Battered, bruised and fatigued I am…..yet within the ugliness, death, decay and sacred holy fire of my ruby red petals, there burns an eternal Flame of Light. Here you will find a message of Hope. You have been through and endured so much in 2020.

Yet out of the grief, the destruction, the chaos and anxiety, will come a better world. A different one to what you have known, but from the ashes of being burned in my sacred holy fire of Grace a phoenix rises….bringing new growth, new Love and a New Earth for a better future. Trust that. And so it is. Linda Raven© 27/12/2020

Our planet is collapsing on many levels. Something enormous is happening. Many of us are feeling it. Whatever the chaos, something beautiful is coming. At the end of December the Full Moon in Cancer will be closing the last days of 2020, giving us an opportunity to process all that has been. So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

There is a greater Light emerging from the greatest Darkness.

Could an ancient prophecy of Love be fulfilled in 2021?

My son arrived at Christmas clutching a bouquet containing ruby red Roses, white, red lilies and greenery for me. The opening message of this month’s Love offering came from one of those holy Roses in the Christmas bouquet.

2020 has been challenging, transitional and awakening year for us all. Many have been taken to the deepest of shadows…and to the deepest realms of death.

As we prepare to cross the threshold into 2021, could an ancient prophecy of Love be fulfilled in 2021?

On the 21st December something took place in our galaxy. We got to witness the great conjunction of Light between Jupiter and Saturn, what many astrologers refer to as the Star of Bethlehem – that star that the three wise men taking the sacred gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the baby Jesus followed.

This long awaited conjunction is also the start of the Age of Aquarius. Surely there can be no co-incidence that the Winter Solstice energies and Grand Conjunction have taken place during this life changing and transforming year of 2020?

Energetically, December has been a powerful month. The Earth made its annual alignment with the Great Central Sun between the 12th and 21st December, a Cosmic Gateway for Higher Consciousness and a catalyst for a new beginning.

The 21st December was the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the darkest day of the year as we move from the dark to the Light. It was also the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, opening a generational timeline. Also on the 21st, a beautiful ceremony took place at Uluru in Australia to align the “Rainbow Serpent” with the Earth and the Sun.

Many have their own interpretation of the Solstice energies and Grand Conjunction. I am just bringing through my own teaching from the Black Rose that I have been asked to deliver.

What is taking place in the outside world is a fine line between truth and a lie. Death is on the rise, in more ways than one.

The highest purpose of the Age of Pisces was in the ultimate alchemical process of comprehending that separation is an illusion and that only by reconciling the Ego and the Soul can we become whole again.

It is not an easy process. It never was. Not until we find our inner unity of balancing the Masculine and Feminine, the Ego and the Soul, the Light and the Darkness will we have the awareness to step into the Age of Aquarius.

An Ancient Prophecy

We are moving into an Aquarian vibration. Are the Cathar’s returning with the “Church of Love” for the Age of Aquarius? There is a lot of speculation and distorted, superficial information about the Cathars. Did they exist or not?

Is a 700 year prophecy about to be fulfilled in 2021 of the return to Earth of the Cathars, who were followers of Mary Magdalene?

The black robed Cathars never left us. They are coming again. They were ahead of their time.

The Cathars

The Cathars, a religious group or a divine civilization, were called the pure hearted ones. It is said that they are the descendants of the teachings of Mary Magdalene in a region of Lanuedoc, in the south of France where the brutal and bloody persecution of them took place.

The last Cathar, Perfect, Guillaume Belibaste, was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1321. Before he died he made a prophecy ….

“In 700 years the laurel will become green again, good people will return”.

The Laurel was thought to be a sacred symbol of pure Love to the Cathars. Is 2021 the year when Love and good hearted people, “the Pure ones” return with “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood”?

My Prayer

My Prayer is that the opening message and medicine from the holy Rose of my Christmas bouquet I wanted to share with you all as a gift through the end days of 2020, serves you in Heart, Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

Through my continued work with the Black Rose and my own life experiences, what I have learned is this:

It is only in facing our wounds head on that brings the healing. For ten years I have faced each fear, each distorted belief and spoke directly to my body with each pain it presented me with.

When I spoke to the lesion from the cancer it felt heard and no longer needed to get my attention the hard way. I’ve been able to move through the sacred holy fires of the dark Mother by facing up to what was trying to get my attention.

In doing so, it brought what was lying in the shadows of my wounding unacknowledged into the Light of right alignment.

My Prayer is that for all who are in challenging situations at the moment, you have an eternal Light and power within you. Align with the Grace and Healing of the Rose and see what she reveals to you.


I would like to thank one and all for your continued support of Love’s healing messages from the Black Rose and for those of you that purchased the Black Rose Oracle deck(s!). My heartfelt gratitude to all of you!

Although 2021 will be a challenging year, there is a greater Light emerging from the darkness. As a son and daughter of the Mother, may you be blessed with the healing balm of the Rose.

In Love, Grace and Service,