As we move into the last quarter of 2016, the recent Eclipses of September certainly highlighted what needed releasing and what needed ending in our lives. Although energetically it appeared an intense month, we were gifted with some wonderful opportunities for re-balancing, letting go and healing on many levels.

To bring closure to the intense energies of September, the Heavens blessed us again with yet another energetic Gateway on the 1st October with the peak of a Black Moon which occurred at 1.11am here in the UK. A Black Moon is when we have two New Moons in the same month, and this one offered a powerful process for changing direction or allowing something to blossom, enabling us to move forward in the direction of our highest path.

So Love’s message this month is this:

Are you willing to go to the underworld to remember who you are?

The feminine forces that reside within all of us – men and women – are starting to rise up and create great change now.

On a personal level, I am not exempt from what goes on energetically. I too have to feel my way through these times, and the recent Black Moon rising was asking of us to give our full Hearted commitment now to anything new.

As a humble student walking the path of conscious Love, and through living the experiences of my own Heart, I am willing to walk through life’s initiations because through what shows up in my own life, by healing the shadow in my self (that is also at play in the collective), I trust that whatever I and others are consciously working on is in service for the collective all.

She is Calling….

I answered the Call of the Rose in 2011 – or rather, SHE entered me through illness…getting me to look at all the hurts and places of self betrayal within me and release the suppressed anger and resentment of eons of where I had denied myself.

With the re-emergence of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose, the call of the Rose and the divine feminine energy is being heard now by many men and women – an invitation given to ourselves from an ancient lineage eons ago to remember, to come home to our divine essence, and be an open vessel of Love in service to a world that deeply needs us.

If you are a “Rose” or “Magdalene” that is needed at this time to anchor the Divine Feminine, please get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you! We are all being called now to be present, to take responsibility and come out of hiding. We are being summoned now, called to remember that it is only through opening and healing the wounds of our Hearts will we be able to step into our full potential and be in co-creative leadership with one another rather than competition.

We may not know what that leadership feels or looks like at the moment, but we know in our bones that when we look out onto a world that appears in so much turmoil and pain, we are being called to act. And we now need to get ready.

This is not about leadership of the old patriarchal system, neither is it about exclusively serving self – it is about service to all and Oneness. And we cannot be in service to all and Oneness until we have healed the wounds of the Heart, healed the wounds of the sisterhood and brotherhood, and healed and integrated the masculine and feminine within.

Divine Mother Enters

If you are faced with, or experiencing some sort of havoc or shake up in your life at the moment, be open to the possibility that She is calling you and wanting your attention. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, yet when I look back to the trauma that wrecked my life in 2010, at the time I did not have the wisdom I have now to realise what was going on. There is far more to the idiom of falling in shit and coming up smelling of Roses.

I never thought I would find Her in amongst the shit I was standing in called “my life”. It is my belief that if we know we have to make changes and we do nothing about it, a celestial clock starts ticking. When I look back and see the stress I was denying, putting on a brave face of I can cope and carrying on regardless, I ignored the warning signs of sleepless nights, of feeling stressed and tired because I was taking on too much and was not coping well. Exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and “put upon”, the disconnection had started to creep in.

I was not fully conscious of Divine Mother then or who She was. And although she has many faces as the feminine face of God, it was the religious paintings of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Christ and the Essenes that I had rejected because of my own unhealed wounds around religion and the patriarchy. And in doing so, I had not only rejected Divine Mother and Father, I had rejected my physical mother and father too.

Mother was very patient with me. Trying to get my attention as she knocked graciously at the fortress gates I had built for my self to keep everyone out. And because I was too busy I didn’t answer her call. There were other warning signs too as she tried to get my attention. She continued knocking louder through the chaos I was experiencing at work, and the emptiness I felt outside of it. Still I didn’t answer her call. Why should I? The lights were out. No-one was in.

The Transformative Power of Grace

And then bang! Taken out with illness and my life falling apart, She entered me the only way she could – through the heaving cracks of a Core Wound that I was not capable of dealing with as a child. And the cracks I had hidden by plastering over with band aid were now starting to ooze and erupt   – the wound of injustice that with Her grace unbeknownst to me at the time, enabled me to look at and allow Love to heal the wounds of the Magdalene, the Mother and Father.

LOVE has a way of entering us through the cracks of crisis, illness, loss and despair. It was through contracting rheumatoid arthritis that created a connection to the Magdalene lineage that was creating ALL OF IT for a reason. By bringing Light to the unhealed pain of my childhood with an authoritarian father and an emotionally absent mother, allowed me to forgive myself and the perceived trespasses against me. No-one was to blame. Just truth and learning. And to grow up and give to myself what my parents were unable to give themselves because they had not been given it by their parents – LOVE.

