Why You Are Seeing A Black Rose

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If you are seeing a Black Rose and approach with integrity and purity of heart, this is a must read to understand and think carefully of the depth you will be required to enter into.

You are entering into the Temple of the Black Rose – a Temple of Grace for Heart healing.

As the co-creative founder and vessel for the Black Rose Teachings and Light Transmissions for Heart healing of core wounds and unacknowledged grief in all its forms, what I humbly share here is for clarity and healing as to why you are seeing a Black Rose – and its purpose.

Men and women experience a visitation by the Black Rose in dreams, visions or meditation. They think it is to become or they are a Black Rose because they wear black clothing – it is not.

It is not a deeper connection you seek; it is the healing of an unhealed wound  you seek. Men as well as women are wounded too. This wounding gets played out in our relationships.

You may find me through a blog or other means. A Black Rose comes as a Messenger of the Divine, telling you it is initiation time. It is an invitation for an initiatory journey into your unhealed pain and unacknowledged grief to prepare you for service – if you choose to take it.

A Sacred Obligation

In Reverence of the Black Rose I have an obligation and an Ancient Promise to fulfil.

The Black Rose came to me as a Messenger of Light for Heart healing through illness.

As an act of Service and my Soul’s work, it was my destiny to anchor the ancient Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose energetic signature and frequency onto the planet in a new way as a new healing modality through the Black Rose Oracle cards for the new Aquarian Age.

The Black Rose is not for the faint hearted, time wasters, takers, or for those that do not want to change. Don’t mess with this black beauty, for you will be burned in Her sacred holly fires of transformation. Nothing can be hidden in Her presence. You will be exposed and called out.

I humbly share the truth and importance of HERstory with you first, as it is the foundation that underpins the anchoring of the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Black Rose frequency, Her Teachings and Light Transmissions.

Reading HERstory with an open Heart is intended to offer a deeper understanding as to why you are seeing a Black Rose and why she is here at this time.

As you read your way through the following as to why you are seeing a Black Rose, pay attention to what it is bringing up for you. Contained within these words is an energetic signature that will be triggering the wounds within you that you may not even be aware of.

The Black Rose was the unique soul gift of Grace of my spiritual inheritance for remembering, gifted to me through adversity and many incarnations to use for the benefit of serving others in a time of need. As Keeper of the Wisdom, I carry the message of the Black Rose and that comes with a great responsibility. It is valuable, sacred holy work that had been hidden.

It is my responsibility to share the Integrity, purity, the new dynamic and the sacredness of the Black Rose and a story of why, when and how I fully released and anchored Her frequency, Teachings and Light Transmissions.

All mentioned material, the blog, The Black Rose – A Book of Love, the Black Rose Oracle cards and the Temple of the Black Rose online Community for healing the Heart’s wounding are further linked at the bottom of this page.


Taking you back in time I want to tell you a story……

Firstly, what you read here is my truth.

The truth as I have seen/see it, heard/hear it, felt/feel it, sensed/sense it and intuited/intuit it.

HERstory unveils and reveals the multi-dimensional, multi layered story of spiritual inheritance and how I evolved to bring forth and name the frequency the Black Rose for healing core wounds and unacknowledged grief. It was my pain and adversity that became my medicine.

Suppressed emotional pain, distorted thinking and beliefs, self defeating patterns of behaviour, unacknowledged and unexpressed grief in all its forms manifested in my physical body as debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and a diagnosis later of cancer.

May I be blessed to serve you as a guide. The work I share whilst ultimately it is for me, it is never about me. It never was. It is about those it serves.

I am no Guru, Teacher or Healer to anyone. I am just a vessel who opened herself up through adversity to a Divine force and mystical intelligence that pours through me and I share what I receive with you.

You are at your core a Teacher and Healer to yourself. Nothing needs fixing because nothing is broken. Most of all, if you are reading this you know you are a Being of Light who came to this dimension at this time to help anchor the New Paradigm and support the awakening of all.

You, like me, chose to come here to uplift the world by doing the work on yourself FIRST in transmuting fear to Love.

