Whatever we see or hear playing out on the world stage at this time of history and evolution or even within our own lives, through the 11:11:11 Portal we are gifted with the grace of awakening, awareness and infinite opportunities for peace in every single moment.

My own reflections on the current world situation is that I can observe them with compassion, yet in my own life events that affect me personally, there are times when I have allowed my mind to pull me out of my state of peace. Life is our greatest initiator that constantly reminds us that all those painful parts are calling out for acceptance….

Fear and worry does not change an outcome. When we have or are able to reach a place of acceptance, moved beyond the body, the ego, beyond our identity and who we think we are change is possible. I have put a link to a must read book at the end of this Love Letter for the 11:11:11 Portal, so sorely needed at this time when our world deeply needs its wisdom.

In the meantime…Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

We are being called to deepen our wisdom and live even more in the Now….

What would the world look like if we and it were healed of all trauma? It is easy to get caught in fear based mentality and differences of “us and them”. In those moments when we forget, no matter what is going on we can still be safe and secure in our state of being. A Love Letter I wrote in 2020 that is still as relevant today as it was then can be viewed here

That state of acceptance.

The grace of awakening in each given moment is being able to give grace to ourselves by surrendering and allowing the tears to come if they need to.

To accept the truth even if it hurts.

To accept the truth of what is.

I read something recently of someone struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, how they would never accept it.

In that moment I felt compassion for them, for in fighting and not accepting what is we remain at war with ourselves.

My own journey changed my perspective on healing, for there is a big difference with healing something and curing it. No “healing” outside of me could cure my condition, pain or disability that it brought. Only by making friends with it enabled me to learn what it was trying to teach me and grow from the experience.

I am also reminded that in those moments when I allow my mind to pull me out of a state of peace that it’s ok if my body hurts and it’s ok if my mind wants to create a story of its own.

It’s all just trying to bring me to a place of acceptance. The longer I resist the more discomfort I create for myself. The truth is I am not broken and those “discomforts” do not define who I am. They are aspects of me that just want to be loved and accepted.

I am brought back to remembering….


The awareness of remembering is that there is only the Now. No past, no future. Just the now…where change is possible.

Whilst generations move on, as I observe and stand before my Altar for the two minutes silence on Armistice Day, an agreement that was made to end the fighting of the First World War as a prelude to peace negotiations which started at 11am on 11th November 1918, my mind goes silent.

I am aware as I observe the empty tomb (Cenotaph) that in the silence there is only my breath, my heart beating (mis-beating!) with the rise and fall of my chest, the weight of my body standing on the floor, the traffic passing my window, the sound of the birds as my feeling body expands.

There is a remembrance that we can have an “Armistice” day moment within every day with a prelude to peace within our being, where everything collapses into the mystery of Now.


Many are crying out, “where are the peace makers”? The peace makers are within and start with self.

The teachings of Christ and many others speak of a state of being that is available to all of us.

When I remember who I am, I am reminded again and again of the peace that resides within all of us, always there waiting patiently and silently for us to claim the peace within.

In Meghan Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Oracle, she speaks of when we are bound by one of the seven powers of the ego and how the path of the ancient Christian was to practice anamnesis – living remembrance.

Living Remembrance

Hearing, remembering, that even in the challenging moments and events we are dealt with, there is that still voice within that speaks up and says, “I know who I am”.

So on this 11:11:11 Portal, my intention is to focus on and align with the energies and frequencies of awakening, awareness and bringing in those energetic frequencies of the 5D realm and sending those frequencies out.

We are all the Peacemakers that the world needs right now, to look for them on the outside is just projection and not taking responsibility to develop that peaceful behaviour within ourselves first.

A Book Publishing

It is with immense joy and excitement to share a dear friend’s creative work with you all and the recent publishing of his book 7 Peaceful Ways.

This is a must read if you want to discover the true centre of peace within you that is now available in Paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon worldwide. You can order your copy by checking out his website here

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