Sanctuary of the Sacred Rose

The Temple of the Black Rose… 

The Heart of the Magdalene

Welcome. You have now entered a sacred space dedicated to support the transformation and evolution of humanity into an era of peace and harmony and blessed with Divine Love.

The Sanctuary of the Sacred Rose for men and women, is dedicated to bring forth and anchor the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine for the remembering of who we are. This Gathering of the Roses is a conscious group for the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose to come together for a journey into the Heart to heal the feminine and masculine wounds.

These experiential offerings embrace the Diamond Light and archetypal presence of the Divine Masculine in the form of the Christ consciousness…and the Divine Feminine through the Flame of Love and Black Light of the Magdalene consciousness…the Feminine Christ.

Yeshua and the Magdalene are the Light bringers and Essene role models for our day. The Essene way to the heart is the ascension gateway to the seat of our Christ consciousness.

These ancient healing energies can enable us to reactivate our souls’ DNA to self heal if we are open and willing to receive them – this is the Alchemy of the Heart through the Black Rose and multi-dimensional healing for the evolution of the Soul.

Those ready to awaken through the Heart and embrace the feminine and masculine aspect of Divine Love, the Sacred Rose offerings throughout this site go to the Heart of healing and have the potential to open us up to a life of genuine healing and empowerment.

This is a Journey into Union and the unfurling of the Sacred Rose that exists within us all. The time is now for balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energy – and each and every one of us has an important part to play in this coming to be.

These Gatherings, Healing Circles and Rose Ceremonies are held in person in Bingham, Nottinghamshire UK. Please use the Contact page above for more info and dates.