The Sacred Rose

“Every sweet-scented rose tells from its heart the secrets of heaven and earth.”


Healing the Heart through Grace

Welcome to the Temple of the Black Rose…

A Rose Temple dedicated in Her name…

for opening the Heart, and the healing of Core Wounds…

co-creating community for heart centered men and women….

 for awakening, unconditional Love and Oneness…

to balance the inner Masculine and Feminine…

still growing and evolving…

to embody the “christed” Conscious, for the Evolution of Humanity

What is our potential for healing and transformation and how do we support one another?

We heal in Community, Ceremonies, Gatherings and healing Circles.

I have become aware of a number of occasions when the material that I have published on this page has found its way onto other websites word for word for “meetup groups”  and Sisterhood of the Rose Circles without my knowledge and the source of the material being recognised.

If anyone would like to use any of the material I have created, channelled and published on this page, or anywhere on my website regarding the Black Rose for healing core wounds and integrating shadow, please ask me first. If anyone has already used any such material, please make sure that you attribute the source appropriately, for example by clearly stating that the material was originally published by Linda Raven on…

Within these sub pages you will find further details about the invocative work of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Rose. Open to both men and women the focus of these Light energetic offerings at this time is to be found in the remembering of who we are. All Gatherings, Circles and Ceremonies are a Gateway to a sacred space for unfurling the Sacred Rose within, and to offer an experiential process for everyone to share…to Love…know Love…and BE Loved.

Both women and men are now opening to their own feminine energy. All are being called to awaken to their sacred contracts and divine potential, so they can work as co-creators with the universal realms and the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine to serve humanity. When our Heart is healed and the masculine and feminine aspects within become One – the Sacred Rose within then becomes the Sacred Heart of the planet.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that expresses itself in many forms and the Rose is her symbol – the Goddess has many faces and the feminine aspect of “God”. She is within all of us – waiting to be heard, healed, re-ignited and reborn again. She is waiting to be revealed in all her glory…no longer hidden…no longer silenced…no longer invisible.

Love’s healing power of the Divine Feminine can also be embodied through the experiential offerings of the Rose Ceremonies and Gathering of the Roses. They all offer unique opportunities that will enable you to move deeper into the Heart and embrace the Goddess energy and Magdalene Consciousness – a consciousness now re-emerging on the planet.

The Rose Ceremonies provide a sacred place to anchor the energy of the Rose and the Divine Feminine. Through sacred Fire Ceremonies, Rose petals are offered into the Fire of Wisdom – giving us an opportunity to connect with our inner self, the Divine Beauty of the Rose, and the forces of the Universe. Here we dwell in the One Heart of Divine Love creating healing, transformation, union and manifestation for ourselves within our own Mind, Body and Soul.

The Rose Sanctuary is not a therapy or support group.

All offerings are Gateways for the individual and collective awakening of the Heart and Divine Feminine – to heal the wound of separation between the feminine and masculine both inside and out – and when embraced can facilitate healing, re-union and transformation on all levels.

The mystery of the Divine Feminine speaks to us all. Her veil of silence calls to be lifted…so she can be known again.

Within both men and women the suppressed Divine Feminine longs to be seen and heard. Can you hear her calling…are you open and willing to answer her call?

Linda is a Sister of the Rose, her role is to bring forth the beauty and transforming feminine energy of the Sacred Rose to assist in the opening of humanity’s Hearts and in restoring and balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that resides within us all.

If you feel drawn to deepen your knowledge of the Rose energy, the role of Dr Cris Henderson who lives in Australia is to teach and write about the myths and legends of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose. Cris helps individuals who contact her to remember their own special connection with the rose. She has written several books on the Rose and can be contacted at: email: