Sisterhood of the Rose Community

 “I looked in Temples, Churches and Mosques. But I found the Divine within my Heart”


You have entered the Temple of the Black Rose…

a Temple of Grace for Heart healing


True Sisterhood and Brotherhood comes from the Heart.

Our online Rose community offers a supportive safe space to come together for healing our wounded Hearts and self defeating patterns, inner mastery, conversation and sharing. There are no subscription fees. I offer this space in service for deeper self awareness.

This is a heart-centered experiential offering for all who choose to be present in the powerful vibration of the Black Rose frequency for personal and collective healing to transcend polarity.

Our sacred Temple Sanctuary offers an invitation to be authentic, to be loved and nurtured, held and supported in compassion and non judgement. It offers community, empowerment too and an opportunity to receive the Light Transmissions and messages from the Black Rose.

There is no Hierarchy in this Community, everyone sits in their own Sovereignty. All that is required is your commitment to turn up 100% for the betterment of the whole.

It is not for those who do not want to look at themselves to become more self aware and transform their pain. Exploring and acknowledging “shadow”, looking at feelings and emotions, distorted thinking and self defeating patterns of behaviour can trigger the ego.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a therapy group.  In the interests of your well-being it is your responsibility to take care of your own mental health. The Temple is not intended to bypass or replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional regarding any mental health condition or treatment.

Women are awakening to their own ancient, sacred knowledge within and remembering why they have returned. If you would like to add your unique essence and do the inner work, we look forward to receiving your presence. Please use the contact page above if interested.


For me, the temple offers a sanctuary to discover inner self. It is a sacred space held for those willing to do the inner work. In the temple I am revealed in the depths of my own despair, my shadow self is displayed for all to see and my inner voice speaks aloud. The temple holds compassion for those with the courage to knock on the door. It hears the calls of those who ‘graciously ask for help’. AM, UK

The online Temple is a SACRED healing space where we can be HELD and HEARD without judgement. It allows us to be open and honest with ourselves and others on the temple call.
Thank you Linda for creating this beautiful SACRED place. CB, Canada

Being in the Temple of the Black Rose gives me the opportunity to energetically, visually and verbally connect with my sisters. With her open heart and powerful energy Linda creates a sacred space where everybody is equal. In this space we are all connected to each other and the Black Rose Consciousness. A divine energy is overlighting the gathering in the temple. It is protecting and safely guiding us to enfold our true potential as a divine human being on earth. In the temple there is no hiding place. Everything is seen and felt without judgement. Everything will be revealed sooner or later. Even if you have locked it up well hidden within yourself. So if there is no hiding place, why not dive deeply into yourself to heal and evolve? It is a dynamic interaction of sharing your own story and holding space for your sisters while they share their stories. If you only want to dump your energetic rubbish without giving your loving energy or words to your companions then the temple is not for you. Being in the temple has changed my life. Doubtlessly it is also hard work. But – when you have submerged into the dark, the light shines so much brighter for you. The birds sing more beautifully, people act more kindly, colours seem more intense…..

You start to understand that it is worth the pain and tears you have shed. 

You feel love and gratitude for your sisters who accompany your journey. 

You honour Linda Raven for her journey. 

Without her hard work the temple would not exist. Thank you Linda!  JD, Vienna

Our Vision

Building and creating an evolving Sanctuary of Light for those seeking to heal themselves for personal or spiritual growth, or to find peace in chaos is at the heart of Light Messenger.