I want you to know all things coming from me are the dark, lonely paths I have taken to clear core wounds, ancient, spiritual traumas, programs and patterns of behaviour, grief, projections and the feelings I have healed within myself. I have walked my talk and continue to do so.

Even through my own dark times of the many losses rheumatoid arthritis brings, what brings my own Heart and Mind into union is my connection to the Cosmic Mother and the continued service to others it provides in spite of living with the challenges of chronic illness and disability and what that brings to my life on a daily basis.

The Timelines

My own spiritual awakening had started in 1999, the year of a Solar Eclipse on the 11th August in the UK “when the Earth stood still”.

Exert from The Black Rose – A Book of Love “The Black Rose held a mystery that I always felt drawn to yet at the time did not understand.”

My awakening was brought on by a physical injury to my lower back that signed me off sick and temporarily out of a workplace I was in at the time. I was in a working environment where the work I did involved me coming face to face and seeing the darker aspects of humanity and dysfunction, yet still able to find the Light within it.

In 2000 I had become restless and I did not understand why. I started to question why I stayed in a job that was killing my soul and what were the payoffs. All the usual excuses.

Whilst browsing a bookstall on a Market, I picked up a book called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. That book made sense of what was happening in my life and what I did not know then it was to put me onto a path of spirituality preparing me to enter an age of spiritual awareness and a Quest to remember who I AM.

That book changed my life. Within the first few pages I was gripped and understood my restlessness. I had a voracious appetite for reading books on spirituality. During this time I was deep in an unaware, unacknowledged and unhealed Father wound that was playing out within a relationship.

In 2003 I left my partner and three months later in 2004 my father died. Having trained and gained qualifications in Counselling in 1997, I started to become very active in studying and training in holistic and alternative therapies, setting up a business in 2005 to work as a Practitioner, Teacher and Therapist within in the Mind, Body, Spirit field.

With continued training, in 2008 I was moving beyond the healing modalities of the Piscean Age and obtained my Master Teacher qualification as an Angelic Reiki Master, a Galactic frequency and healing modality for our time.

Then, in 2010 my world as I knew it fell apart. My body became wracked and crippled with the pain and illness of a life changing illness rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that was illuminating the Rose within me and trying to get my attention.

Rheumatoid was an outward expression of my unacknowledged and unexpressed inner emotional and spiritual pain held deep within my body. Most of my life I had hidden and suppressed my feelings and held back my deepest soul expression – because I did not truly know what my soul wanted to express.

Illness that came out of the blue was the big shake up. It was my “initiation” to descend into the underworld to stand naked and meet the Dark Mother. I got the nudge that there was something very deep going on within my being.

When the spiritual body needs to be calibrated because we are on a path of service, there is going to be illness. It is undeniable. There is destiny in sickness. Rheumatoid arthritis has taught me resilience and enabled this Pearl of Wisdom and Great Price to germinate within me and release the ancient knowledge and Medicine held within my immune system. This Pearl of Great Price was the Black Rose.

In 2011 I was receiving profound visions and called by the Sisterhood of the Rose on the higher realms to follow the Rose path. I could no longer work and had to close down my business and experienced many losses as rheumatoid arthritis took over my body. As I was consumed by the holy fire of illness, it required me to surrender, to be nobody and be with what is.

In 2012 I had another call that I was not on the scrap heap. I was shown there is purpose and destiny in sickness and illness. I would still be of service but in a very different way. My website Light Messenger was birthed where I continue to this day to share the healing messages through a blog and other means.

Between 2010 and 2013 I was getting intensive treatments to manage the rheumatoid, along with the inner work I was doing in exposing my Heart’s wounding. In 2013 I wrote the blog “The Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds”.

In 2014 I was aware something beautiful had been incubating in me. It was time to step forward and bring forth the knowledge and ancient wisdom of the Black Rose I held within my knowing. I began offering Rose Ceremonies in my home and garden for Brothers and Sisters of the Rose. The Black Rose was making Her presence felt. I remembered…..

In 2015, for the first time I brought forth an aspect of the Black Rose to the public via a blog.

