December finds us in a powerful time of year, where many of us are being prepared to move into our deeper soul purpose for 2018 and beyond.

There is a Divine frequency that has been happening in our skies this month. We have all been graced and gifted with a beautiful New Moon on the 18th December that was sitting in alignment with the Galactic Centre – the Womb of all Creation.

As we all move into the final days of 2017, we have been given an opportunity through the New Moon not only to clear the energy from 2017 in time for manifesting our dreams in the New Year of 2018, at the Winter Solstice the shortest day of the year and Return of the Light, we are being given multidimensional support to birth and bring forth the 5th dimensional potential of all that we can be.

A shorter post this month, yet it still holds a powerful message. Through the New Moon and Winter Solstice, the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Are you ready to receive the Universal Truth?

What Shadows are preventing you from receiving the Light?

The Black Rose asks us to enter the womb of the Great Mother and rest within her embrace. “Go within…go within”…she whispers…go within and enter the black hole at the Galactic Centre”….

We are being given an opportunity to align with the Galactic Heart of the Galactic Centre, with the Heart of the Mother, and emerge into the highest form of our Divinity and anchor it into humanity.

As we enter the Holiday Season and Winter Solstice, a time traditionally to go within and embrace the darkness, we are being graced with the face of the Black Rose – symbolically the image of the Great Mother – and her Heart is the black hole of the Galactic Centre.

At this time of year she asks us to enter the “black hole” of her Galactic Heart, the holiest of the Holies, and the Galactic Centre within our own Heart. It is in her Diamond “Black Light” she reveals to us what cannot be seen through daylight or the logical mind.

I have been quite a hermit over the past few months as I have focused all of my time and energy on finishing a book on the Black Rose which energetically was waiting for the blessing of the New Moon and Winter Solstice, so I am pleased to announce that hopefully it will be available as a downloadable e-book in 2018.

The Black Rose and her symbolic nature as the Great Mother, offers an opportunity for the awakening of our Galactic Cosmic Heart. The Black Rose is a Cosmic Messenger, the great Cosmic Mother who holds and embodies the Diamond Black Light of unconditional Love, who offers an invitation onto a path to empowerment and cosmology, of wisdom, wholeness, freedom and the return of a feminine power to bring forth our 5th dimensional potential.

The Essence of the Black Rose, also held within the Temples of Shamballa, holds a collective vibrational frequency of Angelic, Cosmic and Galactic healers. 

Held within the vibrational frequency of the Black Rose are the Mahatma energy and the twelve Rays of Creation. The Black Rose teachings offer an invitation to go deep within and feel the depth and holiness of ourselves, and what better time to go deep than at the time of the Winter Solstice.

A New Cycle of Creation

The Winter Solstice is a time to connect with the Dark Mother. It is a time for us to heal, restore and evaluate, and to open ourselves to new possibilities. This is the work of the Black Rose and why she has stepped forth now as the face of the Great Mother….for the awakening of our Galactic Heart.

This Winter Solstice is a Portal for a huge shift of consciousness as this influx of Light from the Galactic Centre is giving us an opportunity to merge with our highest timeline possible and Galactic self and receive the ancient Diamond Light Codes to upgrade our DNA by letting go of our old patterns and programming, so we can be aligned with these streams of Light coming forth now to plant the seeds we want to take forward into 2018 and beyond.

The greatest thing we can do for ourselves at the time of the Winter Solstice is to surrender to the Divine forces and enter the Cosmic Heart of Source. That does not mean giving our power away to an external source – but to open to the Diamond Light Codes that are being downloaded now into our DNA.

We are in a time of purging, a time of integrating our shadow, so we can become the Alchemists and create a New Earth. Whilst 2017 has been a bit overwhelming and an emotional roller coaster for many of us, the burden of the collective and our personal shadow has been rising for our own initiation and resurrection and awakening of our Galactic Self.

This Age of Aquarius is all about experience and the New Moon of December asked us to feel all that is arising within us. A sign of many endings for us all and also new beginnings, the New Moon called us inwards to reflect on what has happened to us over the past year, what lessons we have learned, and to look at what direction we now want to go in for 2018 and beyond.

Many are being called to account and the energies of this month of December has brought up all the things that have been hidden. There are also those of us who have been digging deep into the shadows of our inner world to truly clear anything that comes up that we are triggered by and release the past, so we can move forward and anchor the Light in the world to be a guiding light for others in our own unique way.

