Observing the big super Full Moon in Capricorn, I got to thinking where I need to let go of responsibilities that are not mine. I know there is a higher purpose in relating and a higher Love coming through. Are we open to receive the celestial energies of Capricorn Moon, Neptune and the planetary activations and downloads of the 7:7:7 Sirian Portal?

When I speak of a higher octave of relating I mean in all relationships and connections. Do they fulfil us? Do they align with our energy? Do we get our needs met? Do we feel loved and supported? Do we have like minded others that lift us up and support us to achieve our goals?

I have felt a sense of “soft sadness” permeating through me the past month or so as difficult, challenging memories have come to the surface. When I understood what it was trying to show me, I was able to shift my perspective. So if any of this resonates with you, Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

Neptune retrograde and the Capricorn Full Moon are offering us an invitation to prioritise self care and loyalty to self

And what about the relationship we have with our intuition and spiritual practice? Some years ago I was called to purchase some planetary wind chimes to produce a delicate harmony in my garden of Roses. One that takes pride of place hanging from a tree is a large chime of Neptune, as Neptune is associated with healing, therapy and unconditional Love.

The sound of Neptune is familiar to church bells. It has lovely harmonies and a gentle resonance that has been musically tuned to ancient scales and a universal pentatonic scale that in certain weather conditions can transport me to a mystical, misty, magical place.

It has been breezy here in the UK recently and Neptune has been “calling” for a reality check….bringing to my attention to make changes where I need them but more importantly, the clarity of where I need to “move up” to a higher octave of relationships and relating. No co-incidence my recent fated event and car change was to a VW Move UP!

Capricorn Full Moon, Neptune’s Messages, Sirian Gateway

Neptune by its very nature has a way of playing on our emotions and sensitivity. Known as a planet of depths, many of us are in a time of introspection and self reflection.

Capricorn Moon is giving us an opportunity to find balance and release any responsibilities that are not ours. The energy is doing its job, balancing and understanding our emotions.

The opening of the Sirian Gateway on the 4th July is lining us up for new things to start happening and stepping into our purpose.

I had a difficult lesson to learn in life and see some truths. Maybe you can relate. If you keep giving to others, being a support for others and they are not there for you in your times of need, this message may be for you.

The first thing we must discern before looking to project or blame others for where we find ourselves is that it all begins with US.

I recently went for lunch with an old work colleague from the past and what she said gave me a reality check.

She said ever since she has known me (over twenty years), I have always given so much to others and yet none of them were ever there for me.

Capricorn Moon has given me the opportunity to look at this at a deeper level. I have over given to other people all my life. It is just in my nature. I had to work through my care taker and people pleasing patterns long ago.

Going into the depth of my own soul I found I have freely given a lot to others. My resources, time, energy and Love to lift and assist others to move up and help them acquire what they want in life with no expectation of anything in return. I have given not from a people pleasing pattern but because I genuinely want to make sure people have the help they need.

Messenger, mentor, guide and spiritual support for others…..I take that responsibility seriously.

Lessons…and New Perspectives

What have we created to appease other people?

Where have we deceived ourselves?

Where do we need to strengthen our boundaries?

Is there a big conversation we have to have with others right now?

I keep giving out to others….I’m getting nothing back for myself.

I see where I have over given….I see where I have held myself back in doing so.

I do so much for others it is time to experience the Love I deserve and allow others to help me.

It is not about other people helping me….but about me helping myself.

I have blocked energy by saying…..I can do this on my own.

I have given my time, energy to other people, situations and friendships that are out of balance….they are not in alignment with my own energy.

I had allowed others to put me into an energy of not going after what I wanted….I had not been loyal to myself.

I have been loyal to other people….I have not been loyal to my Heart.

I am learning a new lesson….I am being loyal and giving to myself.

I had put something off to the side….Metatron and Uriel are calling me back.

I feel these energy upgrades….I am the only person that can change and bring success into my life.

I am aligning with Sirius….as Sirius aligns with my mission and purpose.

I look back at my choices and accomplishments….looking back at what it took to get me where I am.

It is time for me to leave safe harbour, pull up the anchor and set sail for more adventures.

I am moving on….I have moved up.

Sirian Gateway

Every year from the 3rd to the 7th July the Sirian Gateway opens where we can access the light frequencies of Sirius to receive Divine messages at the 7:7 Portal if we are open to receive them in preparation to receive the Sirian Codes at the Lionsgate on the 8:8.

As I prepare for the Temple of the Black Rose call on the 7.7 Portal and a multidimensional healing journey, the download I received for the collective is this:

Respect yourself enough to focus on what makes YOU feel good about you. Bring in the new NOW…..

May you receive the Sirian downloads for your own destiny and let go of what is no longer in alignment with your own energy.

What is next on your journey? Who will you take with you? Who will you leave behind?

Created with Love, Grace and in Service,

May the Love Letters Inspire, Comfort and Support you in times of need.