By 2016 I was part of a “Sisterhood” of Rose women in Australia where I started to share with them the ancient knowledge that had been given to me of a Black Rose for healing Core Wounds and to illuminate the unacknowledged and unexpressed grief in all its forms that I like many, have been carrying for a very long time – often manifesting as illness and disease.

No-one within the group had heard or knew anything about a Black Rose. An Internet search brought nothing. I was the only one within the group that had brought forth this work. They were intrigued and excited with what was unfolding.

I was then asked by a Rose sister in Australia if I would write an e-book to go onto a website they were creating with other Rose sisters in Australia so seekers could “Meet the Roses”….each creating a work of their own colour of Rose they worked with.

In that group I observed and gained knowledge where the wounds erupted from. I got to observe the impact of the Sister wound and the Mother wound that were triggered in the presence of the Black Rose. I also received information from the higher realms that this e-book was holy and had to go onto my own website first.

I had brought the Black Rose to Earth through many incarnations and I came back over and over again to keep the Flame of the Black Rose anchored on Earth.

I was aware that I had something so rare that people wanted – and needed. I started to understand why I had been hesitant to bring this work forward and why I was so protective of it – not out of fear but because it is valuable, sacred holy work that had been stolen, plagiarized, corrupted, abused and disrespected by those who do not understand its inestimable value.

By 2017 once I had travelled through life’s initiation after initiation after initiation, through sickness and sacrifice and a Dark Night of The Soul, I was aware I had a unique connection with a collective consciousness, unique information and ancient knowledge that was coming through me and had not got onto the planet (or Internet) yet.

It took me all that time and all those years to integrate this Pearl of Wisdom and Pearl of Great Price, the Black Light and energetic signature of the Black Rose frequency.

It came through adversity, pain, illness, a Dark Night of the Soul, experience and sacrifice to embody these high frequencies. My Heart is different, as is my thyroid and endocrine system. It finally reached a point where it needed to be put onto the planet. My pain became my medicine.

I was shown that at the Fall when everything fell into darkness and silence because of greed and the misuse of power, Humanity lost its connection to the Heart and ancient wisdom.

We became a part of the collective Dark Night of the Soul and so the Holy Temple of the Black Rose and Her Book of Love was sealed shut and placed on the higher realms in suspended animation until a time when Humanity was ready for its sacred Heart awakening – to be set free by addressing the wounds and unacknowledged grief that separated us from Love.

In 2017 as an act of service that was my path of destiny and an Ancient Promise made as the eternal custodian of Her frequencies and High Priestess of Her Temple from eons ago, (yes I can claim that), I once again anchored the Black Rose frequency, Her Teachings and Light Transmissions onto the planet through a free downloadable e-book The Black Rose – A Book of Love and a blog In Reverence of the Black Rose (links at bottom of page). Her Temple and Book of Wisdom has returned for the Aquarian Age.

It was the book and the blog I released that anchored the Diamond Black Light of the Black Rose energetic signature frequency and Light Transmissions onto the planet.

Her ancient presence and gift of Grace in the form of a Black Rose was made available to me to share with Humanity through my work of service as a symbol of Initiation to heal core wounds and go deeper into the underlying energy of unacknowledged grief.

Since that time, women have been seeing Black Roses in their dreams and meditations.

As her energetic return and Her Rose began to blossom and bloom once more, I began to witness the impact as women and men came forward. As in the ancient days Her Spirit went fourth upon the planet revealing the wounds and grief within the hearts of men and women.

An Epiphany

I share here a very personal story.

In January 2018 my mother died. A Shaman was recommended to me by a friend. I wanted to understand the confusion of what was going on after my mother’s death so I contacted the Shaman after a vision I received.

The Shaman told me she saw one of my deaths, on a green mound in the dark of night. She had seen someone that shall not be named in my female bloodline had a vendetta against me and had chased me with a group of women down the timelines to kill me and prevent me bringing forth my work with the Black Rose life time after life time. This time, instead of running away I turned to face the darkness and the perpetrators.

At the time, I did not realise I was in a process of trying to complete an unfinished karmic cycle that had followed me through the timelines lifetime after lifetime.