Winter Solstice and Shadow Self

The world we live in today is so illuminated with artificial light that we have forgotten or are not even aware of the ancient wisdom waiting for us in the dark, or the spiritual purpose of what the Winter Solstice serves.

The Festive Season becomes a powerful time of year to see our light and shadow self revealed. At a busy time of year for some and the stress of the holidays, tempers can flare, emotions can run high, and our fears can rise to the surface.

All these are aspects of our shadow self so it is important to take some time out at the Winter Solstice for self care and give our sensitive side some extra attention and to the needs of the shadow self. By letting go of our stress and worries we can make room for the beautiful energies of 2018.

The Invitation

Winter Solstice gives us an opportunity to prepare to embrace our darkness, the parts of ourselves that we don’t always feed with Love and Light. Introspection and exploring our inner world are a requirement in knowing our true authentic selves, and there is no better time to do this work and begin this journey that during the Winter Solstice.

On the shortest day of the year and the longest night, the Winter Solstice offers us a path into the darkness and time for reflection, so we can assist humanity to shift its consciousness. It is a time to find solace in alone time and to honour the quiet. It is a time for us to shed the baggage that no longer serves us, yet most importantly it is a time to allow our darkness to speak.

Liberating ourselves from the collective shadow by releasing what no longer serves or burdens us in the alchemical fire of the Winter Solstice, we not only carry a lighter load through the winter months, we also illuminate the path we want to step on into 2018 and beyond.

Retreat into the Heart of the Black Rose

So if you feel inclined to participate in some inner work for the Winter Solstice to deepen inner awareness and sing a deeper song, find some quiet time where you will not be interrupted and light a candle, ready to retreat into the Temple of the Black Rose and receive the Diamond Light Codes of the Black Rose that allows you to embody the potential of all you can be.

Ground yourself and get into a relaxed state, connecting with your body and the ground beneath you. Gaze into the candle and reflect on the past year. This inner reflection not only allows us to correct what has not worked for us over the past year, it also offers us an invitation to celebrate the sacred rebirth of our own inner light and invite in the new to manifest.

Through this sacred redemption process of the Winter Solstice, we can move forward as a liberated soul. It is our own personal responsibility to overcome our ego’s fears and attachments and keep our inner flame lit, even in the darkest of times. No-one can do that for us.

Here are a few questions and ideas to start this inner work of reflection at the Winter Solstice. All that is needed is to be present with our Heart and trust our inner light to guide us.

Process the past. What have you been holding onto emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually that has been holding you back from fulfilling your goals?

What situations, events, relationships, people, in your life, patterns or programs gave you grief of some kind?

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge where these experiences took you into fear – particularly if it showed up as anger, resentment, judgement, or any other form of “negativity”.

Allow yourself to fully feel that pain as it arises, cry, swear – just let it all out. Whilst it can be painful and difficult to acknowledge our deepest darkest emotions, letting them be seen and heard can be cathartic in enabling us to heal and move forward.

Reflect on the lesson of which difficult situation brought, because even in the most difficult challenges, there is always an opportunity for growth. When the lesson has been revealed to us, we can be more willing to forgive all involved – including ourselves.

Be willing to align your vision of it all that you can see from an enlightened perspective to move forward with grace, wisdom, strength, courage, trust and Love.

Have you welcomed new people into your life, or let go of those that no longer serve your well-being?

What did your shadow self guide you to do in 2017?

Are you willing to reflect upon and appreciate all that you have learned and experienced over the past year, without judging it as good or bad?

Be aware of the things that worked for you and the ones that did not.

What seeds are waiting to be planted in the new season?

By closing the year with a sacred ritual to release what no longer serves us, embracing and integrating the lessons that were meant to serve our highest good, and being inspired with new intentions to take forward, we both honour and bless our past, present and future.

Regardless of the dark times we may have faced this year, we have an opportunity to harness the Light and dark and bring them together in perfect union.

This is the gift the Black Rose graces us with now. Her black light illuminates as she shines the way for us to see beyond the darkness and be the bringer of Light. Embody the Grace and Love of the Great Mother through the Light that is streaming forth now, and embrace what is being birthed through us as we welcome the return of the Light.

In Love, Grace and Service,