Sisterhood of the Rose Community

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

Diane Mariechild

Women’s Meditation and Healing Circle


True Sisterhood comes from the Heart.

I have facilitated Gatherings and spiritual groups for men and women for many years, and in my experience there is nothing more magical and transformational than when women who are committed come together in sacred practice. A Sacred Circle is an opportunity to be authentic, to be loved and nurtured, held and supported in compassion and non judgement.

This Sacred Feminine Circle offers a safe space for women to come together, to share experiences, stories, thoughts and ideas. This is a heart-centered experiential offering for all who choose to be present in the powerful vibration of Love.

The Circle includes meditation for relaxation, and after the opening meditation we pass a talking stick as each woman shares as much or as little she chooses about her thoughts and feelings in the present moment, even her celebrations or sorrow. This is not a therapy group but a therapeutic space for self care, self Love and inner nourishment.

I also offer guided imagery to connect with the Messengers of the Rainbow Light and other expressions of the Divine. These are Gateways to connect with our divine feminine essence, and bring into alignment our masculine and feminine energies within.

To finish, we create a healing Circle for where there is an absence of Love.

If you would like to add your unique essence, we look forward to receiving your presence.

Please use the contact page above to sign up for the Women’s Meditation and healing Circle.

Our Vision

Over the coming years, building and creating an evolving Sanctuary of Light for those seeking to heal themselves for personal or spiritual growth is at the heart of Light Messenger.