Rose Mandala

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, Listen


The Quantum Rose Mandala – which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the page, has been created for inner visualisation and meditation to activate Light Codes within our DNA – and to serve as a tool for transformation, awakening and healing on many levels.

Its purpose is so we can ask to be connected with different levels of planetary, solar, galactic, and multiuniversal consciousness, and bring in the essence of the Rose Diamond Light into our energy field as we gaze upon the image. An invitation to open and expand the Heart and Mind to Divine Love and intuition and the inner wisdom and guidance it provides. Our Heart is where our Divine potential, creativity and infinite possibilities reside.

 The holographic image serves as a Gateway to Universal Consciousness  – representing a journey from the outer world to the inner sacred chamber where our Divinity is found. The Roses create a Chalice of Light which holds an ethereal quality – and symbolised here as the union of the Heart and Mind revealing Divine creativity, openness and infinite possibility.

Using the Mandala

Like a Rose that blossoms and grows, as we step into our multidimensional Divine self we can tap into a power that is infinite, magical and transformative. Within this geometric composition everything is perceived as Divine energy, Vibration and Consciousness – a place where illumination, truth, higher cosmic wisdom, love, beauty, balance and inner peace resides.

As you start to focus on the mandala, allow it to absorb your attention and let your mind wander as you gaze into the colours, shapes and patterns. Just relax and let your thoughts and feelings come to you. Bring your attention back to the mandala if your mind starts to wander.

Work with the Roses to create energy vortexes to further activate your energy bodies. You may feel drawn to a particular Rose, or you can bring your attention to the Sacred Geometry at the centre diamond – a symbolic key to align you with the Diamond within your own Heart and to the patterns of the universe, and the egg shape that symbolises birth and renewal.

The Rose embodies the masculine and feminine Christ Consciousness, and within the geometric shapes of this mandala, the diamond in the centre expands the Heart and gives us the ability to hold this level of Love within our hearts. The Mandala is symbolic of the invisible cosmic Intelligence facing North, South, East and West, above and below yet connected in the centre – that sacred space where Heaven and Earth meet in Divine balance. As you gaze or meditate upon this image and align with your own Consciousness, you may be drawn to chant, sing your soul’s note, or invoke the divine energies of the deities that reside within it.

Relaxing into the colour rays will also help you align with the qualities of that colour. Pink supports unconditional Love whilst the Violet vibration of the threefold Violet Flame supports openness, freedom and living in Truth.

Magenta is a colour of change and transformation and represents universal Love at the highest level. Magenta is the Alpha and Omega and is of universal harmony and emotional balance in every aspect of life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, thereby influencing our whole personal and spiritual development whilst aiding us to move forward.

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***The text and sacred image of the Rose mandala is © to To retain its purity and integrity, it is not to be altered in anyway or used for commercial means or financial gain. Please contact me if you would like to re-use.