Out of a deep sense of service I provided a road map for others when I shared my own personal story in the Importance of Healing Our Core Wounds, and how when we heal the wound of separation from Love, and bring our shame into Love, it is healed.

This website and Love Letters, and the new transformative Rose Gatherings are the hard-earned creations that arose from the ashes of my own Heroines Journey. All are initiations into Love that need to be engaged in and felt with the Heart – not just intellectualized in the head.

It’s not about getting stuck in analyzing our childhood wounds and shadows, we have to meet the part of ourselves that is not broken, does not need fixing and does not need healing. We do not have to do this work alone – and neither can we do this work on our own anymore.

She is calling us all to account now and to take responsibility for our own healing. I am not a guru or here to create an empire with what I offer. Since illness and my own life experiences of facing the Dark Goddess and opening my Heart, my past and illness is a gift and I have made it my life’s work to guide others back to their own inner wisdom and help them journey into the Heart and heal the wounds of the Heart.

A Call to Heal….

We are all being held accountable now for what we create in our lives. Many of us create situations and experiences and live in our stories created by our mind that are rooted in self imposed limitations, judgements and fears. If we are continuing to allow our Inner Child to run amok unconsciously, feeling helpless and like a victim, we are being called now to clean up our act and grow up with the grace of an adult – not with the grief of a child. And we can only do that by becoming self aware…

It is not about “trying” anymore – that is past, old energy. Life does not happen to us but for us. When we become aware that we create our reality and everything that shows up in our life, to be aligned with who we are means our greatest power lies in choice. We have to transcend the ways we get “wired” by people and the circumstances or events in our lives – these are just external events to remind us to come back to our Higher Self and return to Love.

Being sovereign is about being connected with our divinity. When we can go inwards and ask why am I creating this? we find it holds a lesson, a gift, or a healing. In every given moment we are given a choice to return to Love or stay in the lower vibrations of fear.

Inyanla Vanzant once said, and I re-iterate, “Until you heal the wounds of your past you are going to bleed. You can bandage the bleed with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex; but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with them”.

We can never get rid of our shadows. The truth is, we must stop trying to fix what we perceive is wrong with us and learn compassionate presence and how to Love ourselves more. Can we be open to the possibility that our challenges and toughest obstacles that arise in our lives are initiating us into greatest power and potential? Where we can see our world through the eyes of Love rather than the eyes of fear and competition?

The Wound of Groups

I have facilitated gatherings and Circles for many years, gifting opportunities to face our shadows and unveil the Sacred Heart within. Insights gained through September energies though have revealed to me how the past nine years have been about clearing karmic echoes and also wounds of the past around Tribe.

I have seen the shadows play out in groups. It’s easy to get excited about being included in a group. We all have a deep desire to connect yet time and time again I have seen over the years the excitement of people wanting to belong, but if we are only superficially connected it can soon turn into upset and withdrawal.

Groups and Circles can be a good place to hide and hang out. There are those who come with their shadow of entitlement and greed and “What’s in it for me”? Rather than, “What can I give”? Women in particular are good at withdrawing – and withholding. They also exit because of old patterns. I know….because throughout my life I had done that myself. And the root cause in withdrawing and withholding is guilt and shame and a belief that “I am not enough”. And it hides in the suppressed shadow of lack, unworthiness and undeserving.

As I write this I am distracted by the sound of a heavy rain shower, and yet as I glance out of the window the sun is shining. And there in the sky is a rainbow – the Messengers of Light have returned. It’s a reminder that it is Love that heals us, and when we surrender and deeply commit to putting in our time, it is grace that does the rest.

If we cannot be with our own pain, the good the bad and the ugly, then there is no way we are able to be with the pain of others.

So if you are ready to come out of hiding and are committed to remove your masks, unpack a few heavy burdens, ready to open your Heart and be vulnerable with one another, to create deeper authentic connection and partnership, then the Sacred Heart Circles offered through Light Messenger may be for you.

And if you are ready to answer the call of the Rose, and with conscious presence feel called to be within the Rose Gatherings of the Magdalene to anchor the Divine Feminine, identify/heal Core Wounds and shadow, and where men and women can honour their own feminine energy, and offer support for each other to reach our potential, we would Love to see you. Please contact me if you are drawn to this work.

To unfurl the Rose of the Sacred Heart, there may be tears, but your Heart matters.

Her Love is calling us home.

In Love, Grace and Service,