The energy this month I feel has been really difficult to work with and we may have had to take stock of what is really going on.

We are in karmic season and the Universe certainly seems to have a way of putting a halt on things. For some, blocks to communication, feeling stagnant and unable to move forward, have enabled us to go within. With both Saturn and Pluto in Retrograde now until September, they are bringing us some harsh and tough lessons and forcing any karmic relationships to end – abruptly, as secrets are revealed and karma shows its ugly face.

Certain aspects of our lives have to come to an end. Every past hurt, betrayal, our deepest fears, our deepest worries and insecurities, whatever it is that made us feel insecure will be coming out – even manifesting as illness of some kind as trauma is being released from our body. And these karmic lessons can be brutal!

All old resentments and whatever is toxic for us, whilst it may not be necessary to walk away from a relationship (unless it is toxic and affecting our well-being), the lesson is about releasing the emotional baggage we carry, and in doing so it will also strengthen us. So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Be True to YOU….the pain hasn’t been in vain!

What I share here about a Tower moment is not about sending anyone into a panic. Over the past few months there has been such a beautiful unfolding that is offering some profound revelations for all of us, enabling us to be set free from the limitations of the past through soul contracts.

If we have a soul contract with someone, these Tower moments will bring us to some sort of realisation by bringing up for us all that is unhealed. For some, many relationships have changed in their dynamics as people are moving on and redefining themselves.

Healing can be beautiful. Feelings of hurts, emotions, suffering, anxieties, fears, sadness and pain make no sense to the logical mind as they do not belong to the logical mind.

Those who have been hurt, betrayed or stabbed in the back in any way recently, there is a favourable outcome as karma balances the scales. Whether dirty deeds or good deeds – it’s payback time.

Enemy at the Gate

Power and control issues have certainly been raising their ugly heads for many over the past few months, and for anyone experiencing these issues themselves the energy of Pluto retrograde is enabling us to stand up for ourselves, including our rights, particularly if we have been emotionally manipulated, intimidated or abused by others playing mind games.

There is a closing of a chapter and ending in many of our lives that is taking place, yet the death of a situation is the wonderful rebirth and re-growth that comes from it. Powerful forces of Divine love and Divine intervention – Divine Justice too are working behind the scenes to balance the scales of karma.

What comes to mind are the peaceful warriors, the High Priestesses, those of us who will come out not fighting to lock horns with the manipulator or control freak in our lives that may be an aggressive or tyrannical bully, but who know these events are the catalyst to bring us into the highest level of healing and the ending of a karmic cycle in our lives.

A Tower Moment

The planetary energy of Saturn can not only create stagnation in our lives, it can also help us create boundaries and bring healing – particularly in releasing old wounds or having to find a new way of dealing with things and bringing a new sense of responsibility.

Pluto is the planetary energy of death, rebirth and Divine Love – and I have certainly felt these energies of both Saturn and Pluto keenly over the past few months playing out in my own personal life with an Angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other that completely destroyed the picture of peace and harmony in my life.

This tower moment for me brought a lot of heartbreak yet it was to release and set me free from what I was holding onto as trauma in my body. It taught me about self worth and self Love – and most importantly, self respect.

Our shadow side is empowering us to go into a new direction of a situation we may find ourselves us in. Breaking away from toxicity is not easy. Maybe your life is honky dory, in which case this message is not for you (at the moment).

However, if you are experiencing a tower moment in your life right now, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves that whatever challenge has been presented to us over the past few months, whether it involves struggle, pain or a loss of some kind, Saturn and Pluto just like the Black Rose shows us both the beauty and tragedy of life. There is always beauty in everything, including in death and decay – provided we are willing to look for it.

We truly are in a time of reflection and I liken the energies of Saturn and Pluto to tough Love – we will be forced and pushed into change whether we like it or not. I trust implicitly, that by the time these planets are going forward again they would have taught us so much about ourselves (and others) and we will have gained the knowledge and wisdom that can never be taken away from us.

We will emerge as a very different person to the one we are now as we would have morphed into something entirely new. We are only in the month of April and I am feeling this morphing already.

The Tower in the Tarot

Anyone who is familiar with a Tarot Deck, the Tower card has an upright and a reverse meaning. Upright, it represents sudden changes, chaos, upheaval, rocking us to the core – and also revelation. In its reverse aspect it can also represent a fear of change.

A Tower moment is a time of great turmoil which forces us to go within to seek and understand how we could have been so wrong about somebody, or blind to a situation that has happened. What the tower brings is revelation that forces us to look at the shocking truth, what will we do?

In a Tower moment, we can experience grief, anger, and confrontation, which are reactions to the big changes going on within our inner world and our outer world too which forces us to look at and question our long held beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions, including our attitudes and behaviours.

A Tower moment is not only the ending a chapter of a book and closing it because it is done, it means with patience we will have everything we need in due time by working on ourselves. With a tower moment no matter how painful it is, it is in the knowing that with any destruction a space is formed for creation.

Purging Negativity

The Full Moon coming up on the 30th April in Scorpio is a deep one which is going to be transformative as it draws us into its mysterious depths of shadows.

It will probably be an intense one, so be prepared for people acting up and acting out, bringing out all their deep down issues to release (or project onto others through emotional blackmail) and we do not want to be caught in the crossfire. We must do what we need to do to protect ourselves from possible vicious onslaught.

This Scorpio Full Moon will clear out our psyche and reveal to us what we are enmeshed in and whether it is beneficial to our own well-being and emotional health. The questions we may have to ask ourselves is, am I in a healthy or toxic situation? Can it be transformed or is it really about making a clean break?

The shadow side is empowering us to go in the direction of where we need to go. Do the shadow work. What do we need to learn from a Tower moment?

Dig deep and look at old habits and behaviours, where attachments are and where they stem from. What do we need to face and where do we need to confront or stand up for ourselves in our truth? Is there something we need to get off our chest with someone?

The reality is that following a Tower moment we will always grow wiser and stronger, and come out with a totally different perspective on life. We are exactly where we need to be at this time, so don’t fear a Tower moment. It is all about change – and the bringer of revelation.

If you would like to share your Tower moment or make a comment, please share it below.

In Love, Grace and Service,