Many appear to be in a state of fear and emotional trauma at the moment. I too have had my moments! We are being shown the dark and the light and we cannot distract ourselves from the dark in the month of October. All the more we need to keep coming back into alignment with our inner being regardless of what we are being presented with outside.

Big shifts in energies are taking place so it could turn out to be a dramatic and challenging month as the eclipse lights the shadow. At least we had an opportunity to find faith in ourselves to go in a new direction through the 10:10 Portal and find balance with the Libra energy on 14th October at the annular solar eclipse on a “path of annularity”.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Where are you fearing the dark and not seeing the Light?

The world may seem on the surface to be getting darker at the moment as many unhealed karmic wounds and past wars that have not been healed are playing out on the world stage.

Many may be struggling to find balance and inner peace as information comes out about Israel and Palestine. We are led to believe that the Divine Feminine path started with Mary Magdalene in Israel so it is crucial that we do not fall into despair. That collective shock and trauma is being felt by many as old energies start to crumble and come to the surface.

I will be reciting the prayer of the New Great Invocation on Saturday 14th October at 7.13pm UK time. The prayer was given to Christine Core for Angelic Reiki by Djwhal Khul.

Those who feel drawn to participate, The New Great Invocation is at the end of this Love Letter.

All that is required is that you clear your thoughts of everything that is happening in the world, speak the New Great Invocation out loud and send pure energy to where it is needed.

What do we need the Sun to burn away to give us a fresh start?

I sense the annular eclipse symbolically represents the dark masking out (temporarily) the light, and the “ring of Fire” lighting up the shadow. In astronomy an annular eclipse is where the Moon crossing the Sun looks too small to block out the whole sun completely, just leaving visible a bright ring around the edge of the Moon, often referred to as a “ring of fire”.

The Moon will appear smaller than the Sun, so the sun will be lighting up the energy behind the Moon, burning away something in our emotional body. It will be shining a light on something, showing us what has been in the shadows. What is heavy on our minds we need to talk about?

According to NASA those in the path of annularity – where the eclipse crosses several U.S. cities, will see the “Ring of Fire” as the Moon passes in front of the Sun.

Can we be open to the possibility of what this eclipse is symbolically showing us? Where are we denying or have forgotten the Light within ourselves, albeit temporarily, even if we seem overwhelmed by darkness at the moment from personal or world events? What places are we ready to grow into our true self?

It can be difficult to find and be in balance and just observe the chaos without being pulled into it. Where are we afraid of the dark? Where are we afraid of what the Light could bring? More than ever we have to make a choice where we are putting our energy – in the Light (Love) – or in the dark (fear). That is the choice.

Dream or Omen?

In a recent dream I dreamt I was trying to get onto a beach. It was shingle and pebbles and to the right of me I was aware of two high rock formations. As I stepped onto the stones the beach was water logged and I could not go further to the shoreline as I was wearing open sandals.

As I looked to my right between the two rock formations, at first what I thought was the Statue of Liberty, morphed into Christ on the cross complete with a crown of thorns.

It looked like a tall old wooden structure and he was only visible from the middle of his body upwards. A piece of the cross had been broken off where his left hand was.

As I stood looking up at this tall wooden structure I heard a voice behind me. When I turned around there was a woman looking at me and she said “money is dangerous”. She was looking at me suspiciously and asked where I was from – I said Nottingham.

The next thing I found myself wandering around some tiny streets and at the base of the shops/houses a black liquid was oozing. I was given the words “black gold”. I kept stepping over and around it.

I was then on a street that was flooded with about an inch or two of water and as I was walking this black gunk was in the flooded street in patches. I stepped on some as I was walking and as I looked at my foot this gunk had blackened the tips of my toes (bit like a French manicure!) so I was trying to wash it in the “clean” bits of water trying to shake it off.

I was able to see the clear parts of the water so just like stepping over puddles I kept stepping into the “lighter, cleaner, clearer water”.

There is higher guidance on a personal level for me with this dream and I am aware this is higher guidance for the collective also in stepping into the Light at the eclipse.

Remain Focused on the Light

Whilst the 10:10 Portal gave us an opportunity to move into a new direction, I get a sense the upcoming annular solar eclipse is providing us with an invitation to be aware of where we may have been pulled into the dark and not seeing the Light within it.

Humanity creates much pain because it sees things a different way. It has turned away from the Light. That fear and pain is always a portal and an invitation to a deeper truth.

Although we don’t know our future, our destination or direction, we know we must keep going towards the Light regardless of the fear that comes up. No matter what our personal or world challenges, we must continue to remain focused on the Light.

Yes, I slip sometimes. Then I remember that we are here to anchor the Light by being the Light, Love and Power living God’s Plan on Earth and being co-creative with Source in service to humanity.

Don’t Lose Hope

Regardless of our challenges I believe we can still live a happy, productive and spiritual life when we know our strength comes from spirit.

For thirteen years in the writing of monthly blogs and these Love Letters, all I have wanted is to inspire and encourage others who want to give up in the face of adversity or illness is that we need to find a way to turn our pain into True Power and make something out of that pain and hardship.

I can still transform my daily challenges into opportunities and whilst illness does define who I AM, I like to think that I and others define me by the wisdom I share that my life challenges and illness brought through.

Moving forward can seem difficult and overwhelming at times but these initiations and experiences of life and the journey within are essential if we are to be the heroin and have sovereign power of our own lives.

So for those who are feeling stuck, confused, or despairing in these troubling times where things seem to be getting darker and know they should be doing something to help humanity out of its fear and darkness but don’t know what it is they are meant to do, don’t lose hope. Look to the Light of the annular eclipse, for you are here to anchor the Light on Earth.

For anyone that is affected by what is happening in the world at the moment, take care of your own mental and emotional health and seek mental and emotional support if needed.

True Power comes when we re-member there is a deeper truth within it all and that our strength, power and creativity comes from Source, Spirit and All That Is.

Forged in the Fire

I too am evolving into another version and the Temple space in the Temple of the Black Rose is evolving too.

Our small heart based community takes place online and is completely free of charge. In these troubling times, the main aim is to enhance the well-being of all and provide emotional support. Whoever wants to show up, your soul essence is most welcome.

If you have been having dreams lately that you feel may be for the collective, please feel free to share your musings below. There may be a bigger picture unfolding!

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters Inspire, Comfort and Support you in times of need.



From the point of light that I AM

I let Light stream forth from the Mind of God

Earth radiates with light


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

I let love stream forth from my Heart

I AM the Christed Soul on Earth


From my centre where the Will of God is known

I let Divine purpose guide me.

The purpose which all masters know and serve.


From the centre of the Divine Human Race

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

My Love seals the door where evil dwells.


I AM the Light and Love and Power living God’s Plan on Earth.