In December 2018 I received a cancer diagnosis. There is always a message and a gift in all illness that we need to understand so we can make sense of the deeper spiritual meaning to heal it. It turned out that the above for me was a message about betrayal of wounded Love.

As ancient knowledge that had been waiting was revealed through my own dream time, I understood the energetic return.

In 2019 as part of my own healing journey with cancer, I turned to my garden to heal, to be free, to create, to express Love through my own individuality.

I began to understand the dance between the narcissist and empath and that a religious war, a holy war and how the story of Cain and Abel had played out in my own lineage.

The lesson was learned, the pattern understood and the karmic cycle completed. In 2020 the Medicine I brought forth in healing this trauma after my mother’s death and the gift of cancer, was a multi dimensional self-healing and ascension modality to heal the Heart’s wounding of the Divine Feminine, core wounds and unacknowledged grief – the Black Rose Oracle cards.

I have offered a sensitive invitation to encourage you to address your own challenges in life to find your own true riches and share them with a world that deeply needs it.

By telling you the journey I have travelled in my life to bring forth the wisdom gleaned from my own life experiences and what was needed to anchor my own unique gift, is to show I have taken my time to become that what I know the world needs. It does not come easy. It requires inner work. And that work is ongoing.

The Black Rose, this Pearl of Great Price was birthed out of a long illness that I still live with and the adversity it brings. These are the scars, the thorns of the Rose. Yet through the challenges I found and still find is the gold that transforms our Heart’s wounding to strengths.

If you have got this far, my wish for you is that you be seen in your true authentic power, bringing forth your own unique gifts. How will you use your gifts? This is your call to service.

So, are you ready now to go deeper into why you are seeing a Black Rose?


What I humbly share and speak of in alignment with my Soul Self, is that no-one can “be” a Black Rose. You have been called to do the healing work on YOURSELF and take the initiation which is life led. Life has led you here. I am not initiating you.

Initiation is just a beginning which has many deaths. Your own life of doing the work in your wounds, unacknowledged and unexpressed grief that keeps you stuck is preparing you for Service.

Just because you are seeing a Black Rose in your dreams and meditation, or that you wear black clothing, does not mean you are a Black Rose. You think you are.

You are Initiates being invited into the deeper work of healing the Heart’s wounding of sorrow and unacknowledged grief that is required in the Age of Aquarius for Soul evolution that is for the destiny of this planet. 

The Black Rose was the gift of my spiritual inheritance for remembering who I AM which I had hid and carried within my body until a time when it was needed most to bring forth.

Through my own pain and sacrifice I AM now the living embodiment of the Black Rose, Her High Priestess and Keeper of Her Temple in this lifetime as in many lifetimes before and a vessel for the Teachings and Light Transmissions.

The ego and wounds are triggered when you find my writings or work with the Black Rose through an Internet search, or find me through a blog post and want to approach me.

Seeing a Black Rose in your dreams, visions or meditations is a sign you need to embark upon a deep healing journey to uncover the core wounds, programs and patterns of behaviour, unacknowledged and unexpressed grief, conscious and unconscious wounds of the wounded divine feminine and sacred masculine that are hiding in your shadow and blind spots.

Seeing a Black Rose could be the sign that you are ready to go deeper.

Seeing a Black Rose is an initiation time. It is an invitation that there is work to do to bring you to the next level, to seek the deep healing journey that will transform your life and prepare you for service and your Great Work.

What initiates you is you doing the deep healing inner work within the core wounds and emotional pain. This is essential work for anyone proclaiming to be a teacher, healer, leader, channel, medium, Rose sister or brother, because without this you cannot find your authenticity, honesty, integrity and bring forth your own unique gifts to the planet.

I can say with authority that there is no “Priestess training” or “Initiations” to become a Black Rose. If you come across someone offering “Priestess training” and “Initiations” into the Black Rose, or healing core wounds with the Black Rose without giving credit to or acknowledging the source of where they got the information from, save your money and walk on by.

Life itself is the Initiator and Teacher, for Wisdom does not come by taking a course, receiving a Black Rose “initiation” from someone who knows nothing about its origin and lineage, or sitting in Circle in a Temple space. You can’t get it that way.

