Black Rose Alchemy

“Both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love”


The Healing Power of the Black Rose 

To connect with the luminous presence and Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose is to heal into wholeness and bring more of our wisdom, power and creativity into consciousness. She has stepped forward now to teach us how to integrate our light and darkness, transform our shadow, and liberate the feminine in men and women as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.

The Black Rose transforms pain and suffering into a greater capacity to Love. As sons and daughters of the Divine Mother, our unhealed emotional pain and issues with the divine feminine and sacred masculine are our unhealed core wounds and trapped shadow. When healed and integrated, we become the dark and light of the divine feminine in all her glory.

Our Divine Shadow is calling to be transformed. This black beauty is a gift of Love and Divine Grace to assist us with our inner work to transform our Core Wounds and evolve us from our personal and collective shadow. Alchemist, archetype of the Divine Feminine, holder of male and female energy, a healer of Hearts, here now to hold space for our transformation.

The Invitation…

The Black Rose speaks an ancient, sacred language of Love that speaks to your emotions and is felt with the Heart. She offers an invitation now into self Love, awakened feminine consciousness and a return to wholeness and emotional freedom for both men and women. A Cosmic Rose of the Stars, she holds the Flame of Divine Grace in a completely new way.

Holding the elixir and healing balm for our Heart’s wounding, our grief and unshed tears, as well as the self defeating patterns that we all have to transform, you can receive her frequency and Light Transmissions through a Rose reading from my Black Rose Oracle deck in person via Skype, the blog, or through our Temple of the Black Rose Community gatherings.

These teachings are for men and women. If you are drawn to the Black Rose, you are being called to take the journey to your inner darkness and do the inner work, to be your own Diamond Light and receive the support you deserve. We still have to do the inner work of transmuting the shadow within because only in facing and integrating it can we become whole.

The Black Rose is a tool for transformation and deep inner soul work that we may remember who we are, what we came here to do and to anchor the higher realms on Earth.

If the Black Rose and Her teachings call to you please get in touch via the contact page above.

The Five Graces of Love

The Teachings of the Black Rose are founded on and has at its roots the Three Graces of Love…..Truth, Honesty and Integrity. Within the Three Graces of Love are two hidden Graces….Transparency and Authenticity. These are the five Languages of Love within the Black Rose Oracle©. The Black Rose asks, can you be brave enough to meet it all?

The Potent Energy of the Black Rose

The Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose is whole and complete, in balance and harmony. She is an ancient energy of a very high multi-dimensional vibration, holding all colours of the twelve Light rays of the Creator, some seen, some unseen.

A Rose of the thirteenth dimension with 33 petals, she represents the thirteenth chakra, the whole body. She offers an initiation of awakening through our body and senses. She holds the elixir and healing balm for our Heart’s wounding, our grief, unshed tears, the pain and illness we carry in our body for our unacknowledged and unexpressed grief, shame, anger and rage.

Within the Black Rose, the symbol of the Divine Dark Mother and  archetype of the Black Madonna as our guiding Light, we can journey into the depths of our Soul and body and emerge from the darkness transformed. Her luminous, rich dark Diamond Light can guide us deep within into the centre of our being for true, authentic, transformation and healing.

You can connect with the Black Rose to receive her teachings through our experiential Temple of the Black Rose community gatherings. Safe space is created to heal, transform and alchemise the pain and wounds of the Heart to integrate the shadow and anchor the Diamond Codes of Light from the higher realms to embody the crystalline frequency at a cellular level within. You can also receive her wisdom and healing balm via the Blog.

The Black Rose offers a Heart connection and an alignment from the Earth Star to the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, to the source of universal knowledge. Within her Sacred Geometry of the Octahedron and the “Stones of the New Consciousness” Azeztulite, Rosophia, Jet and Black Tourmalline, this Pillar of Light can open the way to the dark Light of Shamballa.

The Black Rose and her Sacred Geometry carries the activated Light Codes to the Shadow aspects within ourselves to liberate the feminine principle in men and women for the embodiment of the feminine “christed” Light within, whilst her teachings provide assistance and support through the now accelerated Ascension process to heal our family of origin wounding.

Be your own Diamond Heart

The Black Rose holds our Shadow Self and the trapped painful emotions that we play out and project. A Key for Ascension too, she offers a Gateway to all that is ancient and sacred and an invitation to open us to the Light to transform our shadow and incorporate the wisdom from the Divine, the Stars, the multiverse, our Angelic and Galactic Kingdom of Light.

Our shadow are the most disowned parts of ourselves we do not want to face, and the Black Rose is confirmation of a higher order for those ready to understand and face them. In Her Black Light there is the mystery, things hidden, deep wisdom and dynamic power, a great secret too.  For the Black Rose is the feminine energy of  Source in its most liberated form.

She holds the secrets to our own rebirth, our rising, our transformation and authentic power, in knowing ourselves and what we came here to be and do. She assists us with shadow work, revealing to us the mind/body connection in illness and disease, enabling us to restore health and well-being. She is the Alpha and Omega. She is the Christed Heart.

Harbinger of the Ancient Order of the Black Rose Sisters

In 2014 I was called by the Sisterhood of the Rose to step forward and bring forth the knowledge and ancient wisdom of the Black Rose I held within my knowing. I remembered…..

Through my own journey of remembering, this sacred holy work was revealed to me about the Sisterhood of the Black Rose and the Black Rose sisters  and shared in a blog In Reverence of the Black Rose – a link is at the bottom of this page and the Black Rose sisters of Iona above.

Take an initiatory journey into the Temples of Light and Heart teachings of the Black Rose. Through the 528hz Universal Love frequency of the Rose, I was called in 2016 to assist with the clearing of past life energies in the Temples of Light to activate the energetic return of the Sisterhood of the Black Rose sisters from Atlantis and bring forth their ancient healing powers.

Linda is an anchoress of the Diamond and Black Light frequency, and founder of the Black Rose Teachings, Black Rose Light Transmissions, Temple of the Black Rose community gatherings, and authoress of the Book of Love – The Black Rose. and the Black Roses of Iona.

The content brought forth on this website about the Black Rose and the Black Rose sisters cannot be used or reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder © 2017 Linda Raven, All Rights Reserved

My own journey of healing the imprint of Core Wounds and shadow was shared in a blog

This was the original guide map…a book of Alchemy and a gift of great value, birthed from my own struggles, diversity and challenges of illness in not having dealt with my own suppressed emotional pain, Core Wounds, my shadow and unacknowledged grief.

Humbled, and bowed in deep reverence, I now carry the message and embody the alchemical luminous presence and Wisdom Flame of the Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose. I now bloom as a Black Rose…a Rose who has embodied the Black Light within.

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The Black Rose is often overlighted by the archetypal energies and unconditional Love of the “christed” feminine Ascended Masters, and beloved Sisterhood of the Rose – Isis, Magdalene, the Black Madonna and more – each is an aspect of our higher selves.