“There is always enlightenment through chaos and disorder. All truth is eventually illuminated and revealed as the Universe has a way of exposing untruths both within and without. Truth, Honesty and Integrity means owning up to ourselves and to others and doing the right thing”. The Three Graces of Love from the Black Rose Oracle deck Copyright © 2020 Linda Raven

We all have to transform our self defeating patterns, emotions and distorted beliefs if we want a better future for ourselves. This is the essence of the Black Rose, assisting humanity in its sacred Heart awakening to discover the Love, Power and beauty within. For only when we break the spell of the illusion in our minds can we be free from suffering.

With the powerful New Moon on the 11th and moving into the Chinese New Year, are we ready to dream bigger? No one on this planet would not have been touched in some way by the current pandemic. The suffering we share is designed to bring us to a state of self realization and self mastery. When accessing the higher Mind there is no conflict.

So Love’s healing message from the Black Rose this month is this:

The Black Rose asks…have you the courage to meet it all?

There is much inner work still to be done and with Mercury in retrograde until the 21st, this month is an ideal time to reflect on the past.

The last year has given everyone an opportunity to go within so we can look at what is real in our lives and what is illusion. We are not victims of circumstance or powerless. Find the diamonds!

As the world teeters on the scales of Hope and Despair, we see the old world collapsing and a new world waiting to be born. The past year we have been told to remain distanced and separated from friends and loved ones for the benefit of the whole. From a higher perspective, all that unfolds in our individual experiences is just a cosmic dance of Light.

We are all moving and evolving to higher frequencies and much of what we know, believe and think is based on an old paradigm and fear.

In the past eleven years working through my own illnesses, I have had to change my attitude towards pharmaceuticals, medical interventions and what healing really means. New thoughts and a new awareness are required for new ways of living in the new paradigm where everything is a part of the whole, they are not separate.

The time for Healing

Rest awhile in the healing rays and beauty of the Black Rose, for on this Valentine’s Day Love is Her diamond….it is time for self.

On a mental, emotional and Heart perspective, all suffering can be transformed when you know how in the Grace of the diamond black Light of the Black Rose.

The Teachings of the Black Rose are founded on and has at its roots The Three Graces of Love….Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

Hidden within the shadows of the Three Graces lie another two…Transparency and Accountability.

These are the five Graces, the five languages of Love within the Black Rose teachings that were shown to me for inner work in assisting humanity’s sacred Heart awakening.

The five graces of Love are the foundation for clearing blocks and healing core wounds to transform the Heart, Mind, emotions and Shadow energy, to remove the veils of illusion and awaken to a higher state of consciousness.

Are we really truthful with ourselves and others and what’s going on in our lives?

Are we really honest with ourselves and others?

Are we in integrity and live in accordance with our deepest values, our highest morals, living with strict ethics and principals?

Are we transparent, open with communication with ourselves and others?

Are we prepared to not hide or conceal anything, regardless of the consequences?

Are we accountable for our every word, deed and action? Really?

In this month of February and Chinese year of the Ox, have we the courage to meet it all?

Have we the courage to meet uncertainty?

Have we the courage to meet our resistance?

Have we courage to meet our fears?

Have we the courage to meet our shadows and sit with them rather than pushing them away?

Have we the courage to meet and touch the centre of our grief and sorrow from loss?

Have we the courage to meet our stress and anxiety?

Have we the courage to meet our illness or depression?

Have we the courage to meet our life’s betrayals and the lies we have told ourselves?

Have we the courage to sit with ourselves and ask what is ailing thee?

Have you the courage to stand in the Sacred Holy Fire with me and be burned?

For anyone needing guidance from the Black Rose Oracle for deeper awareness on a situation, insight and direction, or assistance to transform the Heart, Mind and Shadow energy to remove the veil of illusion of the conscious mind, please contact me via the Contact page for a Personal Insight reading.

A Valentine’s Rose

Make today a day for being and a day for self care and Love. Whether that is being with someone you Love or being a Valentine to yourself, make it a day for being in Love with you. Find time to be quiet in the silent presence of this Rose, and bring forth that dream you buried a long time ago. It’s waiting patiently in the embers of your Heart and soul, waiting for you to fan the flames and bring it to life. (previously posted on FB 14.2.2020)

In Love, Grace and Service,