We have been born with a unique mission – to express our divine gifts in our own unique way. And what a ride at the moment! Each of us is being prepared for an incredible journey, to heal our old wounds and move into a new spiritual identity.

There is nothing like a painful situation to bring to our attention what is supportive or out of balance. Since January, many of us have been through the wringer as we continue to purge and figure things out, to see who or what belongs in our lives and what does not.

All relationships, at what ever level, including the relationship we have with ourselves and the higher dimensions, are now in flux and a transformational stage. At times like these we must not forget our connection with the other world. We are multidimensional beings functioning in many levels of awareness.

With so many planets in retrograde offering astrological insight, Chiron is playing a huge part for our soul’s journey, including what our soul needs to learn about healing and where we need to be healed spiritually and emotionally. So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Find the power of the Stars and Wounded Healer

Pay attention to what is being highlighted to you…

Many of us have felt lost, hurt, or emotionally threatened over the recent months, so if we can understand the energetic essence of Chiron, a Stellar Healer of the Cosmos who brings a higher order to chaos, we can learn about his influence in our life and give us a better understanding of health and wellness.

When pain and blockages in our Hearts are healed and removed, our Heart and spirit is no longer the same. Through painful experiences we have been opened up into new information that feels like magic. We see all. We see the spiritual lesson. We have tuned into an unconscious frequency, and can see how limitless we really are.

Within the Black Rose lies hidden a golden key, that key is also symbolic of Chiron, his key is a sigil for wholeness. Before we can use that key, we need to be open and receptive to the healing powers of alchemy, energy, and other frequencies.

Through the frequencies which make up the building blocks of life, Sacred Geometry, the deepest levels of healing is available to all of us. Those who can activate the energies of the stars and planets within themselves can use the power of the stars to cross the Stellar Gateway to change their vibration and change everything.

The Power of the Stars

The 10:10 gateway opening on the 10th October 2010, was opening humanity to a conscious connection with the Stellar Gateway. As we continue our healing journey to self realization and when our lower centres within our body have reached a level of readiness, we open ourselves to the higher dimensions and the wisdom of our body through the flower of our 12th chakra, the Stellar Gateway, to receive the power of the Stars.

This chakra is often referred to by some as the chakra of universal consciousness and overlighted by Archangel Metatron, the Being of Light who gave to humanity Angelic Reiki and who oversees the Ascension. When activated, this chakra opens a portal to the stars and those higher vibrations at a cosmic and galactic level.

Some say the Ascension chakras and the Atlantis twelve chakra system closed down after the fall. The Stellar Gateway, lost due to ego, is also referred to as the chakra of mastery for our soul’s purpose. It connects us to our Monad and God, and the source of our strength and power which provides us with the ability to create change in our lives and in the non physical realms too.

When the 12th is opened we can access divine energy and ancient healing on a multidimensional level from the universe and bring down the creativity of our soul to be manifested through our body and anchored upon the Earth in conjunction with the Earth Star below our feet.

Depending on our ability to connect, we have the ability now to bring back the purity and grace of the Golden Age. Our ideas can also be placed in this vortex for what we want to create, and if we are open to accept it, guidance, support and healing, including abundance are also available if we are open to receive.

Finding the Power of the Wounded Healer

Chiron is now in retrograde, known amongst astrologers as the wounded healer and the great Alchemist of the zodiac. From an esoteric perspective, Chiron can bring a higher order to chaos and reveal to us one of our greatest wounds of all, the wound that we all carry personally and collectively – the open, festering wound of Identity.

Chiron not only helps us to work with the associated emotions that can limit our growth, he helps us see the gifts contained within the wound too. It is my belief that Chiron’s presence in the cosmos is important for new forms of healing yet to be birthed.

On a deeper spiritual level, Chiron’s archetypal energies can also awaken us to a much deeper understanding of karma and the pain from past lives, which can help us heal the feminine and masculine principle.

