We all stand now on an energetically sacred bridge between the old and the new. Over the past few months, there have been enormous planetary downloads coming in that have been preparing us for an ending of a planetary cycle.

To wake up from the limitations of the ego and release the chains that bind, the universe has been bringing us face to face with all past pain and ancestral trauma that we can no longer deny or ignore. Whilst it has been challenging for some, this is the year where we all have an opportunity to embody our Mastery and multi-dimensional Self, step up to the next level of higher Love, and into our roles as 5th dimensional Masters.

Whilst it may feel like a rough ride for those who have been consumed by the trials of fire, all lower vibrational energies and emotions have been coming to the surface for transmutation. The recent Lion’s Gate has been gifting and preparing us in readiness for some mega energies in September that will enable us to create new lives for ourselves from the old.

For those committed to their personal growth and willing to step forward, the Full Moon on the 18th August in Aquarius illuminated the need to let go of our past once and for all and focus on the future. It is the end of illusion, of moving out of our old dramas and the stories we have been telling ourselves, and to step into our I-AM-ness and potential and be the Masters we were always meant to be. So Love’s healing message this month is this:

The time has come to sing a new song –

For this is the time for sharing the beauty of the Rose

This is a big year in the Ascension process and I have been feeling the waves of this new level for some time now. Each year on the 26th July we enter the Lion’s Gate and into what is considered a new planetary year which culminates on the 8th August.

It is at this time our Earth aligns with the Galactic Centre of our universe and the Great Central Sun. The rising of the star Sirius  is about awakening to new frequencies and higher consciousness that will allow us to activate our Third Eye.

Through my own souls expression, for some years now I have facilitated Gatherings for those willing to embrace the Light Codes of the Lion’s Gate energies as part of the Ascension process of awakening. The Lion’s Gate, often referred to as an infinity portal 8/8, offers an opportunity for the ascension energies of creation within us to open up more quickly and ignite our inner cosmic and Galactic Light to the frequency of LOVE.

The truth is, at an intellectual level we can read all we want about the Lion’s Gate and other Cosmic and Galactic portals, but until we integrate the energies into our being, only our ego grows. The entire universe is within us and these Portals and Gateways are not “outside” of us. We activate them within ourselves when we are embodied in our Higher Self and I AM Presence and in alignment with the higher Angelic, Cosmic and Galactic consciousness.

Dawning of a New Age

If we want to find solutions and create from the higher expression of our soul rather than from the old way of doing things, we must place our focus on our inner world, and put our focus on Love and be present to Love in every moment. We are ALL multi-dimensional Masters, we just forget that sometimes.

There are many distractions “out there” that are vying for our attention and energy every day, so it is important now we do not get drawn into anything that is not aligned with Love or what we want to create, for the higher purpose of these distractions is to unsettle us, keep us trapped in fear, or even distract us from our soul’s path.

We are now entering into a time for creating the next planetary cycle of evolution, and depending on what vibrations we focus on and where we put our attention will determine the outcome. Anything built or created from anything less than 5D consciousness cannot, or will not be supported.

The truth is if any of us really wants to live our divine potential, then we have to radically transcend beyond the limitations of the mind and human experience. We must move out of surface level satisfaction and move deeper into the Heart for our soul to embody the Christ light of our Higher Self within every cell of our body, and anchor that into our authentic reality.

The Leonian energies will end shortly as we move into the astrological sign of Virgo for the Solar Eclipse and Eclipse season in September influenced by Venus, a powerful time that’s all about renewal of self, new beginnings, and the search for meaningful service.

We are the ones we have been waiting for – we are the change. So now the time has come for many of us to step forward into the next cycle of creation. Its time to open up to the new, and if we don’t know that already, our path of Service will soon be revealed to us.


Those of us who are the Wayshowers, the Lightworkers, the seekers of Truth for a new paradigm, we are required to understand how important this point of the Ascension process is. We are being prepared for the next planetary cycle and our new work that lies ahead.

For some time now, I have been aware of a division that is coming and that my time and energy spent in Divine service and creating community Gatherings through my own soul’s expression was coming to the end of its current cycle.

Over the past few weeks, I myself have had to make some decisions as I am ever conscious now of not repeating past repetitive issues. Many Wayshowers and Lightworkers have been on the Ascension path for many years now and have gone through enough Ascension levels that we already exist at a higher level.

The truth is we are needed now for evolving humanity through service and the expression of our soul – not from a sense of self sacrifice or divine obligation. We can all lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink if it is not thirsty enough for the Light.

Please don’t misunderstand. There is no judgement in any of this. In Grace I AM humbled, for whilst I care for others, it is not a loving act for any of us to carry anyone to the next level who is not ready to embody their Higher Self, or willing and prepared to continuously integrate the higher frequencies of Divine Love into their being that would enable them to move beyond the illusions of the ego and reveal the Master of living Christ light within themselves.

The Beauty of the Rose

The most profound service and gift we can offer anyone is in the expression of our soul, for when we allow our Light to shine, it encourages others and gives them permission to do the same with us. Our growth becomes limited if all we do is reach higher states of awareness, Love and Light, without authentically sharing our soul and who we really are with others.

This year has been preparing many of us for entry into another dimensional shift and for a totally NEW level of serving in 2017 and manifesting the new into our lives. In this next cycle from 2016/17 to 2026, we are required to stay in the High Heart and remain focused on the highest aspects of Consciousness, Truth, Wisdom and Love.

Through our Christed Higher Self, many of the Teachers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers are needed now to be/in our High Hearts and step into a higher level of service for serving humanity. For everyone participating, actively involved in, or engaging in Ascension and Heart work practices, there are enormous energies coming in at the end of this year and through 2017 that will be assisting everyone to rise into their divine potential, the truth of who they are, to step into the Light, and reveal the Master that is already shining within.

To answer the call of my soul it is time for me now to step into a higher level of service and continue to express the work I was called here to do through the sharing of my soul. Because the real beauty of the Rose can only be revealed when through humility, Divine Love, and surrender to Divine Grace, we share our soul awareness and serve the growth of others.

If this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your friends or network, or post a comment in the reply box below.

In Love and Grace,