Energetically and astrologically, we are in a very powerful month. We are also in between Eclipses right now, with an upcoming Lunar Eclipse and the Autumn Equinox, and if we have been hearing the call of our Soul, this time now is to finally help us liberate our selves and have resolution and completion on all our past issues.

This 9-9-9 Gateway offers an amazing window of opportunity, it is asking us for closure and completion on something. Now we can burn bridges once and for all and clear what has appeared to be old, karmic and toxic stuff, including all ties and cords that bind us to people or situations that have been detrimental, limiting, or holding us back in some way.

Change is coming, yet this change is feeling so positive. I’ve been feeling these energies of liberation for a while now, and whilst I cannot completely see around the corner yet, I have had tantalising insights into what lays ahead. And it’s so beautiful. Not just for me, but for everyone who is finally willing to let go of the old, and step into a new beginning – even if we do not know what that looks like yet.

It’s about opening up to and following those feelings and insights we may have been receiving of late, and trusting that whatever decision we make they are resonating from a soul level. So Love’s message this month is this:

Are you willing to finally let the past go and step into the new?

Is the life you want matching your reality, and do they fit together? This 9-9-9 Gateway is asking us to embrace this new era, and if we can tune into the universal energy, with faith and trust, it is gifting us with an opportunity to bring our past and future into balance as we head towards our destiny.

To walk through this gateway and not look back, means we can raise ourselves to our I AM Presence and align with global consciousness, wholeness, and service. It’s bringing light to our deeper wants and needs, and to finally move in the direction we now want to go. Hoorah!

This is a re-birthing time for all of us. The number 9 is considered feminine by many and is also a number of “Divine perfection” – therefore sacred. The beauty of the 9 is that it helps us to heal from past and any current experiences, so magnify that by three nines we have a green light to finally LET GO of all that is holding us back.

A New Start

We are about to start a new transformational phase in our lives, and as we search for deeper meaning, it is essential that we clear outdated stuff to make room for the new. However, if we try to move forward into new things whilst still holding onto the past, all we will achieve is stagnation. That is because the past is of the 3D old paradigm, and from that we cannot create the new.

This year has not been called a year of release and completion for nothing. It can feel a bit scary and cause discomfort in letting go of what has been so familiar to us. We may find that we have let go of so much, maybe changed from what we knew ourselves to be that we feel a bit lost, or are scared of the unknown or being on our own because we do not relate or connect with anyone around us anymore.

Stepping into our Mastery is about taking responsibility. It requires ongoing discipline and commitment. The purpose of all this purging and releasing is to be in alignment with our true authentic Self – not the self we created for ourselves in the past to please others so as to fit in. To move forward into our True Self, it is essential we loosen our hold on what no longer serves us.

On a side note, I do smile to myself sometimes, and yet at the same time I am humbled. Illness was an accelerated, heightened Path of Awakening for me, and what better way was there for my ego to loosen its tight grip on things than to experience rheumatoid arthritis in my hands?

Whilst this year has felt turbulent and chaotic at times for some, it has also held such a wonderful opportunity to free ourselves from old patterns of behaviour so that we could cleanse and purify our body, mind, emotions and spirit, consistently align with and embody our Higher Self, and work with our Lightbody energy to anchor the Light on Earth through our Hearts.

As we consistently embody our Higher Self and integrate the Light body energy, and we release duality. The ongoing restoration process of the light-body is essential to the ascension of humanity and in knowing ourselves as multi-dimensional beings of Light.

Gateways, Portals and Planetary Alignments

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are experiencing a period of the opening of Cosmic and Galactic intelligence, a Portal of LOVE. Whilst we see in the outside world things changing, breaking down and falling apart, the driving force behind all these events is the Waves of Light that are continually bombarding our solar system and the Earth plane.

At this time on earth we are experiencing more profound, rare alignments in the sky – all part of the Divine Plan to shift our frequency from 3D to 5D through the Great Central Sun, which is focusing celestial energies into our solar system, pouring them into us through our DNA, thus raising our frequency through that. It is then through us it raises the frequency of Earth as we allow that energy to go into the earth through our Hearts.

To know we are connected to everything, God/Goddess and All-That-Is, means coming to the realisation that they are all an aspect of us – as are the Angels, Ascended Masters and other expressions of the Divine. The mind does not need to know any of this, for we experience the affects of these frequencies whether we are aware of them or not.

I always hold and facilitate Ceremony on Portal and Gateway dates for those who are CALLED to show up and join me as a group, to anchor and ground the incoming energies to further our ascension. Many may think that astrological alignments, Gateways and Portals are irrelevant but for those who resonate and feel these energies, these times are sacred and deserve to be respected and honoured – as they were by our ancient ancestors.

When we see the perfection in the universe, we see how the planets of Light, double and triple numbers allow these higher and finer frequencies of energy and the Sacred Geometry held within them to reach us. Our own planet Earth has many energy vortexes, and star gates are being opened by awakened human beings who gather and come together during these important events. That includes the Eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes and as a group anchor and ground the incoming energies.

Connecting deeply with these frequencies of Light, including the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and higher dimensional Star system beings, assists us to receive the multi-dimensional crystalline energies from the universe into our bodies, and empowers us to awaken the Cosmic Heart.

Cosmic Wave of Ascension

If we can have faith in the energies of the 9-9-9 as well as any other alignments for that matter, we will be guided to what we Love, our full potential, and our soul mission.

I AM in total trust of what’s unfolding, for I am being called now into a deeper collective calling. So for me now, to move to my next level of service, I too have to surrender the old, to change as required, and release it with gratitude, so I can stay focused to open the portal for this next year’s planetary cycle and bring forth the Cosmic consciousness and alchemical Work foe self Mastery that I have been called to do. More will be revealed soon.

It is humanity (in its Oneness) that must be uplifted. Service, tribe and community is the hallmark of the Age of Aquarius now, where no competition or separateness exists – and it is no longer just about the Self.

The higher dimensional New Earth demands of us now to be ever aware of service to all and oneness, as opposed to service to self and separation. God’s Plan is to bring Unity in the universe – to let the Plan of Love and Light workout. We all have a part to play in this.

This 9-9-9 Gateway of Ascension is calling all of us Home and to our highest calling – are you hearing the Call? It’s time to get to Work – Mother Earth needs us right now!

In Love, Grace and Service,