The Rose Wound

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”


The Rose wound lies at the very core of our being, so a major part in any healing process is about telling our story, being seen and heard, and allowing unacknowledged grief to speak.

Our unhealed Heart wounds and suppressed emotions that separated us from Love are now calling to be healed. These are the parts we have kept hidden from ourselves which are now coming forward to be seen and acknowledged with Love and Compassion. It is our shadow.

You will know if you have a unhealed wound because it will get your attention the only way it knows how – through pain and suffering – or through “crucifixion” in a Dark Night of the Soul.

Our wounds become our greatest gifts of service – but only when we fully embrace our hurts and pain, seek healing if we need too, and truly express the grief we suppressed. It is then our gifts of service come through and rise from the transformation of our pain and woundedness.

We cannot release that which is not loved. In these evolutionary times we now live in it absolutely requires of us now to re-connect to the deep Wisdom of an open Heart and open up to receive the grace of Divine Love’s healing presence.

Are you ready to be seen and heard and lift the veil of silence to find your voice?

Support and encouragement will also be offered to anyone dealing with physical pain, illness or injury and who truly want to understand the gift of illness and Love’s healing message.

If you would like to read about my own personal journey of receiving Love’s healing message and healing the Rose Wound – the wound of Injustice, it can be viewed here:

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