Rose Ceremonies

“Come out here where the roses have opened. Let soul and world meet.”


The Invitation

Rose Ceremonies are held in a safe beautiful space that supports meditation to explore and sit with the stories of the heart and identify areas that cause resistance, restriction, limitation and pain. An opportunity to receive insights and inspiration, as limiting thoughts and feelings are understood and can be released within the safe sacred space of the ceremony.

Rose Ceremonies include a Rose oil anointing to align to the sacred and Divine. Ancient healing energies of the Rose can enable us to reactivate our souls’ DNA to self heal if we are open and willing to receive them. This is multi-dimensional healing for the evolution of the Soul and an experiential experience for the Alchemy of the Heart through the Rose.

These Sacred Ceremonies offer:

  • A Heart opening experience and experiential journey of remembrance
  • A self Love anointing and blessing with Rose, Spikenard or Frankincense oils
  • A sacred space to experience self Love and self acceptance
  • An opportunity to heal and transform the feminine and masculine wounds through Love
  • Opportunities for you to birth more of the Divine within you
  • Align with the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies
  • Bring in the healing Light of the Rose consciousness into your own energy field
  • Embrace ancient alchemical symbols
  • Sacred Geometry and resonant patterns and sounds of the Rose
  • Sacred Rose energy transmissions
  • A spiritual experience with a mystical flower


  • Open into the wisdom of your Heart
  • Enhance your own personal journey
  • Rejuvenate with the Rose frequency
  • Align with Love, Beauty, Balance and Harmony as healing forces
  • Rose essential oil has been proven to be the highest frequency substance on the planet. Love frequency 528Hz

These Ceremonies are currently held in Bingham, Nottinghamshire. Please email via the Contact Page above if you would like to attend one of these events.


“The beauty and simplicity of the Rose Ceremony surpassed any expectation I may have had.  The connection I felt to the Sisterhood was tangible, that I was re-connecting with Sister’s (male & female) over time and space.  For all those who are drawn to the ‘Divine Feminine’ this sacred ceremony and connection will further enhance your own very personal journey.”   Signed:  Sue L. September 2014

The Gathering of the Roses

The Gathering of the Roses is a conscious group for the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose to come together for a journey into the Heart to heal the feminine and masculine wounds.

The additional Fire Ceremony was brought forth for the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th September 2015. Weather permitting here in the UK, these Fire Ceremonies will now form an integral part of all future Rose Ceremonies open to both men and women.

In the additional Sacred Fire Ceremony, Rose petals are offered into the Fire of Wisdom – giving us an opportunity to connect with our inner self, the Divine Beauty of the Rose, and the forces of the Universe. Here we dwell in the One Heart of Divine Love creating healing, transformation, union and manifestation for ourselves within our own Mind, Body and Soul.

*The Sisterhood Today

Linda is a Sister of the Rose, dedicated to releasing the knowledge of the Sisterhood of the Black Rose around the world. Her role is to bring forth the beauty and transforming feminine energy of the Sacred Rose to assist in the opening of humanity’s Hearts and in restoring and balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that resides within us all.

In this lifetime the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose are remembering their true origins and they are beginning to re-meet. The Sisterhood today is a gathering of the Goddess in the realm of the new energies – standing together, reunited, to distribute the knowledge and wisdom of the Sacred Rose and Divine Feminine.