and better, so it appears there will be a continuing theme […]

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The Song of Venus

There was an intense healing phase taking place last month, as the emotionally packed Eclipses enabled us to go deeper with the quantum and archetypal energy that had been at play to shake us up. At times like these it can be hard to believe that we are being lovingly held in the midst of […]

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In Reverence of the Black Rose

What is most important must be spoken – and shared – even at the risk of it being misunderstood. Through our ancient Galactic lineages, may we continue as Wisdom Keepers of the Flame, so that we may step forth now as those illuminated flames in our true sovereign essence, and as our true authentic Rose […]

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