Barbara Hand Clow referred to Chiron as the “rainbow bridge” as he links us with where we are and who we want to be, he also gets us to face what we fear. The barrier that keeps us stuck is the inner wound that can prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

Our deepest emotional wounds and patterns are getting triggered as the wounds and trauma that have been buried deep within us are coming up for acknowledgement so we can find their root cause. Most of the issues connected to Chiron are to do with self worth, not feeling good enough, and even abandonment.

These are the wounds that are taking us to freedom, and although it can be a painful process, there is no need to be a victim. The alchemy is when we do our healing work and put a stop to pain controlling us. Then, something magic happens. When we put ourselves back in the driver’s seat and in control we reclaim our power, having become stronger from the experience.

Wounds are our teachers, including the wound of identity. Yet we still have a choice in what we become. There are still many who are not yet ready or prepared for the slow release of what the lesson of a wound brings. For that reason we cannot rescue another. There is no judgement.

The Wound of Identity

Each of us at some point in our spiritual awakening has had to face an identity crisis, or through a crisis of some kind have asked the questions, Who am I? Why am I here?

Many of us have been taught from an early age that it is not ok to be ourselves and express who we are so we shut down. We allowed others to define us and who we are. Many of us too have spent a lifetime hiding our pain, being shamed that it is not ok to express who we are.

Feelings of disconnection, feeling worthless, alone or isolated, a need to prove ourselves through work or wanting to fit in, or unable to connect with our feelings or body, are signs we are carrying an unhealed identity wound.

Some say we are beyond pain now. Not for everyone. Trauma is transformative. We bring healing through our own experiences, but to heal a wound we must first acknowledge it, take care of it, whilst being aware that we are not the wound.

Identification with thoughts and beliefs of the mind and pain in the body create suffering. With Chiron in retrograde, he can bring Light to our subconscious. Pain and thoughts can be present, but they do not define us and they are not our identity. To deny their existence though is to put them into the shadows with all its shame, only for it to rear its ugly head manifesting as anger, violence, depression, self hatred, an illness or disease.

We all have to take responsibility for our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and actions as they affect our reality, yet there is a big difference between letting ourselves remain broken, and allowing ourselves to be cracked wide open. What intention or meaning do we give to our experiences?

Beyond our Stories

Carl Jung once said, “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become”.

Traumatic events can take us into mystical experiences where we can transcend self and our identity, and it usually involves facing a death of some kind to get into a new relationship with our mind, body and spirit.

It is here when can step into the bigger picture beyond self that we start to remember who we are and where we find our life’s calling and our Heart’s passion, and the service we can give to the world.

Who says!

Chiron can unlock the doors to our psyche if we allow, for it is only in diving deep into our wounds can we become whole again. Yet the one thing that can stop us from receiving the divine energy that surrounds us in our universe is due to the parts of ourselves that we have not yet accepted or have identified with something that is not true.

I personally have been on the receiving end of some malevolent, controlling, judgemental behaviour. I can thank that teacher for the shit storm they brought me, for I have learnt the lessons I needed to learn to reclaim my power.

So the gift of Chiron moving backwards at this time into Pisces is because there is something we left behind in the past and are attempting to purge and figure out. With this retrograde, we are all being given a second chance to reveal our pain and reveal the mystery of who we are.

Through the journey of Chiron we are being shown all the things that are no longer serving us and which need to be released and let go of, verses the things we need to take action on and not sweep under the carpet.

Let the Magic Begin

We have a wonderful opportunity now to release the myths and stories that are not real. And if we have the courage to turn the golden key, our ancient song will be revealed to be sung once again.

For when we have accepted all parts of ourselves and integrated them, allowed the Light of our true authentic self to shine through, nothing or no-one can affect us anymore. When we are no longer triggered by something or someone and there is no more pain, the wound has been healed. Self realization has been reached. Now the magic begins…..

As this post draws to an end, it is also a new beginning for me. A Black Rose was  taken to a destination on the 18.8.18 and will be revealed at the end of the month. A new chapter begins!

If this post has resonated with you, please post your comment below.

In Love, Grace and Service,

Linda x