Welcome to the new subscribers and to the first newsletter of 2024, a number 8 year which represents the vibrations of strength and power! To the regular readers apologies I was not able to get a Love Letter out for December, I was taking time out to rest and recuperate in preparation for what is to come this year.

There is a collective wound of Injustice (unfairness) and “cold anger” that is being projected and has been playing out for a very long time. It can no longer be ignored and we cannot remain in denial as it is in our faces every day. I have included links here and here to Letters in 2016 and 2020, so relevant today to ask a pertinent question. Are you a Rose or Sword?

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

What is the Fire of Potential you need to bring forth in 2024?


Do not fear being burned,

for you are a magnetic force field of immense potential.

This is the gift of this yellow Rose.

Breathe in her essence, for the Light Codes she brings to you now

is to realise the fire of potential within you

can be used to destroy or create.

Gaze into the centre of her hottest sulphuric flames

and use your inner fire to master any residual anger, irritation,

frustration or rage within and transmute them into creative potential.

Use your inner heat and fire to raise your life force energy

and be the shining Light for others that you are.

The Black Rose Fire of Potential Love offering©Linda Raven 2019

Navigating 2024

For old and new subscribers alike, the opening questions at the beginning of any Love Letter are for deeper enquiry to sit down and do the inner work rather than reading them at an intellectual level.

We may think we don’t have time or cannot be bothered. Yet to sit down and write with pen and paper and challenge ourselves with those questions, it is surprising what can/will be revealed from the Heart.

In this 8 year we are still going to be challenged emotionally. We must find the key that will unlock a new level of power and potential and inner strength that resides within all of us.

Our unexpressed, suppressed emotions and unresolved trauma can only be dealt with at the level of self awareness we had at the time.

We may think we have done our work so let’s just focus on the light. It is my belief that to live our truth we must continue to do the spiritual work. Life experience has shown me that when I think I have dealt with something, it will circle around a few years later to look at another level that I was not aware of the first time around. Family programming has come up for me.

To understand our full potential for 2024 and beyond, whatever comes up for us we need to take the time for self inquiry and use the fire of potential within us for greater good and be aware that it can be used to destroy or create.

Shining our inner Flame of Potential

The energies of the Full Moon on 25th January gave us an opportunity to purge and cleanse the energies of 2023 and make room for what we want to create in the future. 2024 for me is the year for writing my book.

Through recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and spikes in solar flares, the early days of January brought torrential rain and floods to big parts of the UK. The Earth is restless too as she releases, shapes and moulds herself into something new. Fire and water have been a theme playing out in my own body too.

Staying centred will be a challenge for many. Whatever challenges we will be faced with this year, may we find the strength to face them together and be a shining light for those in need.

Where does your inner light want to lead you?

Please feel free to post a comment or join the conversation.

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters Inspire, Comfort and Support you in times of need.