Free Guided Meditations

The meditation below, “The Journey Home”, is an invitation to go within and discover for yourself who you truly are. It will take you on a deeply moving journey within to connect with the Source and Divine Energy that resides within you.

To listen to this meditation and remain on the Light Messenger website simply click the purple “play” button below. If you click anywhere else in the box below you will be able to listen to the track on the Soundcloud website.

This second meditation, “Touched By Peace”, will take you on a journey beyond our physical world to meet the Angel of Peace. Open your heart and connect with her healing energy to move beyond fear and become the Light you are. And know, that even if you are in the midst of emotional turmoil, you are never alone.

Our next evolutionary step towards remembering who we are is overcoming our fears, emotions and limitations.

In truth, nobody owns anything. Truth and Love are free and by offering this CD free of charge I have chosen to break the chain of separation. In doing so, this is my contribution towards creating a new world and setting an example that Truth and Love really are free…

This is just a small exchange of my gratitude to Source for sharing with me what Divine Love and Divine Will feels like…I humbly and graciously now share it with you.