Over the past five months I have been aware of an illness and sickness, an oozing wound permeating the land and its people, and it has sickened me to the core. Several planets in retrograde are causing disturbance in our emotional bodies, bringing major changes, shake ups and reality checks as Tower moments continue.

There is a cosmic and Galactic order taking place, and the energies from the Capricorn Moon on the 28th June, whilst it might appear as heavy energy, it is by no means negative as there are positive factors within it too.

There is a purification about to take place on a grand scale of the clearing away of karmic patterns and cycles that are about to be closed. Much pain is arising, and there is a need to clear out and cut free from others. Righteous anger, guilt, shame, power, control and manipulation is longing to be healed and released, including an ancient wound and burden that can be traced back to a ritual of ancient religions.

Egotistical death is coming. No one is exempt. Strong emotions arising from within and a feeling of “I want to break free” appears to be the theme over the next few weeks as the energies of the Capricorn Full Moon will give us an opportunity to find the truth in the darkness to purge and weed out all that no longer serves.

So the message from the Black Rose this month is this:

The Divine Feminine Speaks: Love says no more!

Our souls are evolving and emotions play a great part in releasing karmic patterns. Purging of thoughts and emotions and seeking deeper meaning, many are no longer tolerating what is not in alignment with their truth.

We are in an age where many of us are awakening, and through our own inner being we are empowering ourselves by being our own authority. This is a time of mastery of emotions and to take back control of our lives. There is a negative, hurtful and painful contract that needs to end between Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Hold onto your truth and your spiritual path, anything or anyone that does not align with that needs to go.

Mother Earth wants to release the trauma and burdens through these Full Moon energies, and we are being called over the next few weeks to release the trauma and burdens held within our bodies too. There are many sacrifices and lessons to learn. Power, control, manipulation, emotional and narcissistic abuse, and an ancient wound of scapegoating in dysfunctional families and tribes are being highlighted. Spiritual, religious, narcissistic abuse used in personal relationships to control, manipulate, dominate, and have power over rather than treat us with Love and respect is also being exposed.

The Capricorn Moon although highlighting our inner power, will illuminate our inner pain too as new paths and new chapters in our lives are being created. Emotional sacrifice is taking place post Full Moon, so use the energies of this moon over the next few weeks which is calling us to cut out all the bullshit from those who do not have our best interests at Heart – that includes those who poison our sacred Hearts with their vitriolic words.

Walk away from issues, situations and people who are creating stress of any kind, address any issues of manipulative or abusive behaviour in relationships or groups.

A Little Note:

Before you read on, some may find this a very sensitive or painful subject and may bring up deep seated emotions. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental, emotional or physical health condition or treatment. I will also share some recommended books that helped me to “alchemise the agonies” to protect my own emotional well being and self worth and regain back my health and power.

I am sharing this post not as a Psychotherapist because I am not. The energies being worked through are pretty intense. I am sharing from a place of not only tapping into the collective consciousness, but what I have been personally experiencing over the past five months to break and heal the insidious pattern of abuse between the empath/co-dependant/narcissist.

Not until I started back in 2010 on healing my own trauma and core wound of Injustice after attracting rheumatoid arthritis did I realise the powerful impact and damage to our bodies of suppressed emotions. There is a pattern where many of us grew up in environments where we also became the scapegoats and carried the burden for others anger, guilt, blame, shame and judgement that was projected onto us too.

This blog is dedicated not only to all those women (and men) who have fell or suffered by the vicious poison of abusive, manipulative people and situations, but to those of us who have risen and transcended from the family dynamics of empath/co-dependent/narcissistic behaviour and broken the cycle of power, control and manipulation.

Healing these patterns include ending the illusions we may have had in our relationships or community groups. We may also have to go back into our childhood and see where we are re-creating childhood patterns – particularly the dynamics between empaths, co-dependants and the patriarchal pattern of power, control, manipulative, emotional abuse and narcissistic behaviour and how we enable it. This is a generational pattern and we have an opportunity to no longer make it our story or carry it.

Love says No More!

I’ve been locked into a very uncomfortable situation for some months in order to see a real truth, what has been going on, and what the power struggle was about.

There is much abuse of power when it comes to Love and we are being faced to release what Love is not. Everyone is angry, everyone is upset. Our lessons are to develop self Love and self esteem. Anxiety, fear of rejection and abandonment underlie the pattern of co-dependency.

