An energetic shift is happening in the cosmos as shadow energy comes to the fore. Eclipses are wakeup calls and as many around the world are “waking up” and evolving spiritually, we see unfolding humanity’s evolution as the Light begins to shine on what was in the dark.

We entered another energy Gateway on the 11th November, a Portal of Remembering and are now in an Eclipse season with the Portals of Awakening and Rebirthing.

A tidal wave and storm is coming with the Solar Eclipse on the 4th December to change our lives in one way or another and align us with our destiny. Purging and cleansing of the old will continue to take place so we can release old energies and lower vibrational energies in our life as we prepare for the new and what is to come in 2022.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Through your own purging, find your place and purpose in the world to help others for what is to come.

Many Sovereign beings are waking up, rising up and reclaiming their crowns and power. On an inner and outer level, so many shadows and “dark forces” have been revealed and exposed.

What is coming to the surface is what we have denied or do not want to face. Many of us have experienced trauma around family, love and personal friendships and relationships that held deep core wounds of betrayal of trust, abandonment and injustice. Through this eclipse season we can release the expectations we may have held on others and ourselves.

I have often used the stories of mythology to understand my own life at times and understand the deeper meaning of my experiences. Whilst many characters appeared, their archetypes helped me to find love and compassion for myself whilst building my backbone to stand up and speak out.

Illumination and Shadow

Through our purging our beliefs and values may change as we start to learn our own value from the experiences we have been through.

Sudden realizations may illuminate just how we have outgrown old patterns of conditioning and old ways of doing things. We may also find a new level of self love, giving ourselves a deeper sense of trust and security, knowing that when we surrender the universe always has our backs.

Last week, three hundred and fifty earthquakes had been recorded within twenty four hours on the volcano in the Canary Islands, changing possibly the dynamics of the volcano, the volcano itself and the islanders that live there. So even the Earth herself is experiencing the upheaval and shifting as we experience her transformation and mirroring current events.

It is certainly a time of turmoil as we also see the forms and structures of our world breaking down. That sense of separation, our healthcare system, social care, education, our political leadership are all falling down and dissolving.

Authorities cannot rescue us. No one can rescue us. Nothing can be fixed. We cannot get out of this situation through our minds and the illusion that we can control everything around us because we are in a process of transformation into a whole new way of being.

Whatever is taking place in the world (even the destruction from war and protests) we must hold it all with compassion and let it dissolve, for it is a spiritual initiation for everyone. We are being guided (not controlled) by energies that are way beyond us.

What will be Revealed?

I get a sense the focus for 2022 will be, how do we navigate on the Earth plane as our systems and structures continue to breakdown?

We know. We know.

Many complain they want their freedom and to go back to normality. The truth is, we are already free – depending where we put our thoughts and energy. Many have not accepted that there is no going back to the old paradigm and old ways of the past.

There is a new beginning coming. Many of us are feeling it. Many of us stood in long lines to be here now, to bring forth our sacred contracts, healing codes and teachings to be in service.

Trust. Rise up and use them. Rise up and use them! We are needed more than we can ever know. New friends and soul families will show up to support us. What we need will be provided.

If we can align with the energies of the Eclipses, they can help us approach our destiny. Although they can bring unexpected endings and beginnings, anything not in alignment with Divine perfection and our true destiny will be revealed to make room for new opportunities.

Come Back

Don’t go back. Don’t go back.

Come back…come back….

We are in stormy and chaotic times, there is no doubting that. The more we can bring our energy back into alignment with our inner stillness and cosmic consciousness, we can not only hold with compassion the parts of ourselves that may feel scared or overwhelmed, we can awaken and create a whole new world and a new way of being.

Humanity is sick.

The Earth is sick.

Illness and disease is not what we have been led to believe by New Age spirituality. I am probably in a small minority that sees illness as a gift – including Covid19 that is so intelligent and has a consciousness of its own.

Portals of Remembering

I see a lot of fear and misunderstanding out there amongst the spiritual community about what the darkness is. Illness and dis-ease are also Portals of remembering and awakening.

Through rheumatoid and cancer I have been to the edge. I have travelled to the void and beyond. Yet in that blackness the energy became lighter. I have died to all that I was not and came back with the gold of the Black Rose that I now offer to the world.

Whilst the cancer is in remission I am grateful for life and everyday that I can get up out of bed. What I say may be controversial for some.

Many healers want to kill or get rid of illness and disease instead of focusing on the Light and asking, what’s out of balance here? Where are we in alignment and harmony, where are we not?

Our body is a messenger. Many of us can say we have not been loved unconditionally for who we are. Many of us have not had any support. Through life events and personal trauma, illness or disease, we can learn true humility, compassion, gratitude and acceptance for all that is – both for ourselves and others.

Whether we live with illness and trauma or not, may we all learn the lessons of these beloved gifts and what Covid19 is teaching us.

We are all healers and we must change our ways

Here in the UK we see our NHS and social care in crisis through lack of money and a shortage of staff. Maybe medicine as we have known it is a paradigm that cannot continue or be supported anymore.

And maybe holistic and spiritual healing as we know it is a paradigm that cannot continue either….

I do not heal anyone. I speak to others only of themselves and know that the words that come through me can awaken in their deepest being a presence which one day will emerge and expand like a Rose in full bloom.

We can only guide people through this time of transition and evolution. Illness, disease and pandemics are messengers that bring some kind of change to what is out of balance.

Let’s Talk

When we heal ourselves we heal the world.

The New Earth is being built on Love….not from the fear in the old paradigm.

We do not need to be leaders, teachers or healers to provide the education to others that are in need or need to take care of themselves. Old values of exclusion, power and control and self interest are fading. The new paradigm values are of sharing, collaboration, Love and service.

We can show someone how to meditate to ease their stress or anxiety.

We can teach others how to remain focused on the Light.

We can show others how to open to the Divine and unconditional Love.

We can show others how to come back to Self with the Sacred breath.

We can share with others who may be going through the same thing as we did our personal experiences and how we moved through them.

We can just listen to those who are in need of someone to talk to….and there will be many.

We can show others how to focus on Love and not fear.

We can all make a difference in small unassuming ways.

Remember your Destiny

Find your place and purpose in the world to help others for what is to come.

Through my own purging and cleansing, I found my place and purpose in the world.

I will continue to do my duty and be of service until it’s time for me to leave this earthly plane for I remembered…I AM the Black Rose embodied.

In Love, Grace and Service,