The Awakening

“When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible…. To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet we must heal ourselves.”

Bobby McLeod

The Great Shift, your Higher Self and Divine Plan

If you are reading this page then it is by no coincidence.

There is a new world to be created and we all have a choice in how that creation turns out. The hype of 2012, including the planetary and galactic alignments are just metaphors for an alignment that must occur within you first.

Life is inviting you to be a part of this “Great Shift” of awakening the heart and awakening the mind, yet to achieve this it is our thinking we must change.

The invitation is to change our old patterns of behaviour, to drop our stories, and a lot of people are now starting to “get it” – this is a revolution of the mind.

As a messenger of Light, this website and its blog has been created as a voice for awakening and evolution, offering support, love and guidance on how you can move through these challenging times with grace and ease.

Yet know this:

Everything that is happening and everything that has ever happened is simply the invitation to remember who you are.

Whatever stage you are at on your journey or in your awakening, I lovingly guide you to “see” from your heart, that all the challenges you may be facing in life at the moment are all opportunities for you to receive soul insight, healing and the power to empower yourself.


2012 is not the end. It is the beginning of a wonderful new world of opportunity for positive transformation.

The world is the way it is and circumstances are the way they are so that we can discover WHO we are – including who we are in times of crisis.

“Waking up” is increasing our awareness – that means awakening the heart and awakening the mind. The word “consciousness” is defined as our level of awareness and how much we are attuned to what is going on in our world, both on the outside and inside of us.

You will then come to the realization that there is no “us” and “them”, “good” or “bad”, there never was. Humanity just chose to see it a different way and has lived in a state of duality ever since. When you know this, you will realize that there is no need to take things personally– the All-That-Is IS the final outcome.

The Two Fold Path

You are a Divine being. There are also two options ahead of us, the path of Love or the path of fear. YOU have a choice – to remain unconscious and uninformed, or, to become conscious and aware. Which will you chose? Whatever choice you make, it will make a difference to the evolution of humanity.

Please, Don’t go Back to Sleep!

If you choose to accept the call for change then you will be working not only on behalf of humanity but on your own evolution too – your participation in all of this is achieved through the work you do with your own soul.

Be not afraid of the changes because it is the changes that will allow you to “BE” and be who you really are. All that is required is a strong desire and willingness to BE the change and find some time to be alone to do the inner work.

The blog and website is to assist you to rise and become peaceful, harmonious, healthy and happy. If this is what you desire too, then I hope you will visit my blog often, ask questions and take advantage of the spiritual tools and practises I shall be offering on how to prepare and be a part of our New Earth.

If something in you is stirring, curious about the bigger picture unfolding and your role in it, now is the time to heed the call of your Soul.

Let your journey begin.

Light Messenger always has time for your enquiry. If you would like to contact me then please email through the Contact Page.