The intense energies over the past few months have brought forth many changes and transformation, some unexpected, and some most shocking, chaotic, vicious and random. It appears those of us that have experienced these unexpected shifts, have now been catapulted into a new dimension and a new way of living and being as we find ourselves propelled into a future timeline.

We are in a karmic time, and karma is always paid in full. As we turn our biggest experiences and biggest lessons in life inward towards the heart, we are getting plenty of opportunities to learn to stay in zero point energy and work on our spiritual and emotional maturity.

Our value and worth systems can be shaken up through the challenging situations we may find ourselves in. We are dealing with duality and suffering timelines, with light and darkness, but that is exactly what the astrological cycles and seasons are meant to teach us.

This is a shorter blog than most, which has been brought forth for the Full Moon Festival of Goodwill and Invocation Day on the 29th May, as the Gemini Moon sits in Sagittarius. So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

We are being called to be spiritual masters of Self

Call forth the Cosmic ray from higher Light

The emotional weight of challenges and trauma can weigh us down to the extent we lose our soul and don’t know where to go or what to do. We get triggered. Our thoughts run riot. We see no relief in sight.

We go through these trials and tribulations to show us what we are made of. The evolution of Love and relationships means that some of us will separate from relationships – particularly around family.

Whether we believe in karma or not, it has certainly been playing out on planet Earth for a long time and the Platinum Ray, often referred to as the Rainbow Ray of Creation, is here to shift it.

There is a lot going on around the Full Moon on the 29th May. This moon is known as the Flower Moon channelling all our divine feminine energy to release what holds us back or keeps us stagnant.

This Moon in Gemini is often referred to as the Festival of Humanity or the Festival of the Christ. It is the third spiritual Festival which began with the Full Moon in April. The Full Moon in May is referred to as Wesak, and this last Festival honours the Christ and our potential for duality to be dissolved. At this time, we can also call forth the Platinum Ray of Universal Service, as Sagittarius can reveal the Truth about a situation and sneaky behaviour.

The Platinum Ray

The Platinum Ray is a Cosmic Ray here to assist us with the Ascension process. The mental and emotional bodies can be cleared through our Heart centres and opening to the God/Goddess energy through using the Platinum Ray.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is about truth and giving us the opportunity to tune into our soul. The Black Rose is a “hidden Rose” within our physical body. It is held within the Hara for men and the womb for women.

The Platinum Ray, held within the Black Rose is the twin Ray of the Golden Christed Ray merged in the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child union. This Ray is one of alignment, aligning both the mind and the Heart into One. Sourced at a multi universal level, we can call upon Melchizedek, Mahatma and Metatron, to bring down the Platinum net and this powerful Holy Trinity Ray for healing, particularly for ending, completion and clearing of karmic cycles.

If you feel called to bring forth this powerful Ray at this Full Moon, beware. There is a great price to pay with working with the Platinum Ray, and a price not worth paying for some. To embrace and embody the Platinum Ray, something must be let go of. That something is trauma, old beliefs, patterns and actions that keep us stuck and stagnant.

Are you ready yet to release these and the consequences it may bring? The Platinum Ray will reveal the TRUTH and get to the Heart of a situation. It has helped me immensely over the past few months but If you do not want to see, or accept the truth, or release the wheel of karma, do not call forth the Platinum Ray.

The Divine Plan

There is a Divine Plan, and all we need do is listen…listen to the Universe.

Whilst there is much to unfold about the Platinum Ray held within the Black Rose at this time, I will say this. Healing happens when we have the courage to go into the past and acknowledge and address all that caused our pain and sorrow. We can only let it go completely when we have acknowledged it, brought it into awareness, and come to terms with it.

I will also say this. Do not take on the burdens of the world or of others – they are not your or my burden or responsibility to carry. Only when we learn to Love ourselves more can we release these burdens and take action.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is here to support the new directions we want to go in and where we want to be. With so much going on with these chaotic energies around the planet, unsettling the minds, hearts and souls of many, now more than ever, we need to take time for ourselves.

On this day, a day for Prayer and Meditation, the World Invocation Day is a time to allow our experiences to become the manifestation that we desire. So on this sacred day, if you feel called, spend some time and call forth the Divine Feminine aspect of the Platinum Ray and breathe in justice and goodwill, breathe out any injustice and disempowerment.

No matter how we perceive what others have done to us, or how much we may hurt, know that we bring into our lives all that we need to experience so we can heal. Choose to live in alignment with the Divine, for everyone is our brother and sister. Release blame and the persecution consciousness, and when you feel ready, sound out the Great Invocation, which you can find on the Lucis Trust website.

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In Love, Grace and Service,