We know we are in the midst of what looks like some big global changes, as well as what’s going on at a personal level. And the process of letting go of the old does not always mean that the hurt is not felt or is not there.

The Light of Illumination will be shone on relationships of all kinds this year. With the energies of a New Moon in Aquarius, the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and Imbolc on the horizon, we are being called to be observers now, to be witness to what is happening in our world – both inside and out.

This is the time for what we are about to create, and Fire Rooster is showing us to trust our soul and strut one’s stuff. So we need the ability to journey inwards towards the source of our shadow and our Light, to open more fully to the parts of ourselves that are dormant or hidden, including our untapped creativity.

On an inner level it is easy to fall into despondency, disappointment, sadness, anger and despair if our world seems to be falling apart, or the old seems to be falling away and the “new” may not have manifested yet.

What follows is an important message for both men and women for these times now, and because of what is unfolding I am posting a separate blog which holds a deeper message.

So Love’s message this month is this:

In the outside world, our inner world too, it appears we are going through a massive crucifixion – a “Dark Night of the Soul”.

If we can trust in the divine transformation that is happening inside and out, and understand that it is preparing us for a resurrection and empowerment that we could never have dreamed possible, then maybe we will not be so afraid to be a part of it – it’s all part of the Divine Plan.

We are all being called into conscious evolution and called to remember the awareness of our Divinity. That depends on our ability to move into fifth dimensional consciousness of Oneness so we can rebirth, rejoin and build something beautiful.

Yet we live in an age where we have become so separated from feminine source energy that most of humanity is still in denial about its wounds and traumas.

It is this denial and avoidance to look at our inner wounding that is preventing many from finding their creativity, and wounds around sisterhood and brotherhood prevent some from being part of community.

Many have not been able to bring forth their gifts because of the karmic patterns carried meant they were not able to connect with and receive the potent energy needed to operate in the world. Whatever we want to create in this next nine year cycle, we will need to know ourselves at a deep level.

And I believe the energy we need to access now is hidden in plain sight. It is in the energy and power of the Black Madonna.

The Black Madonna is here NOW

She is here to shake things up – and she’s about to shake things up big time!

This archetype is usually black and carries huge potential for birthing new life. She holds the embodied power of regeneration and she is not here just for women, she is here for men too.

Within our deep unconscious, She becomes activated within us in times of great need. Holding a spiritual force and representing Divine Love, her presence holds the gift of grace and also the transformative power of compassion and acceptance.

As a universal Mother, she reveals a way to us that can transform the shadow and open a path to healing and reconciliation, for She holds the wisdom of the Divine Feminine when all hope appears lost.

Her essence can be what heals the deepest wounding of our body, which then becomes the regeneration of our soul.

Her presence shows us that we must, in these times of great change, fully embrace the darkness of the unknown within and without. She is calling us home. But first and foremost,

She is here, calling us to grieve

We cannot be fully empowered in Light if we continue to deny our negative feelings and emotions, for they too are part of our power.

We cannot access our creativity, and creativity cannot happen until we have accessed our grief and given attention to the grieving Heart. She is calling us to heal all that has been unrecognised or minimised. She is here to separate us from our illusions and falsities.

Grieving is an emptying, and she is inviting us now to enter into our grief, name it and see the lessons it is trying to teach us.

She is the Dark Mother archetype of our subconscious, of all that is hidden and has not been acknowledged, calling us to our depths, to our Divinity and creativity that resides within us all.

She is the feminine aspect of God’s grace when we are faced with challenges that are too big to bear and handle. She gives us the strength to open our Heart – She was the grace I spoke of in the importance of healing our core wounds.

Grieving is just the Beginning

Grieving is the start of our rebirth to emotional maturity, where we no longer need to react or “act out” from that place of hurt within us.

It’s her Love that destroys our ego and birth’s us into our true authentic Self. She helps us to restore inner balance, so that we may know wholeness again.

And it is the depth of her darkness that becomes the source of our renewal and regeneration. For it is through her darkness, that we become redeemed….

The price of unresolved grief and loss may be anger, anxiety, sadness and depression that has been hidden and suppressed (or projected) for years. No matter how long it has been suppressed, the wounds are screaming for healing. Because if not, the wounds only fester into something bigger….believe me when I say, I know.

The Dark Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine is demanding that we all return to a state of peace, harmony and wholeness. For she is in the thickness of matter, she is the Mother of matter, in the luminous presence of Black Light.

We must re-unite, embrace and integrate all parts of the self and heal the inner child within. Society and humanity have substituted other things instead of grieving – because they have lost their connection to source.

That connection is being re-established within our Temple of the Black Rose here in the UK, a sacred vessel co-created with Her for grieving, and healing the wounds of the Heart.

The Healing Power of the Black Madonna

She is a Dark Mother archetype of the Divine Feminine and a symbol of our inner shadow-self. She invites us to enter into our feelings at the deepest depths, to name them, and be in the darkness to learn what our suffering has to teach us and call the pieces of our suffering home. I got to experience her Sacred Compassionate Heart first hand when my life fell apart.

I got to know Her intimately.

She taught me how to make alchemical beauty from the ashes. Through self Love, Her Black Diamond Light became the healing balm for my unresolved grief and fears, bringing Light to the places within me where I had become separated from Love – still an ongoing process.

As She stepped forward and held me in Her beautiful illuminating diamond Black Light, what was taken away from me back then through a Dark Night of the Soul was taken out of an act of Love. For it was to bring the Dark Mother within me, back into the Light.

And so in gratitude, I trust. For in the depths of her darkness, and through Her deep unconditional Love and Divine protection, I was alchemised in Her fire of Illumination. I had rebirth. I had a shift in consciousness. It was the grace of the Dark Mother that held the space within me for remembrance…

And in the Heart of presence, I remembered and know Her within me now… And in Her name I stand as a vessel of Divine Love in service knowing that I am a vessel for her eyes, her hands, her voice, her compassion and fierce Love and always have been.

I have remembered….

Great mysteries are being revealed, and I have now come out of the shadows to reveal myself. Humbled, and bowed in deep reverence of having been burned in the holy fires of Black Light, as a Wisdom Keeper of the Transcendent Black Diamond Flame within me I carry the message and luminous presence of the Black Rose….

If we want to awaken our creative force or make friends with “death” in its many forms, we will have opportunities this year to find the support we need for Heart healing and coming together in community.

Ancient Wisdom will be revealed in the following post In Reverence of the Black Rose, and the unique healing work within Her Temple.

In the meantime, if this article has resonated or touched you in any way, please feel free to share Love’s healing message with your friends or network, post a comment in the reply box below, or get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you.

In Love, Grace and Service,