It’s that time of year again. The Lion’s Gate portal of the 8:8 falls on a New Moon and within a Blue Moon cycle that started on the 24th July and culminates on the 22nd August. It is known for its opportunity of “accelerated consciousness”. Maybe this “Blue Moon” event will provide us with the courage and a new perspective of what is possible to create anew.

Women are rising. The Divine Feminine is rising. Sophia is rising…..

This Lion’s Gate is different. Can we dare have the courage to look beyond a Covid pandemic and envision a new world? Women are coming together to empower one another, bringing hope, healing and transformation, to explore, discover and awaken to our deepest potential. Yes, there is space for the men in these gatherings too.

We the women are being called to be the catalysts. We heard the call and are coming together to create a world that is more conscious. It is our inner world we are creating to be more conscious. That requires responding and taking action, not reacting from our ego wounding. It also requires putting our deepest fears on the table.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Divine Sophia has risen….

Revel in her mystery….for she has much wisdom to share

As we align ourselves with the Spiritual Sun of Sirius and our Galactic Centre on the 8:8, freedom is ours if we are prepared to change our perspective and rise above all that has limited us. Can we be open to what is possible? Here? Now? Even in the face of uncertainty?

Star seeds, Light workers, Warriors of the Light, Wayshowers and Gate Keepers, whatever label we use to define ourselves, Soul travellers of the universe are we.

We came to Earth at this time to help and assist with the birthing of a New Earth, forgetting sometimes that includes ending our painful karmic and personal cycles which are needed to bring back balance to humanity.

Scientists have predicted a rare alignment for 2026 and many Light workers and Star seeds believe that the New Earth will not begin until then and we are preparing for that time.

What does authentic work look like for you?

What I observe is that spirituality as we have known it in the old paradigm is becoming obsolete. We are now seeing a return to the Mother, to the Earth itself and to our Hearts. New skills are needed. It is not about having the knowledge anymore. We have to embody what we teach.

Covid has enabled us to see and feel the deep transformation that has been happening on a global level. Personally and collectively we are experiencing a great pause, “a time out of time” to reflect.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity during this pandemic to re-evaluate our priorities, change our old beliefs and realise what and who is important to us as we move forward in our lives.


I have walked the path of a thousand Roses and like many our path has been a long and arduous one. It has been challenging. It has been lonely. At times, it has been downright painful and unbearable.

I have been guided by the fierce, unconditional Love and wisdom of the Dark Mother. There was no-one but myself to hold me when I came undone.

I have trusted that the Divine aspect within me and around me knows the journey of my Soul and what is best for me. Things, including illness and disease, do not happen to me, but for me.

I, like many, have transmuted pain into Pearls of Wisdom and Diamond Light, transforming traumas into gifts of gold.

Some of us have been on this path for a long time, but many were not ready to receive, until now, the energy frequency we carried.

We have faced our fears, transcended our shadow and cut out a new way of living – even in the face of adversity and challenge.

The “Battle”

There are many that believe we are in a battle of world dominance. We see separation and duality playing out in the word right now in families, friendships and “spiritual” communities.

Some also believe there are those involved with the lower experiments of times in our Galactic heritage and then judge those they believe are “unawake” and are being controlled.

What we are seeing is the next layer of shifting and healing playing out and it’s appearing as separation and duality in our worlds with a good dose of judgement thrown in.

Wisdom comes when we understand duality and judgement so we can transcend it. It’s from understanding duality that our consciousness evolves and healing can happen.

We are seeing the energy of the Fire element playing out in the world as fires are taking hold and destroying homes, livelihoods and people. Too much heat. Too much anger.

There is too much heat between the masculine and feminine, too much heat between countries breaking out as wars and too much heat between Governments and people breaking out as unrest.

Sophia, her of many names, born of Silence and holder of spiritual, fiery Holy wisdom and rebirth, shares a message that at this Lion’s Gate cycle, we can channel the courage of the Lion and through her frequency channel compassion, wisdom peace and Love.

We all have an opportunity and the power to clear karmic timelines through all time and space that are no longer needed in this moment, whilst understanding the lessons they brought so we could learn forgiveness and know ourselves as Love.

Sophia is the inner wisdom that we all carry that enables us to see the world with understanding. She is the Cosmic Consciousness. Her of many names is our intuition, our highest intelligence and Sophia offers us an invitation to connect with the highest energetic frequencies and be a co-creator with Her at this New Moon on the Lion’s Gate portal.

We have the opportunity to invite Sophia’s sacred wisdom into our intentions, for Sophia and Her deep Wisdom are already present within. Through this Gateway and Blue Moon cycle, can we be willing to be present with Her?

In Love, Grace and Service,