Whilst November’s energy was intense and brought up some real collective shadow stuff and disruptive energy both inside and out, December is offering us yet more illumination and opportunities from the Heavens for awakening and rising in consciousness through the 12:12 Gateway of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness, the Winter Solstice, and a Full Moon on Christmas Day that occurs at 11.11 here in the UK.

The past few weeks have been turbulent and unsettling for many as we are all being shaken up individually and collectively, yet they have also presented us with an opportunity for Quantum leaps forward. Recent events in Europe created much trauma, and with violence appearing to be on the increase, it is no surprise if we picked up some of that energy within our own energy fields of anxiety, fear and feeling powerless.

When we can stop labelling things right or wrong, good or bad and stand in Awareness we all contribute to healing the world. The source of much of our pain comes from our distorted thoughts and beliefs and the emotions we attach to them. To stay out of the drama and the stories that are unfolding within ourselves or through the media, we can be aware OF pain or suffering without the need to attach to the painful feelings and identify WITH them.

As we move deeper into the darkening days of winter here in the Northern hemisphere, there are some powerful Cosmic and Planetary influences taking place. So Love’s healing message this month is this:

Heal the inner wounds of persecution and injustice. 

Pay attention. Don’t look back. Keep moving towards the Light

If we are truly committed to our path we must find the courage to trust in the unknown, accept what we don’t know, and be willing to look at and feel into the “signs” that the universe sends us.  Whilst it may seem very intense around the world at the moment, trying to decipher fact from fiction, what is truth and what is not, there is only forward movement for us now.

There is much Goddess and Knights Templar energy held in the land in France and around Paris – and the coasts of Syria – all of which holds an energetic sad history of persecution and injustice. Those injustices and persecution still carry on and are felt around the world today, karmic echoes of the past as individually and collectively we continue to ridicule and persecute that which we do not understand.

Many of us, women and men, have been powerful in the past. Like the Templars through the Inquisition and the burning times, many of us in past lives have been abused, persecuted and tortured for the roles we played and those wounds run deep. When we heal our own wounds of injustice and persecution – particularly women – it is then we find our voice and are able to step into our leadership roles. The Goddess energy is coming back to earth – waiting to be uncovered by all of us – men and women – so we can embrace it, integrate it, and become it to reach and fulfil our divine and earthly potential.

It was through contracting rheumatoid arthritis and healing my own core wound of Injustice, through memory recalls of a past life and information from the inner plane Ascended Masters, that I was able to trust what was happening to me in ways I could not have done before the onset of illness. I had been called to the Rose Path with the gift of a white Rose from a group of Cosmic beings. The Sisterhood of the Rose Goddess energy is the feminine aspect of Source.

Members of the Sisterhood of the Rose were, and still are, the wisdom keepers and guardians of the Flame of Divine Love working directly with the energies of Sirius, the Pleiades and the Galactic Centre. The Sisterhood of the Rose I speak of is not an earthly group, although many of us are now beginning to re-meet and come together in this lifetime to work with and release the knowledge and wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Rose, having healed the wounds of the past through our lineage.

The Roses of Light

Every year our solar system moves into alignment with the Great Central Sun during the month of December. This alignment is a Comic Gateway into higher dimensional New Earth and takes place during the 12:12 and the 21:12. The 12:12 is a powerful vibration and a universal ascension Code that ignites the sacred geometry of union and balance of opposites – the masculine and feminine energies within.

The Christ Consciousness, Star Codes and Light Codes frequencies are being gifted to us all to support our ascension. I shall be facilitating a Circle of Light on the 12:12 with the Roses of Light – Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Christ and many more – guided and supported by many Beings of Light and overlighted by the Sisterhood of the Rose to activate the Master within and return the Divine Feminine frequencies to Earth where all is returned to Love.

So much Light is moving us forward now and these Light frequencies have certainly been pushing me recently to clear out and let go of things that are holding me back. I had been blessed with the physical energy to complete these tasks, which included a de-cluttering, deep cleansing and the sweeping away of some old cobwebs in the nooks and crannies of my home. This is what we are being asked to do now, not an outer cleansing but an inner one, for we cannot take the old and things that are no longer serving us into the year of 2016 – a year of completion – of self Mastery – and purity. That purity being we can only step into the higher realms of consciousness when we have purified our thoughts and feelings and the Heart and Mind are balanced.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice on 21st/22nd December is an astronomical event which operates on numerous levels and dimensions. At the Winter Solstice, the Festival of Yule, we celebrate the returning Light. Whether celebrated through the birth of Jesus at Christmas or the birth of Horus in ancient Egypt, since the beginning of history the Winter Solstice has always been a part of our ancestor’s spiritual beliefs. Many still hold judgements, prejudices and unhealed wounds around the church and religion so miss the point of Christ’s teachings – and esoteric teachings – of what spiritual transformation and being rebirthed is about.

