The Grace of the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 21st August will not only be shining a Light on our personal and collective shadow, it also offers an invitation to receive the grace of the higher realms of Light and illuminate the way forward in a new way.

There is so much hype around this Eclipse that is distracting us from authenticity and reality. As we fall through the darkness we see increased violence on the world stage, a collective unhealed wound long held in the shadows is erupting and being revealed because it can no longer remain hidden in the shadows. It has now been ripped wide open for healing.

Last month’s blog also highlighted clearing a collective karmic shadow pattern of fear of not being able to express our selves and be seen in the world. We are all being initiated with this Eclipse in some way or another which will affect us and the world for years to come, so we need to be healing our inner child and collaborating with him/her to find the creator within.

We are now at a choice point of releasing an ancient story and a collective wound based on an ignorant belief pattern that has been rooted in fear and hate. This Eclipse is showing us how we may each play our part in freeing this world from its own self inflicted insanity.

There is a deeper and important message from the Black Rose for this powerful Solar Eclipse and it is this:

Reveal yourself…

And allow the secret creator within you to be revealed

This is my truth. I have co-created with the Divine, birthed and brought forth my own unique work and secret inheritance of the Rose, and through healing my own Heart and inner child the Black Rose teachings were revealed to me.

I AM a Black Rose….and I have the courage to stand in the face of judgement from others to carry her message, mystery and soul song that I continue to sing from my own unique Heart in my own unique way regardless of whether others dismiss how I show up or reject my truth.

It matters not….

I will not cease from expressing my truth, or having the courageous conversations of the importance of healing our shadow and inner child to access our creativity, and why I feel the Dark Feminine in the guise of the Black Madonna has returned for our times.

When we can truly understand that lifting the seven veils to our own power and potential means realising that we are the veil, we are the Light and the Dark, that it is only us and our own fears, judgement and wounded Hearts, limiting beliefs and conditioning that stands in the way of what we are truly destined to become.

Ready or Not….She has Returned

What I share here I share from a place of humility and not from an attitude of I know it all because I don’t. Sometimes what I share can be controversial, at other times healing. As always, read what follows with an open Heart and open mind.

Just allow Love and divine grace to search the depths of your own consciousness that it may bring to Light and to the surface all that needs to manifest in this moment, so that you may be released further into your fullest potential. As always what does not resonate, let it go.

As the saying goes, “let those without sin cast the first stone”….

I get a sense that the hatred we see rising in the outside world is a collective shadow from the Crusades and a reflection of the hatred we all hold in our Hearts on a personal level that maybe we are not even aware of. If so it needs to be acknowledged to be released. Expressed hatred in whatever form has its roots in unhealed wounds.

And unhealed wounds progress to destruction of some kind, whether of self or others when the Heart becomes filled with hate. And the thing about hate is that it needs an outlet – and it often takes the form of revenge. Whether we care to think about it or not, deny or suppress it, hatred is in our genes and will often arise when we feel threatened.

We see hatred playing out in society, in Government, even in personal relationships, and the desire to wound can have lasting effects. Hatred is a very painful experience so we spit out our “venom” and direct our hate elsewhere, usually towards others and blaming them as through our own unhealed wounds we perceive they deserve to be hated and it’s their fault.

We see hatred towards the elderly, to the disabled, in religion and race and so much more.

And at the root of hatred in many relationships is shame. When we feel deeply wounded by our partners actions or comments that make us feel rejected or leave us feeling without value, we may have or carry hateful thoughts towards them.

We can often see this play out in divorce disputes or when one partner leaves their spouse for another. The shame of it all and the sense of being rejected and unworthy can lead to a hatred of the ex spouse and the desire for revenge. These unhealed wounds and unforgiveness can block our creativity in expressing and sharing our truth and who we really are with others.  

The Black Rose is providing us with a beautiful invitation to heal these wounds, to purge the past personally and collectively, and shed Light on some of our deepest fears.

If we have not done so already, it really is time to release the patterns of old ways of limiting beliefs and conditioning, particularly around the Core Wounds of Rejection, Betrayal, isolation, loneliness, indifference, anger and hate.

It was during the Middle Ages the Crusaders returned from the Middle East and brought the Goddess statues back to Europe. It was the Knights Templars who associated the Black Madonna with Mary Magdalene who has been represented and misrepresented throughout history where her image has been reinvented and her memory has become shaped through the ages.

The mysteries of the Black Rose have remained hidden for eons, lost and forgotten through the mists of time, yet she carries her own Language of Light and soul song, secrets too…her luminous presence sparking our DNA into activation and assisting us for the remembering of who we are for anyone who dares, or cares to listen.

I mean really listen. Deeply…..

On an inner level, she is calling us to listen to and heal our frightened, lonely inner child, so that he/she may rise up to become the creators in collaboration with the men and women of this world who are opening up to their truth and feeling their way forward as new leaders.

The radiant grace and alchemical transforming energy of the Black Rose, a symbol of the Dark Mother, the Black Madonna with a risen Divine Solar Child upon her knee, is busily working within our souls and within our lives during this Solar Eclipse as she shakes things up, forcing us through this approaching Eclipse to engage with our inner child to expose our deep seated anger, fears and prejudices – find our creativity too – so that we may take our place and be her risen divine children.

She is demanding of us now that every thought and every action that is not of the Light is transformed. I have felt her presence keenly with these approaching energies, and She will reveal her secrets and our own secrets to those who dare to build a relationship with her.

The Black Madonna knows all about hatred and has experienced it first hand. She knows of Justice too. Hatred has often been projected onto Her, usually by those who fear her darkness, who do not understand her and who see “darkness” as negative. She has been buried and burnt, mutilated and even decapitated, her body destroyed, and paintings of her have been damaged through battle – all in the name of hatred. And that’s what we do with each other. What we don’t understand we want to destroy…..

Yet through her great powers of healing she still holds up a shining Light for all, representing our birth into Light. In her luminous presence She holds up a mirror to all, reflecting the beautiful, neglected places and hidden parts of ourselves that are just calling out to be seen and Loved. Deep within her velvet petals and piercing eyes, she also wants to reveal to us a secret powerful creator within ….

And that secret powerful creator is often the neglected inner child that we rejected and abandoned and left behind

Our journey to wholeness will always remain incomplete until we go back and hold our inner child in our arms and gather up the lost pieces we had forgotten, and call our lost parts home.

How many of us have so much creative energy locked inside of us and we cannot find an outlet for it? And at what price does that come?

Many women and sisters of the Rose come from an ancient long lineage where we deeply suppressed our power and energy of who we were. Whilst those times have long gone we still continue to give our power away and play out the same story of blame – this powerful Eclipse is providing us with an opportunity to rewrite a new one.

And what of our men? Too often I have seen those who have lost touch with their power too.

A Message from the divine Inner Child…

What will you do with the sacred moments of this Eclipse?

More importantly, what will you do after?

We all have to start somewhere to make a difference in the world, and if we can set an intention to be more positive towards one another after we awaken from this Solar Eclipse and make a commitment to sing our own song to our own tune change will happen.

What does your inner child want to create?

What do you want to contribute to the world?

Discover who you are….and BE it. Show up. Just as you are.

No-one can do that for you.

In Love, Grace and Service,


For further reading  see  as relevant today as it was then.

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