“I first met Linda in 2008 when attending and listening to a talk at the Spalding ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ Event. I remember the topics she covered hitting a nerve, Linda talked about eating or purchasing material items for an instant feeling of contentment, she went onto say the feeling does not last and is often suppressing deep routed emotional issues. After picking up a leaflet I decided to meet Linda for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). I was nervous going into the unknown, yet Linda instantly made me feel at ease. I felt lighter, with more positive energy, and my head felt free and less busy. Since then I have attended both Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki workshops with her. Now I am a member of the City of light group. For me trust is something sacred, and not to be given lightly. I trust Linda completely, she is a very kind, honest woman.”

L.M.H, Nottinghamshire

“Linda is the most inspirational person I have met. Having attended her Meditation classes and Workshops, I can truly say they are life changing. Linda has this capacity to help you make sense of everything that is involved in having a life as a human being especially in these times of great changes.”

P.K, Saxelby, Leics

“Wherever you are on your Spiritual path Linda will light your way with her wonderful guidance.  I have taken my Reiki I and Reiki II courses and later down my path an Angelic Reiki workshop. It was a life changing experience made even more wonderful with Linda’s help and all her vast wisdom.  Linda makes everyone very welcome and at ease and continues to share her knowledge way after her workshops whenever you have a query.  I would recommend Linda to anyone who is embarking on their Spiritual path and also to understand what is involved with the transitions during this marvellous year of 2012”

L.H, Nottinghamshire

“Linda is a truly genuine, thought-provoking and inspirational woman. Having attended her meditation groups, as well as workshops and her monthly meetings I have grown so much as an individual but also as part of a collective. She gives so much information to people, just at the right time they were meant to receive it in a sincere and loving way. Her classes are always informative, inspirational and from the heart and she creates an atmosphere that you not only feel safe within but also completely comfortable to convey any issues that may arise. She will listen and give you her guidance yet never make you feel unworthy of her time. I am a better person for having met her!”

C.H, Leicestershire

“Myself and my friend Di attended a talk that Linda did on Angelic Reiki back in 2009 at a BSSK event. It was amazing that at that time her words were resonating with our separate and joint experiences, we were both connecting with energies we didn’t fully understand and we were being “pushed” to do the Angelic Reiki. The Angelic healing was different for both of us but I will say we both “felt” completely changed afterwards. Linda has a natural intuitive gift at knowing what is at play and what is blocking one’s own individual evolvement.  After the workshop we both felt both free, omnipotent, lighter and with a sense of peace. If you are drawn to Linda via the website or face-to-face……..that is because you are meant to do.  Listen to your inner guidance.”

D.R & D.D, Lincolnshire

“Thank you Linda. Amazing isn’t it, those words take so little time to write but from the bottom of my heart I thank you. The Inner Work I have been able to complete following the workshops that I have already attended with you is enormous. The healings and insight that I have received during your meditations and on the City of Light have been so profound they have been a joy to attend. When I first started my journey with you I had no idea where it would take me or even what it would involve.  It has been a rough ride working on “stuff” but so very worth it, as I now have a better relationship with my mother and more importantly with myself. Your newsletters continue to be an inspiration, which also include more work for me to do. I’m not sure where my journey will take me in the future but, with your help and the continuing help from your workshops, meditations, newsletters and the City of Light, I know I will continue increasing my vibration and come into my own.”

J.S, Leicestershire

“Linda Raven is the most welcoming and knowledgeable person that I have ever had the privilege to meet. She is always happy to help if I have any concerns and has always answered my questions as fully and heartfelt as possible. Taking an Angelic Reiki course with Linda is like being woken up from a very long dream and coming home. Thank you Linda!”

H.P, Nottinghamshire

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past year.

I have to confess, when I first met you, I wasn’t sure what to make of you. In some ways you seemed like a number of other people I had known in that you seemed to be saying the same sort of things – things that didn’t necessarily resonate with me personally. But right from our first meeting I was aware that there was something about you that I could not quite put my finger on.

One day I realised that there was something lacking in you… wait for it… it was your ego! It was the absence of self-importance and your willingness to say “thank you” that really struck a chord within me. You had a lot of wise words to share but whenever someone said something that helped you, you made a point of acknowledging it and saying “thank you”. I found that to be a very refreshing quality in a person, so much so that I have learned to do the same (which is why I am writing to you now!)

The next thing that I realised about you was your ability to listen attentively when someone is telling you their “story”. Not only that but listening without judgement. Just being there, listening and not judging, is in itself a very powerful tool for healing. In listening to me and not judging me you have helped me and I thank you for that.

You have suffered in your life but you actively promote forgiveness and that is another rare quality. You have also helped me to learn that if something does not resonate with me to simply let it go. Knowing you has helped me to realise that we are all unique expressions of the One Truth and therefore it is inevitable that we will each express that Truth in our own way. I now find it much easier to listen to what everyone says and if it doesn’t resonate with me to simply let it pass – and when something does resonate to offer a positive response.

Your message, that nothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed, is also very refreshing. I have also been impressed by your capacity to see illness as a blessing and to learn from every situation.

Your patience and compassion are also clear for anyone to see. You do not ask for money in return for your time and it is clear that your one true wish is to help all who come into your experience.

Thank you Linda and bless you.”

R.B, Pembrokeshire