We, and our patterns are all going to be exposed over the next few weeks. What ever needs to come out will come out. Feel into the following words, are you on the receiving end? If so, face the music and own up and address the emotions. Detachment is essential to recover from co-dependent relationships of any kind.

Someone has not been honest. Someone has been deceitful. Someone has used secrets, lies, exploitation, power, control and manipulation. Someone is envious. Someone is jealous. Someone has double standards. Someone is immature. Someone has a deep rooted selfishness.

Someone’s opinions or actions from an egotistical mind have caused heart break. There is an imbalance of give and take. Someone is bullying. Someone wants to take you down. Someone has been unkind. Someone is being underhanded. Someone is trying to discredit you. Someone is taking the p..s. Someone feels entitled. Someone has deep childhood issues…..

Someone has been cruel. Someone has been vindictive. Someone is acting out of their own interests. Someone has been verbally attacked. Someone has been emotionally abused. Someone has been manipulated. Someone has been hurt. Someone is being blocked and restricted. Someone has been rejected and betrayed. Someone has been taken advantage of. Someone is being arrogant and self centred. Someone has been treated harshly. Someone has thrown you off course.

Someone is in denial. There is a lack of Love. Someone needs to take a stand and take charge. Someone needs justice. Someone needs to do the right thing. Someone needs to speak up. Someone needs to take action.

And that someone is you and me….

Love does not judge. It does not abuse another with harsh words, controlling and manipulative behaviour. It does not blame, guilt trip, or shame. It does not disrespect or dishonour. That is not Love. It is abuse.

There is a need to balance opposing forces within and without. Someone needs to accept the truth of what’s happened and bring back balance. There is a karmic situation that needs closure. And it will not look nice or pretty.

Empaths and Scapegoats Awaken!

Empaths are receiving enlightenment and being elevated into a higher level of vibration. We have gained clarity on people and situations, and the karmic pattern is coming to an end. There will be some people that will not be following us into this new vibration. By healing this dynamic within ourselves we heal it for the next generation and the collective.

Every family or tribe has a scapegoat who was persecuted and carries the burden of anger, guilt, shame and judgement from others who will not take responsibility for these feelings within themselves and have no conscience in projecting them onto others to undermine and humiliate with their barbed tongues and poison – this was exposed some years ago through my own wound of Injustice. The echo of the witching times still lives on yet this dysfunctional family dynamic also has its roots in ancient biblical lore.


It was never our burden to carry others sins in the first place. The anger, guilt, blame, shame and judgement that others projected onto us…everything that was covered in Love was a whole lie to throw us off balance. Remove the swords from your sacred Hearts, your backs and your throats. Set boundaries, or walk away from all and anything that is toxic or false.

If someone is not choosing you….blaming, shaming, and judging you, betraying, abandoning, attempting to humiliate you and undermine your own self worth and self esteem and blocking you from having a voice or exiling you, it’s their bullshit and nothing to do with you.

Choice is about the vibration and Love and is a powerful choice. Those of us who are interested in a higher vibration of soul connected Love, cannot be there with another if they choose a lower vibration of projecting anger, judgement, guilt tripping, shaming or trying to control things. The new energy now needs to unfold. Empaths….don’t ever allow another operating at a lower vibration to attack you and allow their poisonous venom into your sacred Hearts. It will cripple you and keep you frozen in stagnation and powerlessness.

It is these deep core wounds of shame, abandonment and betrayal that play out in our families, the work place, and any of our groups and tribes that we rely on for support or with whom we may identify. Part of the expectations of the old patriarchal paradigm is that tribal groups, including religious groups, and families, consciously and unconsciously use these core wounds to keep their subscribers or members in check and towing the line, or punish them if they do not conform.

There is no blame. It’s the karmic pattern and cycle of co-dependency and control that is being brought to an end. The energies from the Capricorn Moon over the next few weeks is where we can get control back into our lives and it’s the right time to express something.

Taking up Love’s way does not come with lies, betrayal, deceit, deception, agendas, being kept in the dark, exiled and blocked from seeking the truth to what we do not know either.

Looking for the Lessons

Love is always patient and kind. We are all being called to face up to and release what Love is not. Suffering of any kind has created a hurt in the Heart, yet suffering and hurt have many secrets to share. It is ok to release the burdens.