You must walk the path.

Drop the hidden agendas.

Be willing to have your whole world and life turned upside down.

You must stop the spiritual bypassing.

Surrender victimhood and ego.

Depart from Deception, Dishonesty, Delusion and Denial.

Give up the Addictions, Infidelity, Competition and Persecution.

Stop the thievery, stealing, plagiarism of another’s work or ideas without credit to its source, claiming it as your own. It is a violation and because of your own insecurities, low self worth and greed, corrupts the energetic signature of the Black Rose you are using it for.

Your job is to deal with YOU. To be reborn from your trauma and sickness so you may walk in Truth, Honesty, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity to bring forth your own unique gifts.

The Teachings and Light Transmissions of the Black Rose are already illuminating and transmitting healing within the core wounds when you approach me or come into the Temple through a Skype call, Temple online calls, the Black Rose Oracle cards, a Rose reading or through the written word of the e-book, blogs, and various pages throughout this website.

*So do you think you can approach me, the Black Rose and come into my modern day Temple for the New Paradigm and Aquarian Age not fully present or with hidden jealousy, envy and competition, coming with agendas and ulterior motives to abuse, steal and take what is not yours, hiding that and thinking that it cannot be heard or seen?

Do you think you can deny the achievement and path I have walked in bringing forth a unique gift to humanity as a new healing modality for the Aquarian Age and think you can bypass the sacrifice, not do the inner work and claim it as your own?

Do you think you can come into my Temple and take up a privileged seat by invitation only free of charge, then attempt to destroy and ransack it with your judgement, false accusations, and contempt to save your own life because you have been called out with underhand, devious behaviour within it?

Well, many have tried….and my Temple doors are still open.

One of the benefits of doing your own work is that you get the inspiration of your own offerings and your own unique gifts born and brought forth from within YOU.

So….you want to know more about the Black Rose and receive Her Teachings and Light Transmissions?

May I ask you why?

If you are ready to be humbled, want to do the deeper inner work within a group, a one to one Rose reading, or just want to reach out, please get in touch via the contact page.

*Since I released the frequency and Light Transmissions onto the planet in 2017 via a free, downloadable e-book that was given freely out of service, I have seen several websites of others claiming to be “visionaries” that have lifted written and channelled information from the pages on my website on the Black Rose to heal core wounds then claiming it as their own.

It is the old spiritual paradigm that makes you think you can “be” a Black Rose, use the Black Rose to heal core wounds without crediting the original source you got it from and then set up a website and business to hold others when you have bypassed looking at yourself and not doing the inner work on yourself.

In Love, Grace and Wisdom, the truth is in healing my own wounds I have anchored my light and it is divinely protected. The Light that has been anchored in the symbol and metaphor of the Black Rose is worthy of spiritual reverence…..

“The Black Rose is multidimensional and carries many levels of consciousness. In a timeless state of Grace the Black Rose no longer needs to be hidden or protected. She has arrived at this moment in time to perform her pivotal role in our evolutionary transformation for the Rose Brothers and Sisters rising.” www.theblackroseoracle.co.uk

There is no room for anything else in the New Paradigm but for men, and women in particular, coming forward authentically and without hidden agendas.

Are you ready to go even deeper? Be bold. Be humble…..

If you would like to be held in sacred space to work through what ails you and receive the Teachings and Light Transmissions from the Black Rose, you can find the Love offering of the online Temple of the Black Rose community here: https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/the-sisterhood-of-the-rose-community/

The Teachings and Light Transmissions of the Black Rose for healing the core wounds of the Heart continue to be anchored through a one to one Rose reading and The Black Rose Oracle cards here: www.theblackroseoracle.co.uk

And through Love’s healing messages from the Black Rose via the monthly blogs here: www.lightmessenger.co.uk

HERstory here:


The Black Rose – A Book of Love can be downloaded for free here: https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/black-rose-book-love/

HERstory and the Book of Love are a must read for anyone seeing a Black Rose wanting to enter the Temple of the Black Rose to do the inner work to uncover the core wounds, programs and patterns of behaviour, unacknowledged and unexpressed grief.