Esoterically, the cycle of the sun not only represents our soul’s growth in consciousness, but also the illumination of our soul. Like a tree growing towards the light of the sun, we too can grow and expand upwards if we choose….by climbing the ladder of self from ego to Higher Self we connect with the spiritual light of our own sun (son).

Religion does not teach us the meaning of the Winter Solstice. There are stories and plays of the Winter Solstice played out in Pagan rituals about the rebirth of the God from the Goddess. Whilst outwardly it is a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun and returning Light, (the Sun symbolic of the spiritual Son/Divine Child within), the outer Sun is symbolic of the Christ Consciousness being born through the process of our own inner awakening and it’s growing in strength.

Once the Trinity is complete, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the balance of Alpha (Father God, Masculine Energy) and Omega (Mother God/dess, Feminine Energy) and become ONE, they then work in unison together to create mastery within the Soul so the soul can return to it’s truth of being a Divine Child of the Mother/Father God.

We all have the opportunity to realise our own potential and become an awakened spiritual being. Whether we realise it or not or accept it as truth or not, we can shift our consciousness and raise our vibration through the language of the cosmos, in the movement of the Sun and Stars, and by aligning with the consciousness of the celestial beings of Light as our ancient ancestors did. This is not about worshipping and giving our power away to an outside source. When we bring forth the energies and anchor them into ourselves, for example the 12:12, it activates the memory of the Masters within ourselves and we can anchor that energy into the cells of our body through guided visualisation.

Whilst this year of 2015 has been a year of chaos for many, its purpose was to bring up within us all that needed healing or to be released– particularly around relationships and friendships so we can come to a place of balance and harmony and establish the new foundations that need to be formed. The upcoming Winter Solstice is a wonderful opportunity for some deep cleansing of our unconscious so we can be “born again” to create the new futures for ourselves and for humanity.

The Full Moon on 25th December

Whilst we may have lost the spiritual meaning of the Winter Solstice and Christmas becoming a time of selfish indulgence, the Light of this Full Moon in Cancer on 25th December offers us a chance to integrate our powerful emotions into a physical state of manifestation.

According to Full Moon calendars, this Full Moon occurs at 11:11 in the UK. This will again present a reminder to all of us to make a choice – either we live in the New authentically and transparently (Heart) and offer our gifts to the world, or we remain in the 3D world of duality and separation (mind) and just keep those creative gifts in our head.

At the time of the Solstice we are preparing to move into 2016 and enter a nine year based on numerology –  a Year of Mastery. This is a year where we must wholeheartedly face the truth that certain doors have been closed for us and will not open again. Nine represents completion, tying up lose ends and leaving our past where it belongs – in the past.

The evolutionary challenge for all of us now, men and women, is in the necessary healing, opening, and re-balancing of our own hearts and mind – and this will be an ongoing theme for 2016. Many are still “stuck”, have still not learned, do not want to, or are afraid to release their limiting beliefs and embrace their emotional body. Within the consciousness of humanity, we are required to heal separation and limitation that has been created of the mind, listen and claim the Wisdom of the Feminine Heart – and allow Love to lead the way. It is only in our will to heal our own emotional wounding of the masculine and feminine energy within and bring them into union and balance that will take us beyond ego and chaos and into a more loving world of peace, harmony, unity and Oneness.

When we embrace our emotional body and transform our thoughts and feelings, our healed emotional body then becomes our strength and a force to be reckoned with. In the transformation of our thoughts and feelings it then leads us to freedom and feminine empowerment for the expression of our creative ideas.

This Full Moon is giving us an opportunity, both men and women, to get in touch with our innermost feelings about the thing we have been passionately trying to manifest in our life. This Moon is not about what we can “get” out of life, but rather what we can give to others. This Moon’s bright Light is lighting the way forward and opening up our Hearts to reveal more of our gifts. Creative energy wants to find an outlet to be birthed right now – this Moon is asking us those thoughts, ideas, our dreams that we hold internally, we must now make them external and give our gifts, whatever they are, to the external world.

We now have a chance to put a stamp of approval on something that’s been getting us excited. All those creative ideas that have been burning away inside – we can let this Cancer Moon shower us with her emotional light so we can get to the root of any recent changes or self realizations and make our creative ideas real and give them in the outside world.

So whatever the 12:12 Gateway, the Winter Solstice, or the Full Moon on Christmas Day brings you, may you be blessed. And may this auspicious time pave the way to enable us to be “born again” to stand in our authenticity and power as we step into 2016.

If this article has touched or resonated with you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your network or post a comment.

In Love and Grace,