When we as women (and men) come to the realization of how powerful we are, not in a controlling or manipulative way, we grow in integrity and walk away from those who think they have the authority and power and control to manipulate us, abuse us or punish us by withholding. We must walk away – regardless if they are our tribe, family members or not.

Healing the Karmic Pattern

I am standing up and speaking out and bringing awareness to emotional abuse as it is a sinister, insidious and despicable act, often not noticed because it is hard to detect, and used to cause damage to a persons psyche and soul and to lower a person’s confidence and self esteem. The goal of emotional abuse is to exert control over the “victim” by shutting them up, discrediting and exiling them.

Be aware of emotional abuse in your relationships, friendships, circle of friends, partner or family relationships. Empaths are very intuitive and are capable of seeing people and situations way beyond what’s on the surface or being presented to them. Empaths are very powerful alchemists, however, being on the receiving end of narcissistic emotional abusers spite, anger, and envy, an empath will feel the full force of shock trauma that can literally suck their energy out of them…I know….

If you are uncertain to know whether you are in an emotionally abusive relationship or not, your feelings will expose the truth. If you feel confused, misunderstood, wounded, frustrated or feel a high level of anxiety when you interact with someone, it is probable the relationship is emotionally abusive.

NEVER tell yourself it’s not that bad or you imagining it, because in doing so you are minimising their behaviour and invalidating your own.  Shame often keeps someone from speaking out and it is a “secret” often kept within families. EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect and kindness and remember – emotional abusers invalidate YOU.

SPEAK UP. Stop being silent about any abuse you are experiencing. Abuse of any kind is never ok, particularly from emotional manipulation. This is a big pattern that is coming up within for clearing.

There is no judgement or accusation here, it is being aware and becoming the Witness to any toxic relationship challenges you may find yourself in, whether that’s with a friend, a boss, an intimate partner, a group or family member.

A manipulator with narcissistic tendencies will attempt to undermine you and leave you out in the cold and not include you in decisions, because their aim is to make you more insignificant. Withholding information, gaslighting, and keeping you in the dark enables them to assert power over you as in their eyes any thoughts, opinions or ideas you have are insignificant. If you are an empath, which many reading this will be, once you identify the pattern you will be less likely to be a “victim” or victimized by another’s emotionally manipulative behaviour and see it for what it is.

They are excellent bullies, can be vicious, cruel and vindictive too. They will not hesitate to use criticism and judgements on you, discredit you and use every tool to assassinate you and your character. They never see that an empath has found treasures within themselves that are much more valuable than any money or physical items that money can buy, because an empath has had to dive to the depths of the Well to bring back their own treasures and pots of gold to share in service with the rest of the world and humanity.

It is imperative the more you know about yourself, who you are and your vulnerabilities, and heal your own wounds the less power these energy vampires will have over you in shaming you, guilt tripping you, and making you feel bad because they have no idea what boundaries are and will attempt or continue to violate yours with violent, abusive communication, put downs and moralistic judgements.

A Secret to Share

There will be no hiding place with the energies of this Capricorn Moon and Cancer season, for the galactic energies are giving us opportunities to clear karmic patterns before we head into the eclipse season in July.

The Divine Feminine says lay down the burdens that were never ours to carry in the first place.

The Divine Masculine says it is time to let things come to an end.

If you have experienced the cost that these patterns can have on your emotional well-being, physical and mental health, an awareness of what’s going on can hopefully give you the mindset to see the pattern for what it is and take back your power.

Seeing and knowing something will not set us free. Understanding what is going on is the start to overcoming and healing. We all have to do the inner transformational work to heal our inner trauma programs so let’s start a discussion.

Please feel free to a post something in the comments box below, or share this using the secure link at the top of the page.

Below you will find a list of resources that I have found useful on my own journey of recovery from inner trauma.

In Love, Grace and Service,


Books, Articles and Videos

“Stalking the Soul” by Marie – France Hirigoyen

“The Narcissist you Know” by Joseph Burgo

“Whose Pulling Your Strings” by Harriet B Braiker

“Dodging Energy Vampires” by Christiane Northrup MD. A Book for Empaths.

For anyone who finds themselves in the grip of narcissistic abuse, Melanie Tonia Evans has some wonderful Youtube videos.

Search for a wonderful article By Sarah Swenson, MA, LMHC and a biblical Lore – “The Blameless Burden: Scapegoating in Dysfunctional Families”